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There is nowhere designated to park for this trail; you just want to park on the side of the road where the paved road ends. The trail is very overgrown which can make it difficult to walk through. The “private way” sign is a bit deterring too, but there doesn’t seem to be any other indicator you can’t hike there. Both summits are overall unimpressive and there is only one okay viewpoint. Definitely not my favorite mountains nor my favorite hike in this area.

This trail was really fun and very steep. I thought I’d summited three times before actually reaching the summit. The views are incredible. The trail is well marked.

Absolutely incredible adventure. Definitely not for beginners and is not easy but 100% worth the the hike up.

Good first hike for our 4 month old puppy but that’s about it. Not great views and pretty overgrown in some places.

Wonderful views and a challenging trail. Remember the bug spray.

Great hike. View at the top isn’t the best unless you go up the fire tower due to tree growth blocking view. Hike about 1.5 hours up if you go at a steady pace. We did it with our 7, 9 and 11 year old children who made it up pretty easily.

nice hike right after sunrise. The bugs were kinda crazy till you get to the top. Great pics from the fire tower. warm out but mostly shaded on the decent trail up

I read about this crash site several years ago and kept it in the back of my mind for when I wanted a 1/2 day hike. The parking area is right off Rt. 118 on Walker Brook Road. The trail is an easy walk up a fire road for the first 1 mile. At this point the road ends at a field, upon entering the field there is a small cairn where you turn sharp right and off into the forest you go. Shortly after entering the woods you will find a small yellow sign indicating a brook crossing 750 feet ahead and a yellow arrow on a tree at the crossing point. Once across the brook the climb begins. The trail is not official and not well marked, but with care it can be followed without much difficulty (look for orange ribbons tied to trees). From the brook crossing up the climb is steady and a bit steep. The final 1/2 mile to the crash site is very steep. You will first approach the 2 engines and some scattered debris. From there look up and large portions of the fuselage, wings, landing gear and many smaller pieces of debris are scattered across the mountainside. A memorial plaque was placed on a boulder in 1992 and is surrounded by small American Flags left by visitors to honor the crew. Be sure to do some online research before your visit as knowing the whole story will enhance your visit to this historic site. There is also a side trail marked with ribbons that head down to the left (when looking uphill). I did not follow it as it steeply descends into the wilderness, however upon returning home I read it leads to a scenic waterfall. Maybe a nice spot for lunch?

Very nice trail. Markers near the beginning of trail are faint and sparse, but once you get going there are more and are more visible. All in woods, so shaded which was nice on this sunny day. Once you get a little ways up there are breezes through the trees, even though it wasn't a breezy day. Some pretty tough spots along the trail so make sure you have a walking stick or two and good hiking shoes. The view from the fire tower at top is very nice and we were able to catch a nice constant cool breeze even on an 88 degree day

Steep! Rocky terrain on red market path - worth the hike to climb the tower

I actually watched a few YouTube videos as part of my research for this hike and found them helpful. The story about the wreckage was also very interesting.
My daughter and I hiked it July 4th. There are no trail markings only surveyors tape. It’s a pretty easy walk the first 1.2 miles. Walk until You come to a circular field. You will want to look to your right at about 1 o’clock to see the actual trail head. It enters the woods and you will come to a brook look for the yellow signs, one will read “crossing 750 feet ahead” continue until you find a yellow arrow pointing towards the brook. After you cross the Brook follow the trail that runs along side it, you will come across a Cairn with a flag that marks the trail that you need to follow keep on the lookout for pink survey tape to help stay on trail. It does climb steadily and somewhat steeply for the remainder of the hike. Seeing The wreckage, site and dedication was very humbling.
My daughter And I loved the mile walk in and out because it’s full of wildflowers and we saw a about a dozen butterflies in that area - absolutely beautiful

The original rating for this trail was moderate, and unfortunately misleading. We brought our good friends here for a backpacking trip the weekend after the solstice in June. We knew it would rain and involved steep elevation but were not expecting the rock scrambles and rockiness of the regular trail on the ascent and descent, made harder by the rain. We camped .5 miles in after hiking the 3 miles on 302 then were planning to camp on the other side of Mt Jackson for the night—however we didn’t make good time on the ascent and got caught in the rain on the ridge part of the trail which dampened spirits (and clothes). We decided to hike through the night and go to a nearby hotel rather than camp out another night. It took us 12.5 hours to hike that 7 mile stretch (with overnight packs) in the rain (7.5 hours of rain) and dark (4 hours in the dark with low visibility due to mist). Overall a beautiful hike but be prepared for it to be HARD!!

