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Really fun hike, it was definitely some work to get up whiteface , agree with the hard rating, but more fun than hard. Really enjoyed this loop to bring me 1/2 way to 48!

Amazing doing it for a second time this year

Loved this hike. Took us about 7 hours to complete. Definitely bring PLENTY of water (there are a few streams, but you’ll want to bring a good amount). Views are fantastic, but not necessarily 360 open view-type summit. The very-heavily wooded hiking is awesome. Would be challenging for dogs, but possible for an adventurous pup. Can’t wait to come back!

Was part of a AMC hike. Except for some steep parts while ascending Whiteface - the trail is pretty tame. It is during these steep parts that you get the best views. There aren't many on the mountain top. And the peaks are not clearly marked - its a small cairn with no signpost. Took us some 7.5 hrs. to finish.

My friend and I completed this loop on June 9th. It took 6 hours including a 40 minute rest at the top. We hit Whiteface first, which offered nice views, then headed over to Passaconaway. It was a mild descent and a steep, but short ascent back up to Passaconaway. The summit of Passaconaway is wooded and marked by a small cairn...us along with other groups at the top were confused as to whether that was actually it (since there was no sign and the cairn was so small), but based on process of elimination (all other directions were lower) we all decided that it was. The outlooks at the top are really nice and give you a nice view of Mt. Washington.

This was definitely one of my favorite hiking trips! We took the blueberry ledge to the summit then down passaconway. The ascent was definitely challenging and felt non stop for a while as it's very steep. Lots of scrambling and was really challenging. The loop back was easier but long. Bring plenty of water and leave as early as possible. We stopped to eat lunch at the summit of Whiteface and the whole trip took about 9.5 hours.

For my first ever backpacking trip, my buddies took me up to the Whiteface loop. I’m an in-ships guy, I’m a collegiate level swimmer, but man did the first climb kick my butt. We climbed to Whiteface but didn’t get there until the sun began to set. We decided to stay on the summit for the night, then hike back down the way we came up. In total it was about 5.5 miles, but the elevation is what I think killed me as a first timer. But SO worth the view in the morning!

Icy when we went, and so avoided the Blueberry Ledge Trail. Made for a much longer out and back!
Will go again to hike the ledge.

Tough trail in the snow! Be prepared for a challenge. Bring snowshoes, traction, layers and plenty of water.

Out of towners, beware, this is a hard climb!!!!

No one here has actually provided any real tangible data, that would benefit, so I have decided to offer up some sage advice.

To start:
- It is December
- It is New Hampshire
- It is rated hard

The first and most important item is the direction you choose to do this hike. We chose the direction starting with the Blueberry Ledge Trail, to the Rollins trail, finishing with the Dicey Mill's Trail (clockwise). If you decide to do the hike, be prepared to use spikes or microspikes. There are sections you will be descending off of rock ledges that cannot be done otherwise, after you ascend the summit. The Blueberry ledge trail is a constant vertical ascent from the start around 1300ft, to the summit around 4000ft.

Second, the direction we went was a two-man operation. I had to push my friend up, so that he could lower a branch as a hand-hold. Unless you are an experienced climber, there is one large section you cannot do yourself.

Third, is hike length. It took us just under 8.5 hours. The ascent section was non-stop, but the backside on Rollins and Dicey are just more time-consuming. Allot the proper amount of time. We made it out of the woods by the time it was dark.

Lastly, is the recommendation on equipment.

- Plenty of water
- Spikes or microspikes (Winter)
- Headlamps
- Walking sticks with picks (Winter)

Overall, a great challenge, but be prepared.

This was an awesome hike! We started off at the wrong trailhead which added an extra 6 miles to the overall hike but it was worth it for the view. We also were blessed with a guide dog that must have lived in one of the houses at the base... he cane along for the 9 hour hike with us!

Difficult hike but worth the views from Whiteface. Some good rock scrambles too.

Great for people. Not great for dogs. My lab could not make the top of whitehead and 85lbs is too much for me to carry up. We turned around. Have to go back without the dog.

