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Excellent trail for a nice spring day hike.

Took the white circle trail to the summit. Left at 8:30am and there was never a section of trail that didn’t have people on it but it wasn’t crowded. Views are gorgeous at the top. Descended on the white cross trail and barely saw anyone. Took 3 hours to do 4 miles. Was definitely a difficult hike with a lot of scrambling but my 13 yo son could keep up just fine. Definitely a must hike!

Hiked Tuesday July 10th beautiful day how ever trail was very hard and I was not aware of that involved a lot of very tough climbing and very steep but very beautiful view one thing I ran out of water about halfway up and I brought a lot so due to difficulty be sure to even over pack the water! Very kind people I met along the way!

Halfway House to Mount Rosa was great. Smith Summit trail to top of Monadnock was much more difficult -- unshaded bare rock and not for those who are afraid of heights.

I hiked this trail last summer with a group of friends. It was my first hike up a mountain and this was an amazing trail. Lots of friendly people along the way. Not exactly an easy trail but was well worth the trek up to the summit amazing views along the wY and at the top it’s break taking. I’ve been a fan of hiking up mountains ever since. Love it!!.

We completed the trail on Saturday. The weather was excellent and we finished in under 4 hours. Definitely go with the red dot on the way up, as this trail is a lot steeper. The views are excellent. We did not really need a bug spray. I would also recommend proper hiking boots because there are several parts that do not have too much friction and tennis shoes will make you a bit uncomfortable.

Hiked this as our first big mountain family hike on July 7th with our 7 and 10 year olds. They did well going up White Dot and down White Cross... but I'm afraid of heights and found White Dot to have a couple spots that were straight up rock and too much adventure for my taste. Coming down the White Cross Trail, it was intense, but not as wild as White Dot. To do over for those of us enjoying a challenging hike, with out scaling up flat rocks, I recommend using the White Cross trail. White Cross trail was also less busy. White Dot we had to wait in line as we all made our way to the top. Lastly, I can offer that kids in tow (kids towing us up) it took us about 2 hours from parking lot to the summit. A well populated hike, great challenges, and spectacular views from the top. We could even see Boston beautifully!

Beautiful views all the way up. Took white dot up to summit then took white cross down, pretty tough climb both ways. Wicked windy up top.

Hiked white dot up and white cross down. Beautiful breeze, almost chilly on top! If you start off early, you avoid the excess amount of people. Definitely challenging in spots; don’t forget to turn around and see the beautiful views. At the top there is a 360 degree view. Today I could see Boston.

Very pretty hike! The white dot trail was tough. I was very concerned about going down by way of white dot alone, so I chose to take white cross down and boy was I happy! There's some parts up white dot that involved a lot of climbing and steep uphill rock climbing. All in all a good time, though!

Hiked the White Cross up and Dot down. Would consider doing White Cross up and down next time. We liked that trail better although it was longer by 0.2 miles. Dot has some real climbs and going down them was rough. Would have been better to go Dot up and Cross down. With all the stones, hiking boots are better than sneakers or flip flops, which we did see two people in.

Views were awesome

Definitely recommend this route to summit Monadnock. Ran into only 2-3 other hikers until we got to the summit, where it was, of course packed. Had the summit of Rosa to ourselves though.

One my best hikes. Went up the mountain with my wife and continued to hike up with my kids. Hiking up the rocky faced has always been the highlight of our hike.

We hiked up White Dot trail and came down White Cross trail. We went on a weekday (July 3rd), so saw few people, (maybe the 95 degree temps and humidity sent most folks to be near water or stay inside?). Nice hike, lots of rocks to climb but doable for all levels. We took our time and stopped often to hydrate.

Besides the number of people you encounter, a perfect afternoon hike. Rocky and beautiful with an awesome 360 view on the top.

Great hike. Some rock scaling near the summit that makes it very memorable!

Great hike! We hiked up white dog and down white cross. Very well maintained and marked. Nice views but not stellar. Fantastic day hike.

Awesome trail with gorgeous views!

This hike was beautiful. The first mountain I’ve ever climbed. Did it a few years back. Difficult at parts because it’s like you’re rock climbing, but a great workout!! Definitely would recommend it to others. Awesome photo ops at the summit. Would love to do it again!!!

great hike. well marked. a challenging hike but had an awesome hike. if my 7yr old daughter can do it, so can you.

hiking on Sunday 6/3/18.

This is a great hike to summit a mountain on the east coast and get a great view, when you don’t want to commit to summiting in the white mountains. But this trail is definitely crowded. It is wonderful to see so many families outside being active. But if you are looking for solitude, you won’t find it here.

The hike itself is a steep scramble for a good part of the way. But it’s very doable and fun. Don’t forget it’s windy at the top so bring layers.

I only gave it 4 stars due to how crowded it is. By everything else is wonderful. And there is a bathroom with running water in the parking lot.

So crowded but a good challenging trail. It is very steep and rocky with lots of rock scrambling at the top. We saw kids from 4 years old and adults up to 70+ doing. It took us 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. We've done it faster before but I guess I'm out of shape now! It was super crowded at the top - tons of people picnicking and lots of kids running around. Trail is very clean - no trash - and bathrooms at the bottom. It's $5/person to park.

1 month ago

Took this trail down from Monadnock. Not too challenging but very steep and rocky in parts. Trail is erroding on the edges. It wasn't that crowded going down and is well marked. The bathrooms and parking lot was good

Of the 20 years that I have been hiking, this trail by far is the best of them. It is challenging even for an experienced hiker like me and by far the most scenic trail that I've ever hiked. Pretty much every step of this trail is a scenic photo op so I've took plenty of pictures along the way. It is a little crowded but I don't mind.

The only thing that could make this trail any better is if there is a cool refreshing stream or waterfall along the way. As it is, the 3.9 miles loop is perfect for a half day hike giving us plenty of time to lunch and nap at the summit. I will definitely hit this trail again before the end of the year.

Hiked February 3rd, the trail was awesome! Beautiful views at the summit and wasn’t too rough

on White Arrow Trail

1 month ago

Good, challenging hike!

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