We started this trail at Crawford Notch and went up to Jackson, back to Webster, and down from there along the AT, coming out where the AT crosses US 302. The views were gorgeous from Jackson, Webster, and the cliffs/views along the ridge down from Webster. I would say, though, that this trail was VERY difficult for me. I wasn't prepared for the amount of scrambling near the ridges and just general scrambling along the trail - this is a VERY rocky trail. I'm no mountain goat, and always have to take those areas slowly. This trail took us 7.5 hours and we only did 7 miles! I can handle the distance and elevation, but all the big steps and rocks did me in. My companion says that this is pretty typical of the White Mountains, so that's good to know.

We did this hike as a family with our 8, 5 and 2 year old this past Sunday. The first mile was easy for my 2 year old, but then did have to be carried the rest of the way. Getting to see the plane was a big incentive for my older 2! Great hike! We had a lot of fun, just be sure to have bug spray!!

Great hike with pretty view at the top

Incredible red pine virgin forest, rock formations and constantly changing trail. Short and challenging with every lookout better than the last. Take time to hang out at the top. Don’t be fooled by thinking you’ve sumitted, look left and see the granite summit. Walk around and up again.

Pretty good hike, no views of the tower or anything else though until you reach the top, but once you get up in the fire tower it’s 360 degrees of amazing views of several mountains and beautiful lake winnipesaukee.

3 months ago

Nice woods walk with the family. Started and ended near Blueberry Hill rd.

There was a “Private way” sign about 1/4 mile up the dirt road so we had to turn around.

Beautiful trail with great views. Really easy trail, mostly flat terrain.

Nice trail if you enjoy big trees. Some of the largest White Pine & Hemlocks in the area. Great views through the forest. Last 1/2 mi. is where you gain most of your elev. At the top is Great Hill fire tower with a super 360*.

Decided to go hiking today with my boyfriend. There was still a few snow drifts in a couple places which made things a bit tricky. Fairly quiet trail with limited views most of the way up. As intermediate hikers, we found this trail to be manageable but fairly lengthy and fatiguing. Definitely want to make sure you have a backpack with water and lunch or snacks. The views from the fire tower are fantastic, though be careful if it is windy because it is certainly magnified at the top. Overall, the hike was pleasant.

Amazing hike ... lol we had not planned on humping through at times waist deep snow...but no one died :) ..... Bring a small flag to leave at the dedication plate.

4 months ago

Well Marked Trail, Took Red Trail up & down there are views that peek out to you as you wind up this beautiful trail. Fire Tower at the top offers great views with a map of each range north south east & west. Used micro-spikes for traction.

Nice hike, just took the main trail (technically an old fire road) out and back. It’s pretty much the same the entire way, never steep, just moderate and steady, the grade doesn’t really lessen until the end. There’s nothing much to see on the way up, but the views at the top are amazing. A full panorama of the White Mountains, the Lakes Region, and beyond.

An easy but gorgeous small trail around the Robert Frost farm! Lots of poems and cool historical info to read around the trail, as well as a few benches to sit on. Really cool to explore, and as a beginner I found the leisurely hike to not be very difficult at all.

6 months ago

Took a nice February stroll today. Lots of trees down from past storms, but a beautiful walk with breathtaking views of Odiorne Point. I didn’t walk the entire loop today, but I will come back in the spring and do it. I got too distracted by taking pictures.

6 months ago

Incredible open summit views of Mt Moosilauke, Franconia Ridge, and the Green Mountains.

Warning: much of the trail is currently a thick sheet of ice with an inch of soft snow covering. Extremely slippery even with crampons. Recommend waiting for heavier snowfall to better cover the ice.

Nice trail for a Winter hike

I did this hike in May-2016 While I think I would call my hike a meander and walked all over the park. The highlight of this park is that it is the site of the first European settlement in New Hampshire in 1623.

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