This is a great hike! Beautiful trails lead up to a wonderful summit. The rim trail around the ravine is great too, you get an opportunity to peak out every once and awhile to see the area. Then you get the bonus of summiting Passaconway too. A great day all around, the Whiteface summit was the highlight for me.

New hiker here! We did blueberry ledge up to mount whiteface and camped right by the trail with some new friends we met! the trail up was pretty easy until the rock ledges. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to rock ledges and for me it was a bit scary with a 30 lb pack but I did it with some assistance (again I'm a newbie) but the view was amazing especially at night. next day we did the ridge to passaconaway which was easy and went to the passaconaway summit which wasn't too difficult but the way down had a few steep spots which was made a bit more difficult with pouring rain but we did it. We wanted to camp another night so we took Walden trail to old mast road. Walden had a tricky spot that needed some better markings and had a few steep spots which again were made more difficult due to the pouring rain. Overall I would say it was a moderate to difficult hike (especially if it rains) but very rewarding.

The trail needs better markings.

View at the top was beautiful, but slightly tree-ed in. Had to climb over only a few trees, as a storm had recently gone by. Did some scaling while at the top, followed the trail until it stopped at a tiny cave below my feet, in which were about 10 different animal bones! I salvaged what appears to be a Moose Jaw!! Washed it up and it is hanging on our porch as a reminder of just one of my many adventures. Great trail! A little tricky at the top. Until about 1/4 of the way through it's mainly flat, then it goes to high stepping rocks/roots, and the last 1/4 of the way is mainly large open rock faces that you can walk across or scaling up a bit of rock.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great hike! Only reason for the 3 Stars is there isn't much of a view at the peak because it's in a wooded area. It's hard to tell when you're at the Passaconway peak or if you should continue further

Whiteface was lots of fun and had some great views on the way up. the summit isn't marked and is wooded. The hike over to Passaconway was easy, also a wooded summit and didnt notice a sign for it. Make sure you hike down the "to view" trail to get one of the only ok view from Passaconway. Very little water on this hike so pack enough for the whole hike.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

fun hike we camped up top nice views

Sunday, July 09, 2017

A lot of talk about dangerous rock scrambles and steep ascends. As long as the rocks are dry, they make for an exciting climb. Great day. Great hike up Blue and down Dicey in and out with lunch on whiteface in under 8 hours.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Anyone know of stealth camping in the Wonalancet area?


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Great hike, a bit difficult for dogs. I had to lift my black lab up onto ledges 4-5 times and carry her through a river

Did all of Dicey's Mill trail. We hit a snow storm at the top. Made the top late. Hiked out in moonlight for a while. Made it out at 930 pm after hiking in the dark. White Mountains night hiking rocks. PS...kudos to the ladies with the beer and the small plane flying over us. Wow.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Had so much fun! Light snow throughout the hike made for fun views. One spot on whiteface had to hand the pups up one at a time and one spot on passaconaway had to coach them up - just added to the adventure! Lots of postholds of the monorail,only needed microspikes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I did not meet another hiker all day. Nice hike with few frills.

I used the AMC backpacking guide for this overnight backpacking trip. A mostly forested journey with good views near the top of Mt Whiteface and Mt Passaconway. Not many people, especially once you get past Whiteface (going clockwise).

I loved this loop. The views weren't spectacular, but the hike was fun and moderately difficult. I've been working through the 4,000 footers because I enjoyed this hike so much.

Monday, November 04, 2013

I loved this loop hike! Started up the Blueberry Ledge Trail to the summit of Whiteface than the Rollins Trail over to Dicey's Mill up to the peak of Passaconaway. Returned traveling down the Walden Trail to the Wonalancet Range trail. The whole trip took about 6hrs 45mins covering a little over 11 miles. Amazing day with great foliage in the Pemigewasset Wilderness.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great views on a clear day east, south, and west. North is blocked by trees. Deceiving hike as you start off on a gradual climb and then BOOM, uphill climb is very vertical. False peak near top too. Did the hike on 1/20/12 and it was a great day - 6 inches of fresh snow, sunny, no clouds, no wind, and 25 degrees f out. Would recommend this to everyone.

In summer, make a 2 day hike out of it and head from whiteface to chicorah(sp?).

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