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Hiked with my wife and 5 boys (16, 14, 12, 10, and 6). We all were able to handle this hike. The first mile was mild. The last portion was fairly steep. The good part is that along the trail there are no steep drop-offs. All the ledges are very mild so we didn't feel there was any danger at the summit of the South Moat. I haven't had a good hike in 2 years and this was the perfect challenge for me. We spent plenty of time at the top and did "out and back" to the south summit in just under 5 hours. The six year old hiked the entire trail. The blueberries were plentiful this time of year and were an added bonus.

As others have said, the first mile is nice and gentle, but the last half is a bit of a work out. Heavily traveled, which is good because trail markers are scant in some stretches. Slow and steady. The summit views are well worth the effort.

I took my 10 y/o son up the Liberty trail to the summit to celebrate my 35th birthday yesterday (mid July). I could not have asked for a better "proud dad" moment than to share this experience with him.

The hike was moderate and grew in difficulty as you make the ascent, but upon reaching the Jim Liberty Cabin, it seemed to energize the both of us with boyish delight as the summit was now within reach.

From this point, the climb is at it's most daunting with only raw rock face to traverse; the monotonous trail left below you. However, the excitement will surely overcome you and the view upon reaching the top is exhilarating!

One of my favs!

Took this trail with my family with the youngest kid at 12 years old.
Bit challenging for someone out of shape like us (me) but worth every minute and drop of sweat. Took us about 4h with few short "water brake". I would do it again without hesitation.

A nice day hike, manageable stretch for those of us in the group who are less experienced hikers. The views from the ledges were great. The trail wasn't too busy; we saw just enough people to know we weren't alone out there.

We ended up parking at the Olivarian lot, and only realized once we got to the signposts on the way to the trail that the Downes lot would have been closer. The XC trails to get from that lot to the trail are well marked, though, so we didn't have a lot of issues finding it, except for finding the continuation of the trails through the open meadow area near the beginning (it goes through the meadow sort of right of center from where you enter the meadow, through a lot of low blueberry bushes).

13 days ago

Great short hike with fantastic views.

14 days ago

There are two areas to park to do this hike (depending on the trail you want to start with); about a half mile from each other. They are labeled but there is no defined parking area at either so you have to be on the lookout for them, and then park on the side of the road. The trails go right through the yards of some properties, but it is clearly labeled where to go to stay on the trail. Overall the hike is very woodsy, not nearly as rocky as others in the area. The trail can be extremely narrow and not well labeled at times and it certainly does not seem to be hiked very often (I saw no one on the trails nor any other cars at the trailhead before or after). There are a few points that offer views, primarily to the west and south, but there are also many trees obstructing full views. The “summit” (the highest point on the trail anyway) offers slight views but is generally unimpressive. I turned this hike into a 9 mile round trip starting on Bickford Trail and then after reaching the summit continued on and took Cabin Trail down. The hike itself was not terribly rigorous. Much of the hike up was fairly flat and, when it wasn’t, there was seldom a challenging elevation gain. I didn’t see any animals more interesting than a fawn, but there was plenty of evidence of moose and bear.

Family friendly relatively easy hike to the falls. I did this with nine people and it took about three hours including the time we spent at the falls. Gorgeous views from the top of the waterfall. We tried doing the loop portion to also check out piper falls but the path barely looked like a path so we had to head back the way we came in. I'd definitely recommend this hike to anyone of any skill level.

Great views and not too challenging

One of my favorite trails. I enjoyed the mixed terrain and beautiful views from the top.

It was worth it. The brook seemed too dry at first, so I was anticipating that I'd be unimpressed. But the forest let light in in a way that made the trail compelling for photography and it was not too difficult a hike. I did not meet too many people on the way up which gave me enough time for picture taking at the end of the trail where the falls are. The gorge that makes up the end of the trail had a nice balance of light and shadows for photography even though the falls themselves were rather dry.

We hiked this trail in 90 degree weather so we took our time which start to finish with 15 minutes at summit was exactly 5 hours. The clockwise loop was a gradual ascent and we took in a nice breeze on the ledges. The views were spectacular. The downed trees as reported last month have now been cleared. Bugs didn’t bother us until we were on our way back and about a mile to the trailhead.

My wife and I did this trail with our teenage sons. We are all pretty fit (running, cycling, playing sport) but we found this trail to be challenging. The first half is pleasant and pretty easy. Then some time after the little bridge, you climb relentlessly up very steep and very rocky paths for 400 to 500m. The views are spectacular. Take plenty of water and allow almost as long for the descent as the ascent.

Went today for the first time. With my two children 11 and 13 years old, our dog and a family friend. We all had a great time. However some spots were very steep and rocky. Had to be very careful not to slip. Very well marked trail and lots of other people hiking. Well worth the $5 park pass, we will be doing this one again.

