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The summit was awsome. Great view of Washington down to Jackson. The hike itself had some cool spots, relatively tame after 1st 2 miles. Rhe long hike out was the hardest part. Trail is rough and be ready to get your feet muddy and wet. Glad to have done it but dont see myself coming back

Very rugged trail. Lots of elevation gain immediately after leaving the car but this section of the trail is pretty decent otherwise. Trails were pretty rock-strewn and very wet. Must have rained the night before. Several stream crossings that weren’t difficult but weren’t marked so it was a bit confusing at times. Didn’t really get much good trail until nearing the ridge and the Davis Path.

The views from the summit are Awesome with a panoramic view of the Presidential Range from Jackson to Washington. Views are almost 360. Great place to relax and soak it all in.

Fine. No blazes, but most of the rocky branch trail and davis path are fine. The Dry River Trail (a misnomer, by the way - be prepared to get wet!) is less well marked. You need to cross the same creek 3 times, but exactly where is up to you. Views at the top are lovely!

The road is washed away near Jericho/Jenk's Hill Road, so add 3.5 miles to your hike. Also please be advised that the 15 foot bridge over the first creek crossing is washed out. We turned around rather than wade across, so do not know how the rest of the trail looks.

1 month ago

Steep as hell. I hiked with my 6 year old brother and he was not happy going up haha. The summit by the toilet is decent - I hit a look up on the south view and I'm regretting not following this trail to the very end. Now I don't know what I missed. Not very good trail markers but u can def tell where the trail is... it's also not 3.3 miles- idk what trail they have here - check out my recording - It was 4.5 miles- and it took over 4 hours with a child. Awesome cabin here u can rent for 20 dollars a day. I defiantly would do that. Buggy on the way but bug spray seemed to keep them from biting. Happy journeys everyone!!

1 month ago

got there a little later than we should have, we started the hike at about 12:30pm. We had taken the bog brook trail up to rainbow up to Carter Dome instead of the one proposed here. we then followed the normal path down but with heavy stopping we were out until 10:30. Were definitely reasonably new to hiking, I did Lafayette last month and man let me say, for a much shorter mountain this was almost just as steep. definitely a challenge but the view is well worth it. the best view isn't on the summit btw for us it was going down the Wildcat River Trail from the summit overlooking another massive mountain, I think you could see Washington from out in the distance too

Steep up hill hike. Mostly dirt. No rock climbing. Several streams causing big muddy spots. Buggy. Best views at the cabin most of the way up. Looking for a natural stair stepper: this is it!

2 months ago

This mountain is gorgeous!! The trail goes for around 4 miles until you get to the base of the mountain with a steep ascent. We went yesterday and the snow has a crazy thick base on the way there-- around 3 feet that was packed and good getting there but as it warmed up on the way back we were falling through like crazy. The ascent was pretty sketchy because of all the snow and we were slipping and some parts were definitely hard to get around. The top section is gorgeous-- walking through a beautiful path with evergreens all around you. We wanted to do the loop but rainbow trail hadnt been done since the snow fell so we had to go back down the way we came. Which was pretty insane-- the steep parts were done with us sliding on our butts or feet, some places with rocks and close to ledges. Pretty much no way not to do this with the current conditions. You pass a hut on the way up that has water (and in our case on the way down). The whole route was 12 miles for us up and back. Definitely not ideal conditions. You basically need microspikes and poles right now as you're on snow the entire time. As it warms up it will get worse for postholing on the way up so it might be better as a summer hike. We used the coordinates from the app to get to the trailhead but we ended up at a parking lot for cross country skiing before we could get there and parked there instead. We took that trail straight until you hit the trees/ trailhead.

3 months ago

Loved the trail! Easy and great length. In the last March weekend we had It to ourselves since it was after XC skiing and before many people hike. The trail still had between 2-12” snow base the entire way but it was soft enough that we were fine with just hiking boots. (The trail was well groomed for XC skiing so the snow was packed and smooth). Other than parts of second large loop, the entire trail is either in sight of or you can hear the river. We parked in a big lot behind the Thompson eatery then walked across the covered bridge and along the golf course until you reach the trail head at the water treatment plant.

Rock hopping a steam the entire way down. Never again

Muddy along trail before the split. About 2 inches of accumulated snow on the ground. I went up the right side to South Doublehead first which I was glad I chose that way. Nice wooded trail up new old path. Views were gorgeous! Off south peak. Traversed to the north side and checked out the cabin. Descended on ski trail which was just a open wide stead slope down. Next time I’ll take old path trail both ways or check out new path trail. Trails are easy to follow. Lastly it was a good hike for birding. Saw black capped chickadees and a golden-crowned kinglet! They flew right up to me.

180 degrees + views at the top of the south peak. Well worth it. 1/52wav

10 months ago

Great hike, perfect length of time for a quick day hike. WARNING: I was attacked by mud wasps at about 43.81115, -71.52443, give or take 100 feet in a muddy area

11 months ago

I loved this hike but a couple warnings: not for kids. This is very steep despite only being 3 miles. My husband and I who are in good shape had to stop several times for rests on the way up.

