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amazing hike! strongly recommend hiking boots with good traction, we had ours but watched others struggle without them on the steep 45 degree rocks! trail from tripoli rd isnt too difficult but again is steep at parts! we went the day after a big rain storm so the rocks were a bit slippery but there is also a natural running stream throughout the mountain so i’m not sure if it is always a little slick? like said in the previous review the last 1/2 mile definitely did me in but once you get to the summit it is so worth it! amazing breath taking view that pictures just don’t do justice! and the smell is something you just want to bottle up and take home with you! overall great hike and definitely recommend to everyone in shape or out of shape! my boyfriend does many mountains so it was a breeze for him but i hadnt done one since monadnock a few years back and this really wasn’t all too difficult for me having not climbed recently!

11 days ago

Personally , I would rate this as moderately hard but that's coming from an out of shape 54 y.o.

It's rocky most of the way with some sections of 45 degree slab. It had rained hard the day before so the trail was basically a little stream which made for some slippery rocks.

I think the hardest part (steepest and most rocky) was the last 1/2 mile! It is worth it when you finally reach the summit though,!

I struggled coming down with my noodle legs and actuslly fell three times on the slippery roots and rocks. Bring Band-Aids.

It took just under 2 1/2 hours to reach the summit but again, this old lady is out of shape.

I thought I read this was not as heavily travelled as others but that's not the case. Glad we went early so we really only bumped into the mobs as we descended.

And you truly meet up with the most friendly people on the trails! Thank you everyone!

Took this hike on a day with periodic rain. Tremendous beauty in this hike. Trail was moderately slippery. Views from the top were impressive.

Great hike! Moderate, steady incline all the way from the Tripoli road trail head to the summit. Beautiful open views a few feet beyond the summit. If you add East Osceola to the hike, it's a bit more challenging (steeper elevation loss and gain, the chimney section) but totally manageable! East Osceola's summit is completely wooded so there are no views, but there is a small outcrop close to the top where offers some nice views.

I’m newer to hiking and these were my 3rd and 4th 4000 footers. It was a bit challenging because it was very rocky and a lot of scrambling probably wouldn’t have been as hard if we hadn’t choose to go after it had been raining the night before so everything was damp. The views at Osceola were amazing!! We continued to East and that I feel was the most challenging of it all but the chimney was a lot of fun and definitely worth it. But East has no view so if your looking to be awed you won’t be

Beautiful hike. Not too hard. Steady ascent to summit. Gorgeous views. Good way to start the season

1 month ago

Excellent trail! I start off my 4’footer experience on this trail and glad I did. I am now motivated to begin complete the rest. I also look forward to bringing my wife, non-hiker, because I know she would enjoy this climb.

1 month ago

Great hike on 4th of July! Trail is in great shape, and definitely “moderate” rating. Stunning views from the summit!! If you aren’t heading on to East Osceola, make sure you at least go the first 20 yards in that direction - the view that opens up to the north is totally worth the few extra steps. Also the distance listed here as 4.9 miles is WRONG - it is actually 6.4 miles.

2 months ago

Was wet when I went. KEEP YOUR BALANCE

Great trail. Lots of rocks at the start for almost 70% of the way. Make sure you have good shoes with ankle support and hard soles. Its very easy to roll your ankles.
The view is great and can get cold even on a warm day.

Tremendous views up top. Great starter trail (my first 4000 footer) summited in 1hr 40mns. First mile or so is very rocky and hence listed as moderate difficulty.

Beautiful day, all blowdowns are now cleared. Tripoli Road trail head requires $5 parking fee(cash), just an FYI. I went to Osceola peak not East, took 2 hrs up, surprisingly easy. 6.4 miles rt.

2 months ago

A popular hike, and for good reason. Quick climb to 4300 feet and not very rigorous. Rather rocky which can slow you down but all in all a great hike that offers excellent views to the east.

Well defined trails, the first time ever I didn’t have to backtrack throughout the hike to get back on track. A lot of rock scrambling and trees were down across trails which led to having to either crawl under or over them but not a problem. There weren’t any signs once we reached summit but it’s clear we were there and we did see a marker in the ground. There aren’t really any views along the way, but beautiful once at the tops. Some lovely wildflowers I’d never seen before on the edges of the trail. Parking does fill up but we were there early enough, if it’s full you can park along the road. The road isn’t always open though so definitely call ahead to be sure. I had no cell service from the start, so was unable to track my route not a biggie. Definitely recommend!

7 months ago

A very steep, but beautiful hike! As you get closer to the summit, it gets steeper and more rock slabs appear, making it more difficult to hike. The entire path is gorgeous, with trees along the slab faces! I would say this is a bit on the hard side; it took us 4.5 hours to complete it, round trip. The top has a very nice area for a picnic!

One of our favorite hikes. Great view at the top of Mt Osceola. Nice easy climb (with about a mile of rocks to work around in the beginning). Heading to E Osceola is another mile out and worth to trip due to the chimney. It’s intimidating looking but the climb up (I don’t suggest going that route down, use the other rock path to the north) is easier. There are a lot of foot and hand holds. It’s empowering once you reach the top.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The loop Trail has been closed by the park service. There is still an out and back section to the pond from the clock wise direction. Worth the jaunt. The pond is pristine and the grassy area around conducive to wild life. Think twice about taking a swim at the little beach, leeches!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Great trail lots to see
I'm heading there today again

Monday, October 21, 2013

A little harder than the vertical would suggest but worth every bit of it. This is a beautiful trail with views all the way. Although the big mountain views are best at the trailhead, there is something to see all the way. The pond was beautiful but I can't share it because the battery died on my camera on the way down.

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