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Greens, New Hampshire Map

beautiful views of Washington Nd the Presidentials from the top of Wildcat A. the first two miles is very difficult.

beautiful hike with some nice stream Crossings. Would highly recommend. Trail is well maintained.

Started in not the right trail head but ended up at Carter Dome & Mt Hight. A solid hike - fairly lengthy! Carter Dome was a nice area to stop and take a quick rest before continuing on - no views but still cool. Ponds next to the hut were beautiful! Great views with the mountains in the background. Mt Hight was well worth the views. Absolutely beautiful! Very windy and chilly at the top.

Saturday, November 04, 2017


Damage from the storm on these trails was pretty rough.

Nineteen Mile Brook - fairly manageable, more branches than anything. A few downed trees that were easy to go over.

Carter Dome Trail - in the beginning wasn't terrible then you start going through the switchbacks and thats where it got tricky. Toward the last few there were so many downed trees you couldn't easily climb over, we ended up going up the trail and around for most of them. The ground was very soft and we were fighting it pretty hard sinking into the ground as we maneuvered around these downed trees.

Carter-Moriah Trail(Zeta Pass) - This in my opinion was a bit worse as it was almost consistent blowdowns. Particularly Between the start through to South Carter. Even the rock cairn at South Carter had a tree on it. The trail between South and Middle Carter was way more manageable compared to the hell we dealt with getting to South Carter. We even saw a guy at South Carter who had a pretty decent scratch on his head which he claimed he got from a tree on the way from Carter Dome. After Middle Carter we started to encounter more black ice than blowdowns. Bridges were very slick.

North Carter Trail - I'm sure this trail is always like this but this was our 1st time on this trail series but you are essentially walking in a creek bed the entire time. The water level seemed high but manageable just more annoying between that and how narrow the trail is. A few downed trees towards the bottom, some you could go over and a few we decided to go around as we couldn't see how much water was on the other side.

Imp Trail - similar to nineteen mile brook more branches than anything, same deal with the brook etc. Towards the bottom of the trail it was really deep leaves luckily dry.

We must've been using an old trail from All Trails but it essentially took us down a non existent trail so we pretty much bushwhacked back to nineteen mile which was a bit anxiety ridden as we weren't expecting that and the sun was going down, lucky we had head lamps but fortunately got back to our car before sundown.

Because of all the blowdowns and detours the trail took us way longer than expected. I'm sure in decent conditions (pre-storm) it wouldn't have been so rough or long. I wouldn't recommend you tackling this series unless you are ready to be crawling under trees or going off trail around them etc. We knew there were going to be blowdowns but it was sad to see the extent of damage on these particular trails.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Starts easy at 19 Mile Brook Trail, nice rushing sounds of river which you follow for about a 1/3 of the way, when you intersect at Hut sign, right turn to go up Wildcat ridge, it becomes very difficult quickly and stays that way all the way to top. Really nice views from top but small viewing area be prepared to take turns with other hikers if it's busy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nice hike, worth the views at the top and the fun scrambling on the ramparts. My only complaint is that the trip back down was very uneventful, although the brook along the way is very pleasant and nice for a quick splash of cool water on your face in the heat!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hiked the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail from the trailhead on route 16 up to the Carter Notch Hut (July 15, 2017). This was a relatively easy hike and from my research of the AMC huts, one of the easiest to access. There had been a good amount of rain over the preceding week and the brook was active in several places. Weather was warm and humid and not much sun going in, but the canopy was so dense, it would not have reached us until we neared the hut. I will write additional reviews of hikes from the hut up Wildcat and from the hut out over Carter Dome, Mount Hight and down the Carter Dome & Nineteen Mile Brook Trail.

This is a long hike, about 13 miles. Does not have the best views for such a long hike, I would say Mt. Height has the best view, 360 degree view. And North Carter has one that's okay. The one thing I didn't like about this hike was the Imp trail, gets really narrow towards the top and very rocky, I would suggest going up that trail and not down it.

I did this trek yesterday. My phone died but so I only was able to record to Mid Carter and missed out on some great photo opps. It took me 9hrs to complete the loop. Pulled a muscle walking on the snow between Height and the Dome which slowed things down considerably. So it could defiantly be done more efficiently. Bagged three 4ks which is a plus. Best views off of Mt Height. 360 there and Just before North Carter theirs an opening where it shows a magnificent view of the mountains. The three 4ks are limited views so even if your not doing the full loop take the detours to Height and North! Overall about 13.5 mile trek.


Saturday, November 04, 2017