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11 hours ago

Gorgeous hike but definitely need traction especially near the bluff.

19 hours ago

Fun easy trail. Some sections tough to navigate and others super easy... although it’s all super easy with the app.

It was cold and we brought our 1 year old. The dog enjoyed it. The views sucked and the road was washed out in parts. The only views aren't really up top unless there is no foliage.

One of my favorite hikes in southern nh

hiked this afternoon, quite hike didn't see anyone else on the trail. Pretty easy and has some decent ascents towards the the top.

It seemed like the trail just ended when we got to the end - saw some snow tracks but all circled back. looked like people may have tried to bushwhack and then realized it was the end.

Overall, quick easy hike that has some ascent - the red dots were easy to follow.

2 days ago

Great trail that rises at a gentle pace up to the Bridal Veil Falls Shelter then continues to the falls. As of today's hike snow-shoes were not needed. However, 2 plus feet of snow is expected tomorrow so at that time snow-shoes will be needed to avoid post-holing the trail. The falls are fully frozen and with caution I was able to walk to the base of the falls. Again, caution is required due to fast flowing water under the ice. Great hike for a high wind day as you will be well sheltered in the trees.

3 days ago

Loved being there when there weren't a lot of people. The dogs loved it too!

3 days ago

Love this trail. Lots of rocks to climb. Beautiful view at the top. Recommend this hike to everyone. Not good for kids under the age of 10. Large rocks to climb.

It was a very nice hike. Great view from the top. Very peaceful walk through the woods. It was not kept up very well. Could see the trail somewhat but could have been better.

Nice loop very icy in 2nd half during winter. I think it will be impassable during mud season, too wet.

This a great trail to hike. Not took him traffic. Views are amazing. Well marked so you know where to go.

4 days ago

Yes the hut is open despite the shutdown!! Went on a foggy day and couldn’t see the view much, but still a great hike and the hut is so cool! Definitely need micro spikes, but didn’t need snowshoes as the trial is very packed down. Saw a few other friendly folks too! First mile is steep, then evens out nicely. Will have to go back to see that view on the lake!

4 days ago

Beautiful trail, fun trail. I hiked it in micro-spikes on 1/13/19 and ran down while my friends backcountry snowboarded (three carried the snowboards and wore micro-spikes too). We all could have benefited from snowshoes - post-holed the last 2/3 miles of carriage road up to the peak. It was 0 degrees but only felt cold at the beginning of the trail - the sun was out and there was NO wind at the top- fortunate to get a beautiful day!!

You will want waterproof boots, micro-spikes at least, snowshoes ideally. Also the trail is best for backcountry skiing, wasn’t wide enough for the best snowboarding although it was possible. Skinning was evidently tough for my friends who did that. Oh and it totally depends who went right before you did - the snow shoers who headed down before me made my descent much easier. Would have been nice to have more of them on my way up!

First 1 1/2 miles the path is a steady incline - not much to view! Once you hit the evergreens, it becomes a nice hike. Not many views until you get to top of Mount Starr - no 360 degree views, but nice! No views from the peak of Waumbek as you remain in the tree line. Recently snowed, so the evergreens were covered in snow and very pretty. Completed the hike in about 4 1/2 hours in microspikes. Most of the hikers we encountered were using snowshoes. If you're doing the 4000's and need a relatively easy day, do Waumbek.

Really enjoyed this hike as an intro to snow hiking in the white mountain. Micro spikes were absolutely necessary. Be prepared with extra layers and freezing temps. Amazing views and fun trail. Looking forward to this hike in warmer temps.

Easy. Few small waterfalls.

A beautiful winter hike. definitely need some spikes in step icy slopes. good views, varied terrain, and different ecosystems. wonderful.

nice trail in winter. snow was well packed 13 jan

Got lost both times...but it’s a beautiful pond. Wanna go back with a bike

6 days ago

Fabulous hike! I definitely recommend at least bringing microspikes if not wear them. The fire road is very icy. Boulder trail was clearer than the fire road but still could have used microspikes today. Beautiful views and the rock formations are amazing! Makes you feel quite small next to the boulders! Came across a few people out free climbing with mats on the boulders.

Great hike, nice trail, snow is soft packed. Wore spikes, but not even necessary. decent views at the top and a good little work out.

7 days ago

easy hike. Nice view at fire tower

easy, Cold.

8 days ago

Valley Way to Madison can really test your endurance in the winter. The first 2.4 miles of the hike up is fairly moderate grade, then the last .7 miles is quite steep on both a side slope, as well as the front pitch. The trail below get covered in ice then snow, in huge swaths, the upper is just snow, which may call for snowshoes depending on the drifts and traffic.

This trail does not offer much by the way of view in the approach, but the views from the hut are nice and from the summit, even better. Slogging up Madison requires crampons in the winter. I think some of the vertical sheets of ice will test microspikes beyond their intended capacity. You can scramble down bolders too...

Its super fun but plan your clothing for an intense workout.


9 days ago

Anyone know if the hut is open right now due to the govt shutdown? Thanks in advance.

This hike uses the ski slopes of the resort. It is not safe to follow during winter, and would be dull during other seasons.

easy hike for all levels. Enjoyable.

Xmas morn 2018.. 9 degrees in the parking lot and brisk wind blowing meant we started bundled to the eyebrows. Once in the trees, however, I was able to drop to single layer for the moderate climb. Just shy of the treeline, the dense low trees allowed me to change my wet clothes (in total comfort) and prep for the sustained 20mph winds slashing across the peak. Brutal progression to the peak meant we had to abandon hope for bagging Eisenhower, but once back in the trees the wind vanished and conditions became temperate by comparison. Water froze almost solid, even the one with salts. Note to self: get insulated sleeves for the nalgenes!

We used micro spikes the whole way, dodging postholes made by others. Snowshoes would have been overkill, though.

Beware the grey jays: they expect to be fed and will attempt to steal food from your hands as you eat. One landed in my open backpack and started going through my food bag, despite presence of curious dog.

A good hike, will do it again some day.

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