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Really enjoyed the hike! We started following the Ted trail and ended with looping back with Carolyn. I was glad we went in this direction for the hike up Ted was more rocky than carolyn. Also, as you hike up the Ted trail you hike along side a bubbling brook most of the way, making for great back round sounds and quaintness. Some great views at the top. The trail was pretty easy with not too much steepness. Overall fun day!

Well marked and maintained trail. Has great views at the top in a couple of different spots looking North and South. Trails can lead you all the way to Miller Park! Will be back for sure!

Wonderful loop on diverse forest paths culminating in a rocky summit. Start on Ted's trail to follow a stream uphill, leading to some boggy sections but worth it for the sound of water and impressive flume halfway up. Carolyn's trail is quieter, a manageable descent, though the ever-wet rocks and roots require careful footing. (I took one rough sliding fall.) Add a mile at the top to summit and explore the rocky Cliff trail.

We loved this trail. The waterfalls and view of the fall foliage were beautiful. I would definitely not suggest going on a rainy day or the day after unless you enjoy walking through water and mud in several areas. We went two days after and it was still quite muddy. I would say this hike isn’t for newbies and people looking for a flat trail. It has several rocky areas and 1500 ft of elevation over the 4.9 mile trail to the summit. The whole trip up Ted’s Trail and down Carolyn’s Trail took almost 4 hours with several brief stops for photos. It was about 8 miles total and we really loved it!

Took Ted’s up and Carolyn’s back down. Well marked in both directions; just pause and check when you aren’t sure, you’ll see the markers ahead. While the hike is tagged as 4.7 miles, it doesn’t take into account the approximately 1 mile round trip on the summit trail. It was a beautiful day and very serene and private hike.

Great hike - This was actually our first one. It was a challenge but not overly challenging. Took us about three hours. We took our time and soaked it all in. Highly recommend going Ted's way to start with and come down Carolyn's way.

Went up Ted's and came down the Caroline. When you walk up Ted's, you walk by a stream and also come across a small waterfall, different varieties of mushroom. Gets a little steep in the end. Most of the trail is clearly marked. Good views. Caroline trail is much easier than Ted's.

Nice hike but easy to get lost. We took Teds trail up and followed the markers the whole way, but missed the direct route to top. It's not well marked and recommend following the map here as there are no signs for it. The hike is quiet and serene w nice views at the top. We did get a bit bored as the scenery is the same the whole way up and down.

Did this trail with my niece a few weeks back and had a good time. Scenic and moderately easy with a few steep points. However it is not that well marked in a few spots and we went off the trail a few times and had to back track. I'll probably do it again in the fall.

Great hike! Ted’s trail follows a stream and has a small waterfall. When you get near the summit there are multiple vista points and good spots for sitting to have lunch. If you bring binoculars (or have good eye sight) on a clear day you can see Boston from the Southeastern vista point. There are wild blueberry bushes at the top that will probably bear fruit by July/August. Carolyn’s trail is easier so make sure to take that one back down.

great trails all around the mountain. shannons trail was the one took most of the way but the gregg is nice too. good views throughout.

Nice views, most of the trail is clearly marked. Enjoyable and scenic. Meet some nice people on the trail and we travel together for most of the trail.

Great little hike, stream was flowing full with winter run-off. We hiked in 1.5 miles and back, can’t wait to do the whole loop!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

This was pretty good. We got lost off the trail a few times. It wasn’t super duper gorgeous (but still pretty good). Good views going up — nice waterfalls— but the summit didn’t have much to see. Took us just under 3 hours (but we did go at least 0.7 miles off course). I’m glad I did this hike but I don’t think I’ll do it again.

Monday, November 20, 2017

very cute short little trail

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Took Teds trail up with our Westie dog, and found the whole hike got better and better as you ascend. Toward the top, we missed the direct route to the summit, but got back on track before taking the cliff trail. Eventually reached the top, with some unclear trail markings. Descended down Carolyn’s trail, which again was tricky to follow and find the path the start at the top. Easy clear path when you’ve descended a little. Overall great hike.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A great hike. My friends and I started on a misty morning and ended up taking Carolyn's trail up instead of Ted's trail by mistake. It has some more difficult spots but overall not that difficult. Made for a nice, enjoyable day. The scenery was pretty. Since it was cloudy, we didn't have the best view at the top but I would do this home again for sure. Next time we will be sure to take Ted's trail up.

Friday, September 29, 2017

One of my favorite hikes! View was great.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hike was very pleasant. I started up Teds and came down from the summit view using Carolyn's trail. Ted's is very rocky with lots of tight treed forests going up. There are a few spots you have to scramble up some short climbs. There currently is no running stream or water falls going up Teds. The climb might start to feel like you are never going to get a view and then you come out of the trees with wonderful views.
The top has a huge cairn of rocks. Plenty of space to stretch out and relax without being within sight of other hikers.
I took Carolyn's trail to the right on the way back down. Very nice open pine and hardwood forests with a well marked trail. The hike back down was not too demanding but there are a few spots you want to slow down where it is steeper or slippery.
I would do this hike again if I lived closer.

Monday, September 11, 2017

First of all, there were ABSOLUTELY NO TICKS found on any of the 9 people in my group. 'nuff said.

Trail taken in counter-clockwise manner.
Stayed on Gregg for insurance from ticks.
No signage on from lookout at top off Gregg trail to Shannon trail. Poor signage on Lower Link trail.

2 star ding for poor signage and blazing on Lower Link Trail.

Nice directional views

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Great hike! No bugs. After you get through the field, I recommend taking the Lower Link first rather than continue on Shannon Trail. I have bad knees and Lower Link is pretty steep so going down would have been a long, painful trip. It was a workout going up but worth it.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Gorgeous views, the rambling little waterfall along Ted's Trail is lovely, definitely go up that way and not up Carolyn's. Tons of beautiful mushrooms and ghost pipe. My complaints are the awful bugs for half the hike, which really put a damper on a great outing, and the not-so-well-marked trails. I would recommend this in early spring or a cooler summer day with very good bug protection, and it is worth it for the rewards at the top.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

No dogs...screw you NH.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Took Shannon's trail from the Crotched rehab Gregg trail. Did not have a single tick. I know it was a terrible season, but I live close by and the tick population has dropped significantly in recent weeks. Also folks, I see a few people bring their dogs. If you are using the rehab trail, please do not bring your dog. The trails are designed for wheelchair access and the rehab center also brings residents with developmental issues, and a dog can be very frightening, no matter how well behaved. There are lots of access points to Crotched trails, and I would have loved to have brought my dog too, but not on Gregg trail.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Great trail. I was scared to come because everyone was raving about the ticks. I didn't have any issue with ticks, prepare for deep wood bugs(lemon grass oil worked nicely). Great views off Shannon's trial. Get out there, it's lovely and no one is out there! Total serenity.

Great hike, not much water in stream was kind of hopeful for that but views were amazing!

Trail is great. It was a little more demanding than I thought it would be. Pretty good climb to the top, but was worth it. I wouldn't want to take younger children on three trail though.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Ditto about the ticks! Came up Gregg's & Shannon's Trail, and was going to hike to the summit. When I stopped to tie my shoe, my socks and pants were literally crawling with ticks. I was stopped near a stream crossing which was high and I wasn't sure I wanted to cross anyway, so I aborted the hike.

Nice hike but couldn't continue on because there were so many ticks. Got onto the grassier trail and there were instantly ticks on my shoes.

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