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Nice easy 2.4 miles

It’s a great easy trail. But I always have a problem with the markings in this forest. Either All Trails is wrong or the blazes on the trails are wrong. I just stayed with All Trails but if you do that it takes you off course and away from the blazes. I’m sure if you just stay on green you’ll make your way around the loop.

4 days ago

Nice and shady

Really well marked

Good trail, the trails aren’t marked that great. There are lots of side trails marked red that just don’t seem right. And then there are some section where you end up off trail and don’t even realize it. Just keep your eyes peeled and follow All Trails map. They do all seem to end up getting back to main red trail anyway.

Dog friendly and pretty well kept which made it easy to stay on the trail and to find myself around. Didn’t really stick to one trail tried to just tried to do around 3 miles and made my own trail! We had so much fun!

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16 days ago

Brought my kids and puppy, it was a blast! A little muddy in one area but we were able to cut around through the woods to avoid it. We saw so many turtles! The kids loved it. Would recommend!

Entrance is on Newfields rd. Not the coordinates provided here. Lovely trail. Common for mountain biking so just be cautious around tight corners. Can get muddy and wet if enough bikes go through, but overall gorgeous and easy trail to take dogs. Clean and not too populated.

My son says the trail map looks like a boot.

We ended up freelancing off of this particular trail path. A great hike through the woods on a soft path. A lot of traffic sound for the first 5 to 10 minutes after we came through the tunnel. I was fine with it but my fiancé didn’t like the noise. They do a great job with the wooden bridges over the muddy areas. I would definitely do this one again. We always have two large dogs with us.

Dog friendly. This shared use so hikers and bikers share the trails. Good use of blaze marks on the trees although can be a little confusing where the trails over lap. Muddy in places with rocks and tree roots but thats part of hiking.

You can't get lost. Easy trail that follows the Exeter river. From end of Lary Lane to Gilman Park. Cross bridge to PEA property and follow into town and falls where Exeter River flows into Sqamscott tidal river. Grab lunch and an ice cream. Life is good!

Nice trails lots of side trails off of main trail. Nice rolling hills. Def recommend having all trails or gps to track yourself very easy to take a wrong trail.

A very nice walk through the woods. They do a great job of building raised walkways over the wet areas. A lot of rocks and tree roots in areas, but overall a soft path to walk on. We saw more bikers than hikers and joggers.

Nice hike lots of boulders

Blue loop

Thoroughly enjoyed the walk took us about an hour and a half.

on Exeter River Trail

mountain biking
bridge out
1 month ago

This was a great walk through the woods very pretty with bridges everywhere. But...3 stars because the trail markings are the worst I’ve seen. We got lost more then once and pretty much doubled the mileage (great for the exercise, but set some panic buttons). Definitely use your AllTrails app because we were able get ourselves on track once we realized we were on the wrong path. Lots of bikes, not many foot people.

Nala luved it nice hike

Had a lot of fun there with the dog and GF. Good diversity for terrain. We will definitely be back

Nice little hike. 1.9-Miles Just starting to get back into hiking after years of layoff. I've been wearing a backpack and slowly adding eight to it to prepare to start hiking the White Mountains of NH again. Small hills with very little elevation gain. Only a couple of muddy sections. Mostly a dry hike. This is great for older people and children.

there were times when the trail was barely marked and gave me a lot of anxiety.

1 month ago

Good parking, many trails!

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