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Awesome hike, did it with 9 people and a dog!

Great hike overall. My girlfriend and I messed up and accidentally ended up on the Garfield trail and had to turn around and go all the way back up the mountain. This turned our hike into a 16.4 mile hike that lasted over 10.5 hours. Luckily we were able to get water at the Greenleaf hut on the old bridle path. The wind at the top was intense and the sky would clear up and then cloud over repeatedly. When the clouds cleared, the views were stunning. Just be careful that if you plan on going down the old bridle trail that you don’t make the same mistake we did (the ranger said it’s quite common and was very miserable and painful)

Try and go on a day you'll be likely to have views from the ridge. I went out to do the whole Franconia Ridge loop, but there was zero visibility up top, so I decided to go back down the way I came. It was tough both ways. I'd recommend hiking poles. Use caution going down, it's easy to slip on the wet rocks.

Great hike, does get steep about halfway up but you’re under tree cover the entire way up to the peak so it stays pretty cool even on a hot day. Brought my dog and she had no problems navigating the trail. The first half of the trail follows along the Pemigewasset River and the gentle sound of rushing water is always nearby. Wide cliff at the summit provides fantastic views of the town of Lincoln and the White Mountains.

Great trail for beginners. We are experienced hikers but were taking friends for their first hike. This trail has beautiful views of waterfalls for the entire trip up. We ended up doing a loop rather than the up and back. It was a bit muddy and the cascade bridge has washed out but you can still cross with minimal problem. We also had a small dog and he had fun. The early parts of the trail especially the swimming and wading areas of the lower falls were extremely crowded but about a mile into the trail there were very few. This would be a good beginner trail for people who want to start running trails or training with heavy packs too. Definitely recommend for newbies.

We did it in 2 days, 53km (we went the wrong way for 5km ). Very nice hike but not that easy as we did a lot of km each day. Views on the 7 summits are breathtaking. Don’t worry for the water, there’s a lot of place to refill all the way to Galehead Shelter. Make sure to have enough water at this point because the next water supply is on the way down. So you must have at least 2L from galehead to the end of the hike ( if you do it in 2 days ). Many campsite are available all the way. Make sure to not have to much weight in your backpack and hike sticks. For the rest, you must be in shape to do this trail. Definitely recommend.

From Tripoli Road to Osceola Summit and back to Tripoli Rd. Parking lot. Started early at 7 am and were back at the car just before noon. Great hike. Like others have said watch footing because there are many rocks in the first half of the hike up. The rest of the way was slick wet rock. Awesome view at the top. Highly recommend for anyone looking for another crazy but still fun. Good for family hike.

8 days ago

This trail is great if you want to get in to the Whites but not be above the tree line. It stays low with very little elevation gain. We went after a storm had rolled through the day before and some parts of the trail resembled a creek more than a path, but it wasn't impassable and the mud never became deep.
The only real caution I have is that the bridge is washed out. It's easy to cross because the water isn't fast, but you do have to take off your shoes to get through it.

8 days ago

I did from the Tripoli road out to East Osceola and back. I’m almost halfway with my NH 48, and would say this was (sorry for some) one of my easier hikes. Out to Osceola itself was pretty tame, although not fast. You have to pick your way among the rocks for footing. East Osceola was a fun trek, with some steeper sections including the chimney. There were some muddy pieces, but nothing you can’t pick through. I have a short steady stride, but still made it in about 5.5 hours total. Views were nice, but I hike for the work out. Not bad for a 4000 footer!

Beautiful, easy, exceeded my expectations. I'll bring friends and family here again and again.

15 days ago

Did this trail with my scouts who had not been back country backpacking before. Had a great time. It was fairly smooth for the youngest to handle. There are active bears! We had one approach our camp 4 times in one night, 1st night. We went up the Franconia Falls Trail and had a great afternoon playing in the water on the 2nd day. Just let the scouts nap since they didn’t get much sleep the night before. Beautiful area.

Fun trail that doesn’t take too long. Gets steep on the way up and takes about an hour. Getting down takes about 35-45 mins. Great views on top of the Whites. Awesome hike overall.

This was not a bad hike, however, as with other reviews, the trail is barely marked with many water crossings. It got to a point where we just didn't care if we got wet. We just waded through. At some points, the water was over my knees but I'm short. There was not much elevation for about the first 3 miles or so, after which it became very steep. We hiked after a week of rain, so this steep rocky part of the trail was very challenging both up and down. We did Middle Tripyramid on this hike. I still need North Tripyramid but am not looking forward to doing this trail any time soon. Some in my group hiked Pine Bend and tell me its worse.

16 days ago

Finally did the commonly dreaded Owl's Head. While it did live up to its name of being a least favorite, it wasn't completely terrible. Would I do it again? Probably not. The water crossings were fun, the water level was high enough to not completely rock hop through. We didn't stay long at the summit thanks to mass amount of flies. The rock slide was challenging both ways but doable especially in dry conditions which we were fortunate enough to experience.

16 days ago

This was NH 4K footer summit number 47 for me. For the most part I really enjoyed it. You definitely see fewer people during the late stages of this very long trail than most of the other 4Kers. So if you're looking for peace and serenity, you'll get it here. I hiked on 07/29/2018 and here are some very important things of note if you're thinking of doing Owl's Head soon: About 1 mile and 1.5 miles into Lincoln Brook Trail, there are big river crossings that DO NOT have obvious dry ways across. I searched up and down river for 15-20 minutes looking for rock steps to no avail so eventually I just decided to wade across with my hiking shoes on. The water came up about thigh-high. Obviously my shoes got drenched but having wet feet and shoes for the remainder of the hike in warm weather seemed less risky than attempting to leap from rocks that were simply too far apart for comfort. Or wading across barefoot. So just be prepared for this. It's far enough into the hike you won't want to turn back, esp. if you're attempting to check off all 48 4Kers. Other than that, yes the last mile is brutal. Just brutal. Very steep grade along loose, wet rocks and mud. Silver lining is that about a third of the way into this last mile, you do get some amazing views. I altered my "beer at the summit" routine and had one at this spot on the way down after reaching the summit. Be prepared and have fun!

