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A great trail, but be prepared for a challenge. Ascending either route up - via the Mt. Morgan Trail or Mt. Percival Trail - has challenging steeps near their respective summits. We chose to ascend Mt. Percival first, which ended up being the better route as the descent via Mt. Percival trail would’ve been much more difficult. “Caves” on Mt. Percival trail should be taken with care, and there are alternative routes up once you’re there but aren’t much easier.

Great payoff views and a nice challenging hike for intermediates, but not recommended for young kids or dogs.

Great trail. well marked great views.

For inexperienced hikers like me I’d recommend preparing a bit more before tackling this trail. We went up Morgan and down Percival, taking the ladders up, which was cool. I just don’t know if going down the caves was our best decision- it got a little dark and scary in those!


Awesome one of my favorites

Ladders, caves, and views! Took a little longer than expected.

Great morning hike. Met all kinds of folks headed up as I was going down. All smart and wearing micro spikes. Finally a beautiful windless day to hike.

4 months ago

A really nice hike through the woods, with some cool features along the way (a literal ladder drilled into rock, and some bounder caves to climb through!). There were some scrambles, and I would say it is deserving of the moderate rating. It took us about ~3 hours to do roundtrip. However, we did get lost for a bit, as some turns are not clearly marked off.

5 months ago

This hike can still be done easily without spikes. Almost no ice and got lucky: morning sun was warm and wonderful. A bit of crunchy snow on top. Roundtrip (up Morgan, down Percival) took us under 3 hours.

Great hike. Lots of variety including caves, ladders, some steep sections, scrambling, etc. perfect day with my son, cousins, uncle and nephews.

Was unsure if we were on the right side of the road (Rattlesnake Mountain parking lot is across the street with the port-a-potty). Decided to go Mt Percival trail and loop around to Mt Morgan and back down (approx. 5 miles). Mt Percival trail gets very rocky towards the top; wouldn't recommend bringing kids, my dog had a hard time in spots. We ended up taking the Caves route, which lead us to the most beautiful view and right towards the trail leading to Mt Morgan.

Hiked 10/23 up Morgan, down Percival. 1st 2.4 miles wooded path rises gently with few short, steep spots. Steeper near top. Ladders/cave/scramble to Morgan peak a bit sketchy, but fun. Great Squam Lake views along Morgan Summit ridge and Percival summit. Descended Cliff trail to long, forested walk back to trailhead (parked @ empty Percival lot; least crowded of the 3 available)

A fairly easy hike. Very little climbing involved. I went up Morgan and down Percival trail. Shorter trip up that way, and the ladders are on the way up. Short walk along the road to return to the car. Great views of Squam lake, very few people on trail before 10 am. Enjoy!

7 months ago

Loved this trail! About 2 hours each way. No part too steep to handle, loved the ladder route to the top. Incredible, incredible views of Squam and the White Mountains. I'd definitely recommend doing it in the fall.

it was an amazing hike! The top gets a bit sketchy but such a rush when you get to the top! I think the worst part about the experience was the acorns! I highly suggest this hike to anyone but prepare well. Weather and timing and having the proper tools are a must!

7 months ago

This hike was beautiful! A steady incline with a few steep grades. I loved this hike, it is definitely a moderate trail. My counter part does not agree, he chose to pack an extremely heavy pack for his first time out. We took the Cliffs up, which I loved Just be advised there is a rock tunnel you must go through, we had to take our packs off to get through.

beautiful views! well worth it . we did the loop . It was awesome!

Percival is not a trail for young kids to go down. There are plenty of places for wobbly legs to give out and lead to a serious fall. I know some people say it’s great for kids, but I don’t see it. It would be fun and beautiful, though, if it had just been adults!

The caves side of Percival with kids slowed us to the point that we got caught in the darkness. We ended up briefly on some old trail that still had faded yellow dots on the rocks. Pay close attention at night; if you end up in a rockslide area, you are off the trail!

I like this trail ... just not with kids.

Loved the view

Nice 1/2 day hike with great views. Took about 4 hours going up Morgan hiking down Percival. It was cloudy / cool day and only saw one other person on the trail (end of September ) would recommend!

Awesome hike! Worth the view, there is a false summit so keep going until you see the carn. (Pile of rocks)

7 months ago

I think this is also listed under Mount Israel trail, for anyone who wants to check out more reviews. This was a nice quintessential NH hike. The terrain does not vary much, it's pretty much just a forest. The smell of pine trees is wonderful and ubiquitous. The elevation gain is no joke - feels like you're on a stairclimber for a couple of hours. As others have mentioned, go past the first peak, you've reached the top when you see the cairn. Trail was easy to follow. No fee to park.

Perceval trail not as well marked on the way down. All of a sudden there was no trail, thankfully the gps feature of this app got me back on track but I probably lost 10min through a bunch of overgrowth.
Also, many recommend going up the Morgan Trail and going down Perceval, however what I didn't know is Perceval also has its own cliff face decent that is very steep and requires a lot of maneuvering. Luckily, there are alternative ways up to the peak of both mountains, therefore I would have gone to the left down Perceval to avoid the steepest decent had I known about it. I still recommend going up Morgan though if you want to climb the ladders.
Nevertheless, it was a great hike with beautiful views! Definitely for people in better shape/more adventurous because of the steep incline.

Great views of Squam and Winni. Was a bit slippery up top after heavy rains the day before.

It was a pleasant hike up. The ladders and caves along the Mason were fun for the kids. I took the dog around on the alternate loop which was short and rocky. We encountered a few scrambles which were challenging for the dog, but we were able to lift her up with her harness on. Climbs were steep at times but not technical. It was on the easy side of moderate. It took us 3 hrs to do both Mason and Percival. round trip.

Absolutely spectacular. One of my absolute favorites. The Eagle Cliff trail has one section that will require the use of hands on steep ledges, but you can choose the bypass instead. I took the bypass on the decent. The first 0.5 miles are steep and get you to an amazingly close view of Squam Lake very quickly. The rest of the trail is less challenging and less steep until you reach Red Hill with the Fire tower. Amazing 360 degree view from the top of the tower. Took me 95 min to get to top, 75 to descend.

9 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous views at the top! Loved the rocks at the end after the ladder. Definitely go up that way!

this trail is definately a steady workout but 100% worth it for the killer views! theres a lookout half way up and then another just before the summit.

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