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Very challenging for a couple that are in shape but only occasionally hike. Rocks and boulders the entire way. Took us 5 hrs up (left from the trail head at 9) and 4 hrs down on Tuckerman’s. Took breaks/pictures often and kept a slower pace. Awesome accomplishment, amazing views but we’re still feeling it a couple days later.

stunning.. kind of a larger crowd but.plenty free to roam around and see all it's beauty..just amazing

tuckerman up , lions head down. it seemed like tuckerman was steeper but I'd rather do that for both ways next time as it was a better trail overall.. 3 hours and 20 mins to get up. 2 hours 20 mins to get down. had some chilli from the cafe and snapped a few pics. saw some guy who needed first aid . the fatality board inside was interesting.

We hiked the Tuckerman Ravine Trail up and the Lion Head Trail down. The last mile and a half is definitely tough going over all the rocks and boulders but it was a lot of fun and well worth it! If I were to give advice I would say wear sturdy shoes, pace yourself and have fun!

Good hike. Beautiful skyline.

Really accessible with a jaw dropping view of the falls.

This is a terrific relatively easy hike in/out. Well maintained trail. We saw only a few other people Went up past the A Trail shelter.

We hiked up Lion's Head (it's steeper) and down Tuckerman's and it was absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly difficult and we were sore for days, but totally worth it. We went at a fairly fast pace with a few stops and it took us 3.5 hours to get up and 3 to get down.

The hike can be divided into three distinct parts: the first third is fairly easy, then you hit the rest area with a water refill, then the second third is very rocky, and the last third is a seemingly neverending scramble on very uneven rocks that will break your spirit.

Overall, the Tuckerman's Ravine Trail is incredibly beautiful and has a waterfall, and next time I would definitely do this trail both up and down, as Lion's Head is just way steeper with lesser views.

In terms of clothing, you'll get very warm while hiking, but the top third is so windy and cold, you'll want to bring a hat, warm layers, and probably a windbreaker. Hiking boots are a must!

Did this hike over a two-day period, staying at the IMP shelter site in between. Ditched my pack day two at the intersection of the Carter Moriah and Carter Dome Trails to scale Mt. Height-worth the steep climb as it offered a gorgeous 360 degree view from the summit. Trek out was all down hill, including 19 Mile Brook Trail, which offered a lovely sound for several miles-then had a huge pool of fresh cool water about a half mile from the trailhead... Yes, I stripped down and swam in that glorious mountain pool!

Great trail, opening up for some nice views from Surprise peak. Moriah itself offers a stunning 360 degree view of the Whites and Wilderness to the East.

Speechless. What a hike! Tuckermans Ravine/Shurburne ski trail + Lionshead. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. In serious pain, but what a sense of accomplishment. Well worth it. Prepare, drink a lot of water, and be ready to face challenges.

Good luck!

7/7/18 left from Pinkham Notch at 7am. The weather was cloudy with rain forecasted so the parking lot was fairly empty. Took Tuckermans Ravine trail but there is a detour from the south end of the parking lot you have to take due a closure at the start of the trail. The detour is a steep ascent out of the gates which gets the heart rate up quick. Rocky ascent up to the lake shelter took about 1.5 hours and then the fun began. We stayed on Tuckermans from there as it is less exposed than Lions head and the weather wasnt looking promising. We almost turned around but we had the right gear so pushed through. From the lake shelter until about .5 miles to go we got poured on and visibility was low. Wind picked up towards the top. Last .5 miles was a mental test. Wind was 50-60mph and visibility was nil. We went from Cairn to Cairn. As you got to a cairn you could barely make out the next one. We moved like this through the wind and and foggy mist until the summit. It took 2:47 moving time according to the app. We decided it wasnt safe to descend so we took the shuttle down. This was a mental accomplishment and Luckily we were prepared with pants, OR Helium 2 rain jackets and multiple layers and a dry bag to keep everything dry. I would not recommend this hike if the forecast is anything but “clear”. We read the next day 2 diff groups of hikers had to be rescued that day due to not being prepared. We saw one of the groups earlier in the day.

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8 days ago

Really neat! Quick stop off the highway with an amazing waterfall. Recommend checking out the trails surrounding the area as well.

8 days ago

Found all trails on this hike to be in great condition. Gradually gaining elevation on 19 Mile Brook Trail was great and the drive up Carter Dome looked hard from the hut but I didn’t find it difficult at all. Is was a dit steep but the trail was good. Limited views from the wooded Carter peaks but the view from Mt. Hight is 360 and phenomenal. Headed down from Middle Carter to Imp Face. Wonderful view and the drop off made it more dramatic. Probably about a 20 minute walk on 16 from the trailhead below Imp Face and the trailhead at 19 Mile. 15 miles total but I didn’t actually find it to be a grueling hike.

