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Crawfords, New Hampshire Map

Up and Back via Crawford Path measured 9.4 in the winter, on my GPS.

The trail was in super good condition for hiking, almost like a snow-packed sidewalk. Its a long gradual, moderate incline. Approaching views get better, then you hit Pierce. The world gets small, everything looks amazing, and its time to drop into the alpine trees for 1.1 miles and zig-zag up the side of Eisenhower.

View from Eisenhower are fantastic. They will energize you for the inevitable climb down. This is one of my favorite hikes.

Did this in reverse, plus the section on the road between trailheads. Edmonds had a lot of ice but was fine. All in all, great weather for October. 10/10 would hike again.

Gorgeous day, a bit of cloud cover but the foliage was amazing and you could still see for miles. Eisenhower is my new favorite! We went up Eisenhower and down Pierce, a little extra trekking because Clinton Road is still impassable via car.

Hiked these on 9/15 as my 2nd and 3rd of the NH 48. The skies were completely clear and the temperature was perfect! I went with friends so we had a carspot, which was much appreciated by the time we finished the trail. This was a challenge for me as I’ve just recently gotten into hiking, but we finished in just over 6 hours! We hiked counterclockwise and he descent was very do-able and not too tough on the knees.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike! Went up Pierce via Crawford Path, over to Eisenhower and down Emunds Path. Picked up a ride from a nice couple on Mt Clinton Road back to Crawford connector parking area. A lot of the hike is above treeline. So beautiful and we felt a moderate hike.7 ish hours total. Our #21 and #22!

I wasn’t expecting the last few minutes to the summit of Eisenhower to be so exposed

Great hike! We planned to do Mt Eisenhower only via Edmond Path - be aware Mt Clinton Rd is blocked both ends, though (302 junction and Base Station Rd junction)! There is at least one sink hole on the road, thus not safe for car passage. We parked just off Base Station Rd and walked 1.2 miles to Edmond Path trail head. If you take into account the extra walking, the entire hike is almost 9 miles (to Eisenhower summit and back). Be prepared to walk more if you choose to take this option. Lots of the hikers seemed to do both Eisenhower and Pierce on the same trip. The view on the summit was fantastic - barely any clouds, temps in the low 70’s, excelent visibility to Mt Washington and entire White Mountains area!

Trail rating is on target. Great views from the summit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I don't recommend parking at one point and then turning this into a loop. You'll be exhausted (we ended up hitchhiking) Still a beautiful hike though!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What a wild trip. If you were ever inclined to ignore weather reports - DON'T!!!! We left Mizpah Spring Hut at about 8:30 AM and planned to hike Pierce to Eisenhower. The Croo's weather report was temps in the 30s and wind gusts to the 80 MPH range at Washington. We were well prepared for the hike and up to Pierce wasn't too difficult as there were very few exposed areas. From Pierce to Eisenhower was a slog. There wasn't any rain but fog settled in and the winds were for-real - 50-60s steady and yes, gusts to the 80s.

The last 2-3 hundred vertical on Eisenhower were exposed and challenging. We were brief at the top of Eisenhower (I will try to post a video) and scurrying to lose elevation. Edmands was a welcome sign but the first bit out is a rock garden for 1-2 hundred yards and footing with high winds isn't easy. Eventually we got to the lee on Edmands -- a one track trail -- which was very heavily traveled with uphill traffic.

We came across 2-3 dozen hikers and dogs heading up. We offered our take of conditions and to the credit of the hikers, most had what appeared to be full packs to gear up for what was awaiting them.

I looked the the Mount Washington weather for 8/6 and the max wind was 92 MPH and the temps, I think, never got into the 50s. It was sooooo strange passing uphill hikers in shorts and wanting to get to a temperature and elevation to allow getting out of three layers on top.

Don't doubt mother nature.



Saturday, July 22, 2017

Great hike so many white mountain views! we went up Eisenhower first probably the more challenging route- but was nice to get to hut 6 miles in and refresh on water.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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