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Tough uphill, a little muddy at the top. Nice views.

7 days ago

We did this with our two children age 3.5 and 5.5 y and it was a big success. The young one was in my back for the first half and then he wanted to climb on his own. It was a lot of fun. I recommend this trail for any family with minimum experience. Hiking boots are a plus since some sections are somewhat rocky.

Once you reach the Hi-Cannon trail, it is steep nearly the entire way to the Kinsman trail. Challenging but fun. The ladder was fun but the rungs are worn down and could use replacement. On the way down, it is very steep for 0.2 miles from the intersection with Hi-Cannon down the Kinsman trail. The lonesome lake trail, from Kinsman trail to the lake, was very wet in several sections and needs some attention to divert the water off the trail. Deducted a star for that, but appears there is some repair work ongoing and hopefully that is addressed soon. I was with my 12-year-old daughter and it took us 6 hours with a 30 minute stop at the top.

Moderate from parking lot until hi Cannon trail, then difficult/steep until Kinsman trail. Last bit until tower is easy. Fun though with some rock scrambling. Ladder wasn't scary but it was in rough shape. Hopefully it is restored soon. Went down Kinsman to Lonesome lake trail and 0.2 miles from Hi cannon split down is very steep. Moderate after that. Lonesome lake trail was wet and slippery and needs some work. Watch reported 6 miles, not 5.

Awesome begginer hike to get you fitted for more bigger hikes. Trail gets steep for a ways. Beautiful lake and hut. Recommend doing the full trail around the lake. Great views!

11 and 12 for my #48 .. was actually 11.1 miles and took 8.5 hours (breaks included) Went up Fishin Jimmy, Let me tell you doing that trek up after a lot of rain made for some very slick rocks and it's a considerably steep trail! The views were hazy on North Kinsman but very beautiful and nice to see Lafayette and the Fraconia Ridge group from the point of view.. South Kinsman definitely has the views with the larger summit and 360 view.. Descended down Kinsman Pond (very quiet which is perfect and far less steep than Fishin Jimmy) and as far as being "not well maintained" I've been on far worse trails . This trail was small but well marked. Looped back over to Lonesome Lake trail and a very long .8 mile back to the car haha.

This hike is hard rather than moderate.
Very rocky and slippery, be sure you have good hiking shoes.
Once on the summit, the views are beautiful and it is possible to take the tram down. The way down was very challenging, again, because of the rocks.

awesome hike beautiful country and views

on Lonesome Lake Trail

15 days ago

Steep climb most of the way up with many roots/rocks. Went with our kids and they made it but it was tough. Overall a great workout and many people were getting winded making it to the top. View of lonesome lake was nice with a surprisingly strong breeze to cool us off.

My husband and I did this hike today and had a wonderful time. As one reviewer said, there are lots of roots toward the beginning of this hike, but it is in the woods, so that’s to be expected. It was our first time, so I don’t know what the conditions are normally like toward the end of July, but there were several areas where we crossed tiny streams and babbling brooks; this may have been due to all of the rain that we had the previous week or so. Either way, it didn’t matter to us as it makes the trek more enjoyable. The views from the ponds, including that of Mt. Osceola and East Osceola, are beautiful! We also saw a solo loon swimming around the first pond as we sat on the “beach” enjoying our water and snacks. We don’t snowshoe, but would consider giving it a try here.

17 days ago

Even though the uphill climb was a bit rocky it was well worth the lake views at the top!

love. short but tough hike with an exceptional reward waiting for you at the top. Seeing the water sparkling through the forest was a joyful sight and swimming in the soft water felt luxurious. The walk around the lake was dense and a bit muddy but gorgeous views all around.
my dog enjoyed it too.

Awesome views and fun challenges, but parts were pretty scary for me- someone who isn’t a fan of heights. Wear your hiking boots as some parts are muddy! Hi-Cannon and Kinsman parts I would say are more hard than moderate.

I was wondering why this trail was kicking my butt and then realized I gained 1000ft in half an hour! Once you get past that it’s easy, and the view is amazing.

