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Francestown, New Hampshire Map

Very well maintained trail with plenty of markers all the way around. Would recommend to anyone.

Nice trail overall. Most of it was a nature walk, which was fairly simple. My heart was pumping pretty fast when the harder parts hit. I would rate the trail moderate, not hard. It took up 3:45 total with a 15 minute break at the top. We did West up, East down. Good markers, hard to find a couple however. I would do this hike again. It will be gorgeous in the upcoming weeks to admire the foliage.

Good Hike and Great view !! Well marked .. Follow the yellow markings till a certain point followed by blue markings till you reach the peak point and you are never lost. Do get the bug spray which I didn't !!

Nice trail... well-marked and very enjoyable. I took West Summit up and East Summit down. Although it was extremely cloudy at the top, there was an area back down along the East Summit Trail that offered a really nice view as the sun burned through the clouds. I didn't any other people the entire time - complete solitude. Only issue I ran into was an area towards the bottom of the East trail that was next to a pond and was extremely flooded due to heavy rains in the days prior. I simply backtracked and took Scott's Trail to get around it and then got back on the trail. Also, yes, bring bug spray. Overall, great fun alone on the mountain!

Great hike. My friend and I were able to complete it in about 3hrs 45mins at a brisk walk. DONT FORGET BUG SPRAY! We were lucky enough to run into the only other person on the trail that happen to have some extra. The real peak is a bit disappointing, but the lookout area with the picnic table just before it provided excellent views for our lunch. Went up the East (easier) and down the West (harder). I'd rate it as moderate, not hard.

Great hike. Took the East Summit Trail up and the West Summit Trail back down. It has been relatively warm and most of the snow on the bottom half of the mountain had melted. The ascent was moderate with a few sections that were quite strenuous. The descent was slightly more difficult since the West trail is a bit steeper and the snow was slipping under foot. I didn't see any wildlife besides squirrels, chipmunk and tons of birds; however, there were plenty or deer and bear tracks in the snow.

To get to the parking area, we put in "Hardwick/Former Merill Property" into Google Maps. The map in the kiosk is hard to read, so come prepared with a map of your own or photos of the map from online!

We did the Summit Link Trail to the Summit West Trail (yellow blazes). We then took the Upper Link Trail (blue blazes) to what we think was the summit - not sure if it was because it was so foggy we could hardly see anything! We then returned on the Upper Link Trail to where it meets up with the Summit Trails, and took the Summit East Trail back around 3.5 miles to the parking area. Though at least for us the trail lacked "views," there was definitely a rocky, primeval forest feel going on here that we enjoyed. A nice contrast to busy, well-worn trails (and well-loved!) trails in the Whites. It took us in total about four hours at a moderate pace. Lots of water abounds, as well as some muddy/wet sections that I tried, mostly successfully, to overpass with my sneakers.

Wonderful hike! We consider it more moderate than hard. Just a few rock scrambles. The views are worth the effort.

Great hike. I’d say it falls between moderate and difficult— definitely some challenging sections, but not ALL challenging.

Take the east trail to the summit. It’s a bit less steep than the west trail.

Great views. Enjoy it!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

PARKING: Hard right into lot from main rd. Lot holds 10 or so cars. There were 3 there when I went on a Saturday afternoon.
TRAIL: Start beside the welcome sign in the parking lot. I went up East and down West trails. Multiple false summits. The real one is on the blue trail blazes (Upper Link Trail) and has a picnic bench to mark the top. Summits have nice views, 180 degrees max. Nothing significantly steep. I would call this moderate, not hard. At a brisk walk, I summited in 2 hours and returned in 1 1/4 hours (with 15 minutes worth of total resting). I passed maybe 6 people during the entire journey (loved the silence).
BRING: You'll need bug spray but not suntan lotion. It's a 95% forest walk. I went through 1L of water on a high dew point day (65), but I'd bring 2L to be safe.
BOTTOM LINE: the smells and sounds will relax your soul. Ladies and gents, enjoy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Great hike. Took the west route down and saw a black bear.

Well marked and a lot of fun!

What a great hike! We were within 7 yards of a doe, caught a glimpse of a raccoon, and munched on wild blueberries. The trails are marked well, and the views from the summit was spectacular. The trail is somewhat challenging towards the top, so wear good hiking shoes. Thanks, MH, for a great hike!

great hike with plenty to see everywhere!

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