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Now renamed the Elizabeth Burns McIntire Forest, of the Monadnock Conservancy. The stone chairs on top are awesome and a bit surreal!

Nice loop very icy in 2nd half during winter. I think it will be impassable during mud season, too wet.

2 days ago

Beautiful trail, fun trail. I hiked it in micro-spikes on 1/13/19 and ran down while my friends backcountry snowboarded (three carried the snowboards and wore micro-spikes too). We all could have benefited from snowshoes - post-holed the last 2/3 miles of carriage road up to the peak. It was 0 degrees but only felt cold at the beginning of the trail - the sun was out and there was NO wind at the top- fortunate to get a beautiful day!!

You will want waterproof boots, micro-spikes at least, snowshoes ideally. Also the trail is best for backcountry skiing, wasn’t wide enough for the best snowboarding although it was possible. Skinning was evidently tough for my friends who did that. Oh and it totally depends who went right before you did - the snow shoers who headed down before me made my descent much easier. Would have been nice to have more of them on my way up!

Very icy but a beautiful trail that leads to a river and waterfalls!

didn't do,the whole thing.

on Doublehead Ski Trail

12 days ago


Super gorgeous but extremely popular. It's a quick walk from the parking lot with stairs the whole way. Still, it was gorgeous to see and I got some great pictures of the kids!

Great trail conditions with a beautiful waterfall.

Amazing 360 degree views!! It’s about 40 min walk from the parking lot to the lake but once you are there the views are beautiful! We went in the wintertime and the snow was packed down so there was no need for snow shoes (though this was early in the season with relatively little snowfall). The trail is very flat and leads to a few more trails— we went on one that bordered the lake. Highly recommend for a nice, easy walk.

This trail is poorly marked and it was often difficult to know where to walk. Oftentimes, the trail markers would lead up steep rock inclines when it would make much more sense to just go around them on the dirt. We did this hike in late December, and it was extremely icy and dangerous in many parts. The view from the top was far from spectacular, although my understanding is that there is a nicer view a short walk from the summit (not included on this hike’s round trip route though). If planning to do this hike in winter, plan extra time to navigate safely across the icy rocks and to find the best view from the summit.

19 days ago

We hiked Kilburn Pond Loop on this beautiful, mild winter day. Absolutely beautiful. We are new to New Hampshire and Pisgah State Park is very close to our home. We can't wait to hike in all four seasons. My husband is disabled, so this hike was a stretch for him. The "easy" rating is due to the flat nature of much of the trail. However, there are some minor ups and downs along the back side of the pond loop. I hope to do the Pisgah Mountain Ledge, but probably not with my husband. Check out the pics I took of the gorgeous light and trees reflecting in the pond!

Great loop! The trails are generally pretty easy to follow and the trail is well maintained. I went up Gunstock first, then skipped the Brook Trail out and back in favor of the Outlook out and back as others have suggested. I can't speak to the Brook Trail since I didn't take it this time around, but the outlook was lovely and a fairly gentle 3 mile addition to the route if you're looking to make the trip longer. The summit of Belknap is wooded, but has a fire tower that offers some really great views if you climb up. There's a beautiful outlook a bit further along the White Trail right before the junction with the Old Piper Trail I chose to continue on towards Piper Mountain via the Old Piper Trail rather then taking the carriage road back to the car to add on a bit more mileage and avoid the road walk. I was happy with this decision! There are some great outlooks and views near the summit of Piper as well before a moderate descent via the Piper Mountain trail to near the beginning of the lower carriage road parking area.

29 days ago

Great autumnal ride from Potter Place to Hoyt Road…hope to ride entire trail in 2019.

1 month ago

Fun trail. Did back in June.

A super great trail for all skill levels. The trail is relatively well marked, and includes a waterfall, a river, and a view of Pack Monadnock Mountain!

Granite State Rail Trail is a super easy rail trail, with parking super close to the Miilford Oval. While the trail crosses some roads, it's super peaceful and serene. A good getaway from the bustling town life!

1 month ago

Pretty solid ski trail here. Good for intermediate-advanced skiers. The trail is fairly wide compared to most backcountry ski trails, good for moderately spaced turns and not too steep. There’s a pretty neat cabin at the top, but it’s locked in winter. Lower down there’s some opportunity for glade skiing.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite fall foliage hikes, great for small groups looking for an 8 mile scenic trail walk. It can be a little muddy at times during the rainy season but makes for a great snow shoe hike in the deep of winter!

1 month ago

Short hike of a trail along the edge of the falls.

on Sugar River Trail

mountain biking
2 months ago

Awesome scenic tour of the Sugar River as well as the history railway that once traveled this wilderness route. With many different bridges along the trail crossing the river at several locations. I can only imagine a time just a few decades ago when they were trains riding along under where my wheels now travel. Note this trail dries quickly after the rain.

2 months ago

good hike with pup.
nothing difficult

2 months ago

This trail was awesome. It was definitely steeper than I thought it was going to be. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. I took the time to find the plane crash on Belknap mountain. I wouldn’t attempt to find it unless you are absolutely sure of where you are and and confident in your ability to get back to the blue trail. (You have to leave the trail to find it.) I’ll definitely do it again!

Great views along the trail and from the fire tower and Gunstock Mountain.

My husband and I hiked this trail last Tuesday. There was a lot of leaf coverage and the trail was wet at the bottom and turned into snow cover as we climbed. We passed someone on his way back down who couldn't follow the trail. We made it to the stream crossing and then had difficulty finding the trail markers. What saved us was having the All Trails app open and we could see where we were on the trail and made it to the bomber site. My husband who is a history buff thoroughly enjoyed exploring the site and seeing the memorial. The waterfall on the way back down is beautiful! Now that we know the trail, going back in better weather will be easier.

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2 months ago

Great local trail with easy access, convenient parking and polite riders.

2 months ago

We were reminded today about proper preparation for hiking in the Whites. From the trailhead it looked like a nice crisp October day hiking thru the wet leaves. But soon we encountered crunchy snow and by the time we reached the cabin we were trudging thru snow about a foot deep. Wisely we skipped the south peak and backtracked. On the way down we came upon a beautiful freshly cut trail to the new parking lot on Dundee Road. Kudos to the trail builders from Jackson. Just a quick reminder to our fellow trekkers. Be prepared for the unexpected, and adjust your hike to the conditions.

Mike Simoneau

2 months ago

Very nice trail with a gradual approach to get you to the top of Adams. I did it with modest snow in mid October and had the trail mostly to myself. Parking at Lowe’s station costs $1 but of course I felt the need to support with buying some snacks while there. Hike took me 6 hours but could have been 5 in dry conditions.

Great running loop. Head up north ski trail across saddle and down south trail. Great western views of presidentials from south crag.

beautiful short hike with amazing fall at the end!

Fun hike, about 4 areas that require some climbing up rocks.

No charge to hike here. Think people are confusing Pack Monadnock at Miller State Park which has a fee. From Mountain Rd the Wapack trail leads to North Pack. You can continue on to Pack.

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