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First, don’t turn where this tells you to for directions. Go almost a mile past (or before) till you see a sign for Downes Brook Trail Head - turn there. Second, lots of trees down so watch for blazes very carefully. Make sure you have a GPS map. We barely got off trail due to trees and couldn’t see any blazes. Luckily we were able to use our GPS to find our way back. You can tell they have cleared many trees already but winter really did a number!
It took us 2 hours and we are beginner hikers with a dog. Our shepherd struggled in some spots to make a jump or climb over trees. Terrain is lots of roots and large rock face.
Beautiful views! Lots of little spots to break off a few feet and see the views.

Great trail, easy to follow, challenging, not crippling, rewarding. Took piper to Hammond to wematoo, took 6 hours

2 days ago

Beautiful trail - varied terrain. Lower portion is a smooth dirt path with constant but mild ascent. Upper portion is increasingly rocky, giving way to open rock expanses and views of the surrounding scape. As others have said, the climb is moderate. Some steeper sections but good breaks between. No real scrambling on the way to North Moat. My pup (45lb hound) did this trail easily. Watch yourself on the rock if it's wet - we found it to be very slippery in bareboot. All ice is gone and spring/summer bugs are out in force. :) Can't wait to do this one again all the way to North Moat.

Did this with my adult sons lots different types of terrain with lots of views!

9 days ago

hike, not for beginners
good 360 views, completed in 3.4 hours with a break at summit
not a good trail for bad knees

Not for the faint of heart! Strong and endless elevation gains after the first 20 minutes of the trail. Beautiful scene at the summit makes it all worthwhile. We were hot on the trail but conditions were cool and windy up top, so layers are a great idea. Enjoy!

I went on this hike on a beautiful day in June and it was amazing. The views from the top are breathtaking, highly recommend! it's on the more difficult side and there are rocks to climb over at the top so be aware of this when setting out.

Bouts of steep rocks are mixed in with a decently level route. Elevation is gained roughly and quickly, however the views from the top are fantastic. On a clear day the white mountains can be clearly seen across the horizon. About 4 hours if you’re going a decent/slower pace. Like most N.H. hikes, this is well worth the trip.

Good hike.

Definitely do this trail counter-clockwise. Right now there are a lot of trees down from the winter storms. Some trees have the blazes on them and others have fallen directly on the path. When you come to the fork at the base of the loop, go right.

The hike itself was beautiful. It took us 5 hours (we’re on the slower side of things) and offered many great views along the way!

Great loop with rocky summits, I strongly recommend it

16 days ago

Great views at the top, make sure to take the extra 0.2 miles to the cliffs, definitely worth it. Not a beginner trail because it does get steep but it's a great short hike and not too crowded.

This is a great trail. It has it all, great waterfalls, scrambles ad 360 degree views at the top of Middle Sister.

Great views for a short hike.

1 month ago

Great hike still icy on top, views are really sweat.

We hiked up the piper trail today, took the pup with us as well. Great trail although there was a good amount of snow/ice still. We didn’t have spikes but still managed to summit. The top was pretty icey though. Spectacular views up top of Mt Washington and the surrounding White Mountains. With the snow and ice it took us about 4hrs round trip.

Trail was hard packed snow all the way to the summit, but it turned the rocky trail into a sidewalk so that was welcomed. In snowy/winter conditions, microspikes are needed to scramble on the ice-wrapped summit rocks. Slope is kind and gradual, aside from some large steps at the summit. Great one!

Nice loop, great views.

