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Jaffrey, New Hampshire Map

Went 9/14: summit was "closed" . Only allowed to go to White Cross/White Dot jct. Rained/very windy. Took White Dot up and back. Crawled up the rocks and slid and crawled back down. White Cross would have had the wind against us. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Will do it again next summer.

The summit was “closed” but we were still able to make it to the top. High winds, wet rocks, and very little visibility. Not for the faint of heart but worth the struggle nonetheless

1 day ago

great hike overall. no visibility at the summit and very windy.

Great trail, very scenic. Not for the casual hiker. Took about 4 hours in total up and down, coming down via the white cross trail. Trail markings on the cascade trail on some points were worn or not in obvious spots, it requires attention to not wander in the wrong direction at a few points.

I came down White cross, some steep spots but not as bad as white dot. Trail has a lot of water on it right now and is muddy in spots. Rocks get very slippery. There was a few sections I could not avoid the water or mud which went over my boots.

This was the long way to the summit. Very nice well maintained trail but not well marked after red spot trail. Red spot has some steep rock scrambles. Nice way to hike to summit if you have time.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Good for a mountain bike. Southern half of trail was less traveled and rougher in surface. Some railroad ties are still in place but it was possible to bike beside the ties.

I did this yesterday, it was my first extended hike. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. It was awesome! Although because it rained in the morning it was very slippery. Other than that it was a great first hike!

7 days ago

Parker to Lost Farm to Cliff Walk to White Cross to summit. A variety of wet, rocky scrambling

This ranking of moderate is very misleading. The start or the trail is easy enough but once you split off to start Monadnock it is very challenging! I did the white dot trail prior that is ranked as hard and this was 2 times harder than that to get to the top. Beautiful views though. Very windy so bring a jacket.

Within the quarter mile we found 3 orange salamanders! Hiked this trail with kids in the age range from 8-16. They did great with some occasional help. It ended up being 4.3 miles for us and there was a marathon going on. So this was more than just the normal heavy trafficked trail. Still, it was cool to watch people conquer such a race! We got to the top in about 2 hours with a couple water breaks. One scramble going up on white dot was tough with kids and I was glad there were so many people there to help. (You had to hug the wall and just go fast). Definitely, go up white dot and back down white cross! People were going back down white dot and that would be dangerous with young kids. I thought it was dangerous for adults! White cross had a lot of puddle hopping. The hopping was fun at times (until you didn’t make the hop). Make sure you have hiking shoes cuz you will need the grip up and down the scrambles. The rangers were helpful and great at the entrance. He said it will take you about 4 hours, and it did! (I usually am much faster). Overall, great hike and my nieces and nephews did it without complaints (to be honest, bribes were used). This is a great hike I would do it again! Maybe, even make it a tradition with my nieces and nephews!!

The Parker Trail is a lightly traveled, easy trail that gets you away from the crowd ascending on the White Dot Trail. We turned onto the moderate White Arrow Trail and traveled it briefly before turning onto the Monte Rosa Trail. This moderate to difficult trail is steep with some scrambling but leads to the Monte Rosa Summit. Here you can get a teaser of the views from the top on Mount Monadnock. From Monte Rosa, we headed for Monadnock on the Smith Summit Trail. This is a somewhat steep trail requiring scrambling in many places The blazes are difficult to see at times as they are white dots painted on the rocks. Several times we had to backtrack a bit to get back on trail. But we followed this to the summit. The great part of going this way is that we were pretty much away from the crowds until we hit the top. The views from there are stunning. The return trip on Pumpelly Trail was extremely rocky in places but offered up more good views. Overall, it was a terrific hike that I want to do again when the leaves change color.

Easy hike with ok views.. good hike to just get out and enjoy nature! Only a tiny portion of the White Dot trail had awkward scramble.

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