I hiked these trails in late June and enjoyed it for the most part. I hiked it with my dog going up The Brook trail. It was not difficult until near the end when you hit several rock slabs. My dog struggled a bit here and I had to lift him up a few times.
The trail is marked fairly well and is a gradual climb. The only place where you can get a little lost is when you hit the rock slabs. They are poorly marked and I wasn’t sure if I was on the trail or not several times.
The trail opens up close to the top and I again had to lift up my dog several times.
The view from the top is awesome!! On a clear day you can see for Miles way up to the Whites! Lots of areas to sit with the dog too to rest.
We descended the Liberty trail and it was much easier and I recommend this way up and down if you are bringing your dog.
My advice.... leave early to beat the crowds and you can have the mountain to yourself. I was on the top at 10:30 and there was only two others! One hour later... 20!!
It’s an awesome hike to do. Liberty up and down if you have a dog. Long but nice! If you don’t have a dog do brook trail up. Or I did Piper trail before and that was great too! Enjoy!

Overall took me about four hours to go up and come back down again, with about 30 minutes at the top. Gets pretty steep at some points, especially near the top. I found this trail to be difficult, but I don't hike as often as I would like to. Bring big spray!

This was a great hike! We brought our 7 yo daughter with us and she made it to the top with no complaining (we did bribe her with a trip to Zebs after). Trails are clearly marked and the view would have been amazing but we hiked on a cloudy day after it rained so we didn’t get to see much. The mosquitos below the tree line were out in full force so bring bug spray! The trip took us 5 hours with stopping for snacks, lunch and a rest break at the top. The rocks can be slippery when wet so if you go after it rains take your time and watch your footing. I would hike this again!


A great area to walk in the woods. A good mix of in the woods and on the gravel road. The falls area is nice but can also be seen from the road. This one is more for those looking to enjoy the forest away from the crowds.

This hike was not as hard as my partner and I thought it would be! The first two miles of hiking along the Liberty Trail was quite flat and we didn’t hit hard inclines til the last .8 miles of the hike. There are incredible views the last mile of the hike. Liberty Cabin is a nice place to stop to refuel but we were disappointed with the view from the cabin. This loop trail actually doesn’t bring you to the summit of Chocura. There is another .5 mile or so to get to the peak which we did not end up doing as we were satisfied with the views from the lower peak and were getting quite annoyed from the amount of bugs. Only complaint with trail is that there were no clear trail markers along Liberty trail and it was a bit difficult to stay along the brook trail. BE SURE TO BRING BUG SPRAY AND SUNSCREEN AND A HAT OR SUNGLASSES. Many of the viewpoints and last mile of hike is bare granite so the morning June sun was beating down on us. Also black flies were terrible and we passed many hikers that were just as annoyed with their incessant nagging. At times there were so many flies they looked like dense black clouds surrounding us. Bring enough water as the brook and springs did not contain the clearest of waters.

This was my first hike in 2 years.It is difficult if you are a beginner. It rises gradually and is super steep in sections. Rocky too. Definitely carry a bug spray during the spring. The last mile was a real struggle but the views are worth it. Very rewarding. Make sure to carry a lot of water.

The trail itself lived up to billing as difficult. What was the downer was at the lower elevation there were non stop mosquitoes!! Worst I’ve ever seen by far. You could not stop or you would be swarmed. Once you got higher up it wasn’t so bad but at the lower elevations watch out, beginning at the parking lot. Also there was no waterfall like advertised. Also I couldn’t find the loop so it ended up being an out and back. Also it’s rocky as heck.

This was my first ever hike! A little buggy this time of the year but a bunch of friendly hikers offered up their bug spray (so nice!). Definitely got a little strenuous towards the end and it caught me a little off guard, but the view was just spectacular. It was sure worth the hike!

1 month ago

it is a little muddy but good hike. we went about 9am and was buggy but not super buggy. if not a hiker like us will take a while, but what's the rush.

This was a relatively quick hike with the reward of spectacular views at the summit. The first mile and a bit is a relatively easy ascent on a dirt path; from there you'll hit a fairly steep ascent and a few rocky scrambles up to the summit. I chose this hike because of what previous reviewers said about the views and I was not disappointed. The panorama was really breathtaking, from Chocorua to the Presidentials, to the towns laid out below. I'm really looking forward to hiking this mountain again and continuing on to North Moat.

1 month ago

Great hike, rocky in places and muddy. Make sure to wear hiking boots. Did this hike early evening. Bug spray is a must. Nice hike to work up an appetite

1 month ago

Really nice trail with lots of little swimming holes and waterfalls. A little muddy in spots. There are a few streams and simple obstacles to cross but a pretty easy hike for couch potatoes. This is a popular trail and the parking lot fills up.

Bring a pencil and $5 cash for the parking fee. Don’t forget bug spray!

This was amazing and challenging hike and the trail was well marked. It was somewhat steep in sections, but you get breaks along the way. Ultimately not a ton of effort for the rewarding views! Also there wasn’t a lot of fellow foot traffic which made for a peaceful summit.

Awesome hike!

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