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Gilford, New Hampshire Map
3 days ago

Great, well marked trail but don’t let the rating fool you! Almost immediately, we went straight up and it did not relent until we reached the top! We followed red to the top. Coming down was also well marked and groomed. We followed orange down to the 2nd white junction and hung a left to head down white. White took us to a dirt road we took a left on that and we walked the road the rest of the way to our car! (The road was easy) I would say this aired on the side of moderate!

4 days ago

Nice hike and great view of the lake on Lakeview Trail after a 15 min. ascent.

There is nowhere designated to park for this trail; you just want to park on the side of the road where the paved road ends. The trail is very overgrown which can make it difficult to walk through. The “private way” sign is a bit deterring too, but there doesn’t seem to be any other indicator you can’t hike there. Both summits are overall unimpressive and there is only one okay viewpoint. Definitely not my favorite mountains nor my favorite hike in this area.

A lovely, peaceful, and overall easy hike. There are a few good views along the way to the summits, especially the view of Winnipesaukee, which is very comparable to that of Major minus the huge crowds

22 days ago

well marked and varied terrain. beaver pond in the middle is a treat. it has very few views, but it does have one great view of the lake right before the first peak. went in late July and there were fields and fields of wild blueberries at and near the peaks! never very steep, but not a stroll in the park either. highly rec’d.

23 days ago

typical Bellknap range hike, easy to moderate effort for great views.

23 days ago

Nice and very easy trail, slight incline that gets you up the hill. Beautiful lake view! Completed the loop in less than 1.5 hours in a very relaxed pace with some stops on the way.

24 days ago

I love to do hikes alone but sometimes get a little nervous when it is not marked well. No problems with that on this trail, very well marked! Bring some empty containers in case you time it right with the wild blueberries. Still some small ones at the top but definitely at the end of their season.

map has trail going over the lake?

Very well marked trail, quick and easy hike. I hiked it with a pulled Achilles and it didn’t irritate my calf any further. We started b 8am with 70+ degree weather which was nice. LOTS of blueberries at the top!

Super easy trail and very well marked for the green trail, Great views from the top, you can see the chairlift at the top of Gunstock from the firetower. Very good trail for dogs!

This place is great for a beginners. Easy yet steep enough for a challenge and a workout. I take my 14 year old Mini schnauzer up this trail. He maybe old, but there's no stopping him from running up this trail. (except me of course.) Great trail, the views rival Mt Major.

1 month ago


Lots of blueberries!

1 month ago

Fun quick trail- great for kids and beginners.

1 month ago

not a bad little trail

1 month ago

Beautiful view of Lake Winnipesaukee. There are two different trail heads. If you start at Lakeview Trail (near the front of the parking lot) it's 0.5 miles to the lakeview. If you start at Quarry Trail (back of the parking lot), it's 1.3 miles until you get to the lakeview. It's one big loop so it doesn't really matter where you begin. Quarry Trail had tons of mosquitoes!

Great for family

Loved this trail. Amazing views and man made pond with rock stairs is beautiful!

was a great hike! nice Fire tower and cool cabins!

2 months ago

Fun day hike for families.

The Belknap Range trail is a good alternative if you're trying to get into the wilderness near Lake Winnipesaukee but away from the crowds drawn to Mount Major. I took the purple trail to the top of Straightback Mt. and then followed the blue trail back to the trailhead. The trail is very lightly trafficked, I took my time and did not see anyone over my 5 hour hike. Be sure to pack bug spray as the mosquitos are pretty vicious closer to the trailhead and the bottom of the waterfall. This hike is a loop but if you're willing to add on another couple miles you can see a great view by taking the red trail from Mt. Anna to the top of Mt. Mack.

2 months ago

What a great trail! It's very well marked (and the maps at the trailhead are accurate & detailed) - and the trail is well maintained.

Find little hike with the family and pet friendly

Great trail! Lovely creek, pretty vistas, well marked! But I would argue with the easy rating! Steep climbs both up and down.

Pretty good trail. Elevation gain is not to bad. Would be great for younger hikers. A few rewarding views of the lake area.

2 months ago

Very easy from Belknap Mt Rd parking. Nice views from top

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