1 month ago

one of my new favorites! this view is probably one of the best for the shorter moderate hikes in the area. my phone clocked in 3 miles for the whole loop. we went up counter and hiked back down clockwise. it is doable for even a beginner in my opinion as it only gets steep for a short time right before you reach the summit. hiking up was a little muddy but hiking down there were lots of icy spots - was thankful I packed crampons because I needed them - very slippery. can’t wait to hike this in the warmer weather! great trail for dogs - our pup loved it. would highly recommend this trail! A+

Absolutely beautiful hike. The trail to South Moat Mountain starts out as an easy uphill stroll along a nice wooded trail. Just past the halfway point views begin to show through the thinning trees. 3/4 and the trail turns into open sloped ledge with sporadic trees and vegetation. Shortly after you will emerge onto the summit. The summit a completely open cone with plenty of flat space to roam as you take in the incredible views. I was fortunate to visit here on a day of clear skies and could see Mount Tecumseh one direction and the Presidential Range in the other. Although a relatively short mountain when compared to many it certainly gives you the impression you are standing the summit of a "big league" mountain. Most of the trail is steady uphill but not overly strenuous, the steepest sections are fairly short and well spaced out from one another. I would rate this trail on the higher end of moderate and very well worth the effort. As a very experienced 30 year hiker of The White Mountains, this is my first time here and I must say it is one of the VERY BEST views you could find!!!

Tried to go up through the Liberty/Brook trails in early April, the 3 mile dirt path to the start was completely snowed in and couldn't get the car through. I recommend taking the Champney Fall Trailhead route from the North, parking is right off the highway—its not marked for Mt. Chocorua at the start, but about 2 miles into the hike you will start to see signs pointing towards. Near the summit you intersect with with Liberty/Brook trails. About 7.5 miles there and back using this route. Really beautiful moderate hike and nice scenery during the drive. A little icy at the top, spikes wouldn't be a bad idea.

love love love. beautiful winter hike

In my opinion, this hike is overrated. The ledges are surrounded by mountains that are much higher, so the view–which is the hike’s main attraction–is not that great.

Went out for our first ever snowshoe hike, and picked this trail because of the good reputation and great views. We were not disappointed. The snow was perfect for snowshoes. We are somewhat strong hikers, and we were up and down in 4 hours. The trail is not a great challenge, although much of the trail is unspectacular, but it is a full sized mountain. The summit is VERY cool. Its a sharp pinicle that makes you feel you are out in open air. The views of Mt Washington were utterly stunning today (today was EXTREMELY clear with several feet of fresh powder). Be aware that Mt Washington is 19 miles away, so a super crisp view isnt guaranteed. We would've carried on the 0.6 miles to Middle Moat Mt if it weren't for the literally subzero wind chill.

All in all, this is a nice, sometimes uneventful, trail that leads to a wonderful summit.

2 months ago

Beautiful views from the summit. I hiked this in the fall & the colors of the trees were simply amazing. Very well traveled. Passed lots of friendly hikers of various ages.

Did this one about a month ago, bring microspikes, maybe some snowshoes too in the winter! Incredible views at the top. This little mountain was very memorable for me still! It was extremely windy at the top, but you felt higher than you were because of the 360 view and many places to look!

Lovely snowshoe hike. Can't beat the solitude and winter beauty. Did not see anyone on the entire loop, just saw a few people on the stick of the lollipop near the trailhead. Dog loved it too! There are numerous vantage points for good views in different directions, including Allens Ledge just a short ways off the trail, but no 360-degree views.

I didn’t actually intend to climb Chocoura when I went (originally there for the falls) so I was a bit ill-prepared. Like most will say, the views at the top are killer....however. It’s February but for some reason the temps were in the 60’s so I figured it would be a great day to get out. Don’t make that mistake on this trail. The whole mountain was melting causing the trails to become rivers of either slush or solid ice. Even with micro spikes it was incredibly tiring. Many sections of trail looked like solid ice but ended up being 8in of slush. That left me with soaked feet for the whole climb. Definitely plan your trip during nicer weather unless you’re a sucker for pain.

Went here in the early fall. I’d definitely recommend it for a nice short hike with beautiful scenery. Good photo ops!

3 months ago

Great day on the trail, all alone 34* F sunny/lite wind. Trail was well packed.

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