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nice trail with limited views. the trail is very well maintained.

22 days ago

This was my first 4000 footer after getting back into hiking from a 25 year break. I found it somewhat steep and long but would probably be easier to someone well practiced, There are pretty views if you stand on the rocks on the summit of Starr King but Wambek is wooded. The walk between the two summits is easy and very nice. 6 hours including breaks.

8/20/18- Hiked up with my dog. Consistent incline, not too strenuous, probably easy for a seasoned hiker, a bit more difficult for me. Made it to Starr King in 2.5 hours another 45 minutes to Waumbek from there. A bit less than 2 hours on the way down. Total time for me was 5.5 with some resting at Starr King. The views were as moderate as the hike, you catch an alright one from SK and Waumbek is surrounded by forest, if you keep going about 50 yards you can catch a peek of the presidentials. A bit underwhelming. This was my 3rd 4,000 footer and was totally doable.

I hiked this Saturday 8/11/18 it was a beautiful day the trail was great. Mount Starr King had a beautiful view.

Trail is nice but completely impassable due to swarms of black flies. We entered as part of a 13 mile run and probably set a PR for 5k trying to get out of there as quick as possible. Completely miserable experience. Should have listened to the other two previous reviews.

I've hiked many trails and this was by far the worst experience I ever had. Assaulted by flies from the moment we arrived. Trail was for the most part straight as an arrow and extremely uninteresting. Went there primarily to photograph birds and NEVER SAW A SINGLE BIRD in 2 hours of walking. Just the worst. Don't waste your time.

Got attacked by mosquitoes and flys which made a nice easy walk awful:(

I enjoyed this trail because of its different terains and great views. Also because of the history of Star King! This was his favorite vacation spot :)
*If staying in the area try the Applebrook B&B.

This was an awesome hike. The whole trail was quite gradual and in great condition. The views from Starr King were awesome as we watched the smoke from the cog ascending to the summit of Mt. Washington. The trail between Starr King and Waumbek is clear and easy. There’s an opening just past the summit you can see the Presidential Range from. Was surprised to find Jack-in-the-Pulpit plants trailside on this hike. Very cool.

Perfect day for a hike. The trail is dry down below but at about 1,000' elevation gain you get some ice and compacted snow (12May18). It gets heavier as you go then you have more stretches of "monorail" compacted snow and some risk of slipping and post-holing. I had spikes with me but never put them on (I also had my poles which helped). The trail conditions were a bit annoying but fun "skiing" your way down! The views from Starr King were awesome and with all the blow down there's a 2nd spot just past the Waumbec summit with views. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Moderate climb. Clear but muddy at the bottom, icy (monorail most of the way) and mashed potatoes. Bring your spikes. No view on Mt Waumbek but Star King was beautiful.

Much fun, much slipping & sliding. The snow was slushy, used microspikes, pretty easy hike. Spent about a solid hour on the peak. If you wanna start trail running on mountain trails after a long time, this is a good place to start.

IMPORTANT: Great views of the snow capped Presidential range are available only on the spot beyond the peak. There would be finches on the ledge.

Happy Hiking. Stay safe.

Perfect weather and the view from Starr King was splendid. Wonderful fairly early start made it so the mud was not an issue on the way up. The top is still very snow covered but packed so no post holes. It was in the 40's when we reached the top of Waumbek and in the 60's by the time we got to the bottom of Starr King. Unfortunately the Spring thaw has started so from the time we left the evergreens, through the hardwoods and down to the parking lot was quite slushy, muddy, and slippery. We only met two other men on Monday but when we went by on Sunday the parking lot was filled. It really was a nice weather weekend for getting some climbing in.

Gorgeous day up this mountain. All the hard work on the way up lead to a nice pay off. Great views from Starr King and they aren’t bad from the peak either. The jay hawks love the visitors. Did this in spikes today, mashed potatoes on the way out and lots of friendly hikers.

great spot for hiking all in all pretty easy . mostly packed snow but a couple spots I fell thru up to my knees. that's what happens when it's warm out. diffently recommend it I'll be back in the summer to do it again. bonus I did get some good shots of Mt Washington.

Not steep at all (Do Liberty, that is steep). Easy to hike. Trail is well packed but I still recommend snow shoes so you don't destroy the trail. Good views on Starr King, nothing much on Waumbek. Not worth sacrificing a whole day for and getting only one 4000 footer. Glad to scratch this off the list.

It’s a very unique hike, and easy as well but there are NO summit views which is a real bummer but its a good easy hike!

Perfect for your first winter 4k. Views from Starr King are AMAZING and will give you the courage you need (or maybe, don't need) to continue on the ridge to Waumbek. Take care when parking your car in the winter though, there's a large lot on Rt. 2 just across from the turn for Starr King Road where you can park! Someone got their car stuck on Starr King Rd. when we were hiking. A great place to see the grey jays, btw.

Well broken and marked trail. Beautiful in the winter with moderate inclines and stretches of flat terrain

Gorgeous in the winter

Nice little hike. Easier than most N.H. 48 4K’s. Nice view at the top of Mt. Starr king. No views at Waumbek.

Lovely moderate hike with a decent view at the top. It was a clear day and were able to see the top of Mt Washington and the weather station. It was a NH 4000 footer as well

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Very Steep hike. Unusually warm and humid this past weekend. The hike is manageable but felt way more draining after hiking 5 other mountains the previous days. Nice old well at the beginning of the hike. We did see a lot of moose tracks towards the top of the mountain but didn't see any moose.

Entering fair warning - the road is gravel and there are pockets where if you have a small car you could find yourself stuck.

good hike not much of a view

Fairly easy hike. View is beautiful past the peak of Mt Waumbek. Our first of 48 is complete!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

#12 4K for me. I went on 7/3/17 Trail was pretty muddy and slick from the massive rain we had a few days ago, otherwise a pretty easy trail. The views on Starr king were great. The connector trail between Starr King and Waimbek, even though muddy,was really nice. Found a lot little lookout about 100 yards past Waumbek's summit.

The trail is flat and easy to navigate.

definitely do it again. keep in mind there are no outhouses and there is better shade early or late in the day.

This trail is beautiful at all times of the year. It's really easy and more of a nice place to walk with your dog. The view of the mountains just past the pond is absolutely stunning! Defiantly I trail to do on some free time in the day.

First 4k. Only 47 more to go. A good solid hike. Liked the hike between Starr king and Waumbek. Great view off Starr. Glad to have done it dont think ill do again unless its with someone else trying to complete the 48

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