Also- it's not one to take if recent downpours or threatening to rain. I suspect flash floods occur on this trail as it's a old stream bed. Muddy. And cross streams a lot.

The view is nice at the top but not spectacular. The view away from Mt Washington is the better view. There is a cabin at top (you can reserve- otherwise it's locked). There is an outhouse you can use if you are desperate- it's pretty gross and with lots of flies and spiders.

We took the "old path" down- I don't recommend it- very steep and hard on the knees.

11 months ago

Parking is found across the Pinkmans Notch Road next to the farm stand and Thompson House Restaurant. You'll have to cross the main road, go over the bridge, & then up the road along the golf course to hit the trail (it's located behind the water treatment station). Unfortunately we hit this trail during a VERY buggy hour, so it was a short 2.5mile hike for us. Lush greenery though, but would've preferred to be a little closer to the water for better views. Decent outing so given 3 stars. We did note we'd like to revisit either early morning or during winter for snowshoeing.

11 months ago

Wide trail with muddy spots. Easy climb to bring the kids on. Nice view from the cabin but not much at the summit. Saw lots of toads and mushrooms.

Steady steep climb. Best view is from the cabin. No view at the summit.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Basically a clear cutting trail which would be more fun in a 4x4 than hiking. No picturesque view and poor markings. The first part is part of a loop before splitting to the left - 12km. Not hiking into the wood - at least most of it didn't feel that way.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Good challenging hike, not personally one of my favorite 4,000 footers, but great views to be found at the summit.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Great hike for kids

Friday, April 07, 2017

Beautiful hike but probably tough in one day. We did this loop as a two day hike, staying at Carter Notch Hut during late season when it is self service (and cheap). As a result we had more time and could add Mt Hight as an out-and-back from the summit, which is well worth it. Just west of the summit of Carter Dome there is a short spur to great viewpoint looking over the notch, but the summit itself is forested. Mt Hight, though much lower in elevation, is totally bald and has great views all around and beautiful alpine vegetation.

The high point of this route is the Rainbow Trail. Upper portions are beautiful alpine forest with some exposed points, but the lower areas near the junction with Wild River Trail pass through a stunning open birch forest.

We took Bog Brook Trail instead of looping back to Wilcat River T. Bog Brook seems to suffer from beaver damage and was hard to follow at one point, but it is a tad shorter than the route proposed here. The bottom parts of Wildcat River Trail involves three river crossings as I recall, which were no problem during a dry autumn, but could present an issue at other times. The hike out of the notch up Carter Dome is quite steep as well.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hike up ski down, stayed at cabin

Monday, October 17, 2016

I agree no views until you get to top. The views from behind the toilet were fabulous and then from South Doublehead were even better. We had a slippery time due to the leaves on the trail but worth the hike.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

We did the last 2.2 of this after starting on Bog Brook trail on our way to camp at the Carter Notch hut. It was definitely and intense climb, especially on a hot day like we went. It's a rocky, fairly steep continous climb up until you finally reach the AT junction. Nice view once you summit, but be prepared to have trek up for days. Also pack sufficient water as there is nowhere to refill until you reach the ponds or turn around.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great views for not a lot of effort. I have hiked this a couple of times, first time up the ski trail and then over to the first ledge view on South Doublehead and down the Old Path to the Ski trail. The second time I hiked up the New Path and then down the spur path to the two ledges with views then back to the New Path to the Junction with the Old Path and out the ski trail and walked back the road. The ski trail is wide and easy a bit steeper at the top. Old path is a little steeper but not a problem going down. Trails are in good condition. New Path is more challenging, quite steep and with poor footing for the top half. I would not recommend this as an easy way down.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Not much to see on the way up, the trail is pretty plain except for a smattering of small flowers on either side of the trail. It's entirely possible that things weren't in full swing when I went. Lots of fantastic views from the top and places to explore around the cabin.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Decent Hike, great views. Definitely would hike it again. Pup friendly.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

wow what a challenge!!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Be ready to burn some calories on this trail. Very steep accent up to Carter Dome.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The west end of this trail from Maloon Road to the Summit of Black Mountain is actually the Black Mountain Ski Trail. The East Pasture Trail ends at the junction of the Black Mountain Ski Trail and the Summit Spur.
The first 1.3 miles is a steady climb up a wide ski trail which ends at the cabin. The trail then continues less steeply to the left of the cabin for another 0.4 miles where it meets the East Pasture trail at the spur to the summit. The summit has a couple of restricted views toward Carter Dome and Mount Height and another toward South Baldface. A loop can be made by following the East Pasture Trail somewhat steeply downhill for 0.1 mile to Black Mountain Cutoff which climbs slightly to a height of land and then descends gradually through very pretty woods back to the cabin.

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