Great hike. All woods and no views with lots of stepping stones to the summit. Fabulous views at the top so certainly worth the trip. Took me an hour up and 50 mins down. Will return in the Fall.

Nice, quick hike with lots of views. The only drawback is that it's super popular, so I recommend going early (or on a weekday) to beat the crowds.

Great hike!

22 days ago

I've done this trial many times throughout the years hiking in the White Mountain. This trail is great for young family and is very rewarding especially when you bring picnic food to enjoy a picnic by any one of the scenic spot at Cascade Brook.

The brook doesn't get very deep but in some spot deep enough that you can wade in to soak in the cool and refreshing mountain stream. My family and I had many memorable hike through it. It does get a big buggy so make sure you bring plenty of insect repellent.

Excellent example of water wear formations in the basin. Very nice hike

23 days ago

Mount Osceola was my second 4000-footer in the Whites. Hiked in from the Kancamagus Hwy. The first 1.2 mile was through the Greely Pond area and was basically flat. The next 1.5 mile to the top of East Osceola was grueling and offered few views. The next mile to the top of Mount Osceola was pretty easy and offered a stunning 180 degree view.

25 days ago

Beautiful trail and a much more interesting route to Lonesome Lake hut than the Lonesome Lake trail. (We did a loop using Lonesome Lake trail to the hut from Lafayette campground, returning by basin cascades and pemi) River crossings were fine (just jumping from rock to rock) and the bridge being out was not an issue. Definitely worth doing!

26 days ago

A lot easier than expected with a moderate rating. A lot of the path was paved and not difficult at all.

27 days ago

One of the most difficult and most interesting adventures I’ve done in the Whites. I decided to tackle this peak is part of my NE Hundred Highest, and from what I heard it was going to be suffer fest. I found it wasn’t as bad or unrewarding as I was told it would be. You begin with Lincoln Woods, which is very wide and pretty well trafficked, with plenty of signage. After the split for Franconia Falls, there is a big bridge into the wilderness. From here there are no bridges, no blazes and no trace of humans aside from the trail. You have to negotiate many river crossings, most of which would be very difficult in high water. As of 7/19/2018 the water is quite low and you can easily rock hop. The path is very lightly trafficked and very peaceful. The beginning of the Owls Head slide has almost no indicators aside from a small “fence” made from trees. I’d suggest using the AllTrails tracker. The slide climbs very steeply up loose rock before connecting to the obvious herd path. The slide has great views of Franconia Ridge. There is no official trail to the summit but the route is very obvious, there’s one clearing where the summit was previously thought to be, continue past this clearing to the left to the true summit, which has a clearing and a cairn as well as a large fallen tree. From there, go back the way you came. If you don’t want to go down the slide, you can always take the Brutus Bushwhack down, which is a herd path that goes around the slide. This herd path is harder to follow, in fact I lost it for a while and had to search for it by following a topo line on my tracker until I hit it again. This hike would be hellish for a leisure hiker. But if you’re an adventurous hiker who finds pleasure in being deep in the wilderness, bushwhacks and scrambling. This is the perfect hike for you. Definitely one of the most remote and difficult peaks in the Whites.

Incredibly difficult. Didn’t think I was going to make it a few times. A lot of climbing up rocks and such. But the views were so incredibly worth it!! I would do it again. When I recover. Lol

29 days ago

This trail from the Kanc is incredibly difficult. Very very steep rocks the entire way. A cool rockslide halfway up is a great break to cool off your burnt out legs. The wooded summit you hit first is still cool, a small lookout gives a little view. The trail to the second is fun, especially the famed chimney section. Views from the summit are absolutely incredible. Trip down is almost worse. The amount of rocks and boulders make it very tough to descend. No wonder why there aren’t many hikers on the trail. Great mountain, but ascend from Tripoli road.

30 days ago

Miles are off from what we tracked. This was a fun hike with lots of different adventures along the way. A little bit of everything, streams, rain, wildlife, rock climb, scramble, and lots of beautiful trees, bridges, and camp sites.

Many folks don't like the long approach (1450' in 8 miles) or the slide (1450' in 8/10 of a mile!), or the fact that the summit is wooded and affords very little view. I consider this a nature hike. If you take your time, and pay attention, you'll see a lot of wildlife. The day of my hike, I was lucky enough to get a great shot of a pine marten at the summit area, and a beautiful, healthy moose near Black Pond (see photos). If you're looking for great summit views, you won't get them here, but you will get a great nature hike, and a chance to view the wildlife of the Whites!

The Cascade Brook was a great trail! The view from the lake was spectacular!! I’d have preferred to have hiked the Basin Trail up or down and used the Cascade Brook to make it a loop (instead of Cascade to Lonesome Lake). The Pemi Trail to and from the Basin Parking Lot wasn’t as well maintained, which was fine, but it was close to the interstate so that made for a less enjoyable section of the hike. Overall, great views with lots of swimming holes plus plus an AMC hit at the lake.

1 month ago

nice hike before heading home

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