Best hike I've done and well, well worth the effort, but know what you're signing up for.

I'm a 40yr old guy in pretty good shape and found it to be quite challenging. Went up the Falling Waters side, which was absolutely beautiful - though a little slick from the previous days rainfall. Temperature dropped pretty significantly once I reached the summit of Little Haystack and the wind was intense. (Consistently 40-60mph). Was absolutely worth every ounce of effort though, because the views were simply incredible - and the hike along the ridge to Lafayette was breathtaking.

Wind calmed down as I summited Lafayette and came down to the Greenleaf Hut (pretty spartan, but a nice place to rest for a bit) and took the Bridle Path down - and this, for me at least, was the toughest part. It's all downhill, but it's also almost all rocks and boulders. Which ruined my knees (still feeling it two days later). Should have brought hiking poles. May not be necessary for younger folks, but if I had them, would have saved me ALOT of pain.

All in all an amazing hike, but know that it's ALOT of climbing over small, medium and big rocks, as well as some scrambling (either way). Be prepared for the change of temperature at the top. Bring plenty of water and know that it's an all day hike.

Then go do it. Seriously. One helluva an amazing day.