I think I saw one tree marked along this trail, it's a bit ridiculous how poorly marked it is. I normally wouldn't care, but I did this alone in the poring rain and it was slippery and I was a bit nervous haha. The ladder part was really fun, but the descent was nerve racking in spots, especially in rain. Lots of butt sliding. (The forecast said no rain, but this is New England after all.) There was no visibility at all from the lookout point the day I went. NONE. I have a picture of what looks like a white screen, which is a bummer, but I was still happy to make it to the top and maybe someday I'll return to experience the view.

22 days ago

Hi, I was wondering is there parking?

27 days ago

Long steady climb but i've seen worse in the area. I would rate it moderate and worth every step. The panoramic view of Lafayette,Lincoln and Haystack was spectacular. Great for pics. The walk around the lake was so peaceful and serene. Love love loved it!

Beautiful finish. Lots of roots! Be careful.

30 days ago

We had a beautiful day for this hike and it was excellent with glorious views. Lots of interest for active 10&12year olds. We hiked to end of second pond but ended up back at first pond for picnic etc. The creek at start of trail was fine to cross in July but I’m sure it was deeper in spring or after rainy spell.

Great hike with kids ages
5,6 and 9

1 month ago

I loved this hike short on miles but don’t let that fool you it definitely packs a punch with its steep elevation. If was super fun, the lake is beautiful and don’t forget to pack something to swim in believe me it’s so beautiful you’ll definitely want to. Also the Hut is amazing 

The Cascade Brook was a great trail! The view from the lake was spectacular!! I’d have preferred to have hiked the Basin Trail up or down and used the Cascade Brook to make it a loop (instead of Cascade to Lonesome Lake). The Pemi Trail to and from the Basin Parking Lot wasn’t as well maintained, which was fine, but it was close to the interstate so that made for a less enjoyable section of the hike. Overall, great views with lots of swimming holes plus plus an AMC hit at the lake.

Completed 6/29. Great hike to include 3 peaks of NE111.
I chose a custom loop, climbing immediately up HI-Cannon Trail to tag Cannon Mountain (which is included in the 'Terrifying 25' club! > really wasn't horrible, some steep spots but nothing we haven't all seen before)... It was a foggy morning, but made for some nice pictures. The climb down Cannon had steep sections & was roughly 2.4mi to N. Kinsman on the Kinsman Ridge Trail. One great outcrop rock for beauty views of range. Continued out & back to S. Kinsman & returned on Fishin' Jimmy Trail. The long trek down the never-ending Fishin Jimmy is where exhaustion kicked in, knees aching all the way to Lonesome Lake (a perfect rest area). Final push back to trailhead.

4,425ft elev gain

Strenuous but memorable!

accidentally did 2 miles on the pemi trail before starting. lots of fun, going down lonesome lake trail was neat and the lake itself was a better view than mt.cannon imo but well worth it regardless.

1 month ago

The lake on the top is so beautiful! don't forger your swimming suit.

This is a nice hike with a great view at the end!

The only compaint... there are so many roots across the trail up to the first pond, that walking on them became quite tedious!

I have just completed the trail today and it was a memorable experience. I've added the mileage based on trail marker and it comes to almost 7 miles not 5 esp if you go around the lake to AMC hut. The view from the beach area at lonesome lake hut is incredibly picturesque. I like the view from the observation tower on top of Cannon Mountain as well.

The trail was steep and challenging especially when wet like today. I fell twice on the way down but brace myself well and was not too hurt. I climbed up from hi-canon which was really tough on a hot and humid day. It is densely wooded so there is not much to see but that changes once you get to Kinsman Ridge trail which has plenty of scenic vistas.

I will definitely hike this trail again and next time skip the chili at cannon tram cafe. And next time I will hit the trail earlier in the morning before it gets hot.

Great trail with beautiful waterfalls along the way. I didn't find crossing the brook to be too difficult. The trail gets much steeper as you're climbing up towards Lonesome Lake but the views once you get there are well worth it.

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