My partner and I hiked this trail on 6/16. We got to the parking lot at 7:45ish in the am. The main parking lot was already filled and we circled back and found parking in a nearby dirt opening. I highly recommend starting this hike shortly after sunrise or as early as possible if you would prefer not to deal with the crowds. We read the signs at the trail’s entrance which indicated that sections of tuckerman’s ravine was closed due to an accident and falling boulders... yikes! And then began our ascent! This hike is really nothing short of incredible. In terms of our fitness level, My partner and I are avid hikers. We did 25 ‘hard’ trails in 17’ and aimed for 30+ this year. However, due to an accident earlier this year, we got a slow start to our hiking adventures. Mt. Washington was actually our 4th hike for the year to date. Not a lot of practice and perhaps out of our normal hiking Rhythm. Nevertheless, we comfortably made it up to the summit in 3.5 hours. We did tuckerman ravine to lions head. The final 1 hour ascent is the hardest. You are out of the tree line and exposed to the elements. For us, on that day it was the sporadic high winds and temperature drops that we found most interesting. When we made it to the top there was a race going on. Runners took the auto trail up to the summit along with supporters who drove up as well as others who took the train. It was chaotic but exciting. It certainly did not take away our feeing of accomplishment and excitement. We spent 2 hours at the top exploring the area, taking pictures, and finally grabbing some hot soup. At that point, we were freezing cold from the low temperature and high winds at the summit and also hungry. The soup might as well have been the world’s best soup.. hehe. Don’t forget to bring some pocket change to have some hot soup. The hike down was fun for us but we also felt some of the light pressure. We decided to run the last 30 minutes of the trail.. at that point, I could not feel my toes so no worries. All in all, I encourage you to do this hike. It is an amazing unforgettable experience. This trail does not require excellent physical fitness however, you need to have some basic hiking skills/experience and mental strength to keep going up the steep climb. If you are really concerned about fitness, try doing some similar smaller hikes to train for 1 month. On the trail, you will see and meet many hikers, some who are extremely fit and others who are not quite fit so do not be too worried or discouraged. An important note that goes without saying; hiking boots are a must. You’ll thank yourself later. Don’t forget to break them in.. As far as load, our pack was 60lbs. Two 46oz water bottles, 2 sneaker bars, 2 power bars and sweaters. My partner drank no water on the way up. He felt that it would interfere with his focus.. I drank approx 26oz.

9 days ago

Did this trail today without doing any research before. Basically incline the whole way up. The top was amazing. A little slippery since it was raining earlier this morning. Toward the top it’s basically rock climbing, really cool hike!

Really great and challenging- I recommend though going up Boot Spur then crossing ridge line and ascending Mt Washington. Head back down via Lions Head. Amazing loop- you’ll need a cold one at the bottom!!

Did this all in one day (including the drive) while living 4 hours away, 3am - 3am when I got back home. Summary: It’s doable, and a fantastic experience. Had an epic day. Ensure that the weather is optimal, and prepare your body for a pretty brutal tenure. It’s all worth it though!

Wow, tough. Parked at 9am. Sign said lot full but we found a spot. Started out on the detour (bridge work at beginning of trail) pretty sure we were climbing sherburne ski trail. STEEP. muddy. Then the detour led us to the actual trail after .25 mile or so... Gradual incline, mostly rock. HOT DAY 7/4/18. Then another detour to more steep ski trail for what seems forever. Then you reach the hermit lake shelter and water 100yds past hut. Then, it’s just straight up from there!! Took us 5.5 hours to top. Many breaks, so hot out. Spent an hour or so at top, 3.5 hours down around 730pm. Would prefer a less crowded trail next time!

We arrived at 7:20am and Pinkham Notch Lot was full! We got the last spot. First half of the Tuckerman Ravine trail was generally easy with nice waterfalls along the way. Had to take Lions Head Trail due to the Ravine having snow. Lions was steep and challenging but breaking the tree line made the challenge amazingly rewarding. Last mile was rocky and open to elements. We had a 70 degree day at the top of Mt Washington so the exposure was lovely and sunny. Took us 4 hours to the top and 3.5 down. Strenuous but completely worth it to experience the view of the presidential range.

Superbe montée!!!!!! Assurément, les bottes sont indispensables!!!!! Je la referais demain matin!!!! La vue est à couper le souffle!!!! Effort soutenu qui en vaut le coup!!!!!

Great views, off the beaten path (low traffic compared to Tuckerman' Trail) , a relatively strenuous yet spectacular hike.

Ascended from Carter Notch Hut and descended by N Carter Trail and Imp Trail. Ridge line was the best! Hight Mt so worth the minor detour! N Carter Trail was VERY narrow. Imp was hard on knees even with trekking poles.

Make sure to bring some money because it is 5 dollars to park, but that will be good for other spots in the area for the day so if you are planning more hikes it is fine. It was a little hard with the kids coming back up because of all the stairs and they got tired, but the falls were very beautiful.

It was a bit hard to find the trailhead, wish it was better marked but I'm glad we stuck it out and asked around. The falls were nice, we didn't get all the way to the top because we had some small kids but we were happy with what we saw!

12 days ago

Stopped by on the way to Mt Washington. Well worth it. Very short walk but a few dozen steps. $5 self-pay parking. Best $5 I've spent. Explore the area around the falls if you have time.

Brought our dogs there today. It’s not a long trail but really fun! There are some nice spots to stop before you reach the main waterfall to cool off the dogs or your feet.

14 days ago

A great trek and a total of +4,000' gained too! I parked at the 19-Mile trailhead and headed up Carter Dome Trail to South Carter first. I got a late start and thought being near the Hut towards the end of the day was wise. Nice views over to Hight and Carter Dome! Continued up Hight and got socked in with clouds after seeing some nice views. This is a wonderful exposed area. Continued over to CD and peaked out at the vista spot, nice views there. Then drained down the Carter-Moriah Trail which everyone says to go UP, not DOWN. I found it to be a very well engineered trail, going down was not that big a deal. Certainly a different situation with ice is suppose. Raced the sun back to my car, just beat it. This is a great trek!!!

Its a amazing trail if you’re camping in the white birch campgroup. It feature a waterfall and a bassin wich in hot summer day are so refreshing(and very cold ).Our dog like the hike so much as do we.

Not for the faint of heart

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