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This loop totaled out at 5.7 miles rather than 4.7. We took the Morgan trail up and followed the loop clockwise to the Percival trail.

Coming down the Percival trail is steep and very rocky, and might be better described as a Harder trail for some folks.

Overall, a great hike with some great payoff views of Squam Lake and the surrounding mountains, but not one to sneeze at.

My family had a great time on this hike. On our way through the cave section of Percival, we retrieved about twenty water bottles of varying types from one crevice. Apparently people are either accidentally or purposely dropping bottles just outside the cave proper. Please keep a good grip on your bottles.

22 days ago

Really crowded, but overall a good time!

Absolutely great hike. I also want to make note of the "fake summit". I past a group on the trails who didn't realize you wanted to go an extra 1/3 of a mile or so to the "real" summit.

SUPER fun hike. the loop is more like 5.5 miles, as you have to take a connector trail (Morse trail) at the bottom to get back to the mt Morgan parking lot. the ladders and caves offered some really fun technical climbing. nothing outrageous, however, and there were bypasses for all obstacles

well marked, but had some fallen trees blocking the trail. regardless, the real summit had a spectacular view including mount moosilauke, sandwich mountain, middle and south tripyramids, mount whiteface, mount passaconway, mount paugus, and mount chocorua.

Pretty solid. First portion (3/4 mile or so) was the most difficult/steep and had the best views. After that it levels out for the most part. At the end of Eagle Cliff you stay on Red Hill for a hundred feet or so until you hit the tower. Definitley climb up the tower and soak in the views.

For whatever reason the trail map on this site also has you do the entire Red Hill trail which is a waste of time. I'd recommend just taking Eagles Cliff back down as opposed to doing another out and back with Red Hill. There are no views and you just go straight to a parking lot.

So in reality if you do Eagles Cliff and only a hundred feet or so of Red Hill just to get to the tower the entire hike will be around 4 to 5 miles.

Overall I'd consider this a moderate hike as opposed to difficult.

An excellent trail that has much to offer especially the views at the summit of Mount Percival. These is a cave close to the summit of Mount Percival which is sure to please young children. You got to take off your backpack and get body position just right to squeeze through. The scenic views on top of Mount Percival is the best that I've seen and I've seen many a trails in my hiking career. We were even treated to a bear sighting in the clearing. I really regretted not packing my zoom lens on my camera along with me. The views of the Squam Lakes region and various other peaks from the summit of Mount Percival is absolutely breathtaking so you definitely want to bring your binocular or zoom lens for your camera.

The ladder down Mount Morgan is challenging as well going down especially for young children and inexperienced hiker. If you got either of those it is better to do the trail clockwise. There is a narrow opening to squeeze through on the Mount Morgan side as well.

Overall this is one of the best trail that I've been on for relatively moderate effort. I will definitely want to return to this trail before the end of the year.

1 month ago

Great trail with amazing views!

1 month ago

stream @ start was easily crossed. great trail with some nice views. I would not consider this trail easy as it is rated here. I would rate it moderate. if it's wet use caution could be a bit slick. keep an eye out for moose. some nice blueberries to snack on in season.

Views from the tops of Morgan and Percival were gorgeous. The trail up and down to the summits was a well marked forest trail, and everything is a moderate hike with one notable exception-- the last bit to the summit of Percival. We did the loop clockwise so we did this section going down. At the top of Percival you'll see two blazed options-- one that goes down to the right over the open rock face and one to the left through the trees. The options aren't marked if you're heading down (they are in the other direction). To the left is the cliff side (we didn't do this, so I'm not sure what this entails) and the other goes to the cave. The description here says it "features" a cave, however, feature here means that you scramble through a cave (not exactly a cave, but cave-like) with two very small openings on either side in order to follow the trail. The way down to the cave opening is steep and a bit technical. The openings on either side are small enough that you'll need to take your pack off to get through. The day we were there was incredibly hot so the time in the cave was a natural air-conditioning relief.

Beautiful view at the top. Well worth the hike in the 90 degree weather

Lots of fun to run most of the way. Fun ladder and cave obstacles near the top.

I’ve hiked both mountains before separately but the loop is so much better! We went up Morgan through the ladders and came down Percival through the caves. Morgan is deceptively easy to climb, and fun at the top. The connector is a rocky ridge line between the summits but short enough to enjoy. More than once we had to take off our backpacks to get through the caves of Percival cliff face. Although descending this way is fun and challenging for experienced hikers, definitely not recommended for kids or dogs. Heading down the rockfall is tough and you have to keep your head up and stay on the trail, which is hard to follow on points down Percival. All in all, up Morgan and down Percival via the cliffs is probably the way to go. Amazing views as always on top.

The views are incredible! The hike had decent elevation with some definite challenges at some spots, but all together was straightforward and has a great reward at the top! The fire tower can be climbed and provides an amazing view. Lots of diversity in the trail and also spotting of random wildlife. The trail provides lots of fantastic spots to sit and gaze at Lake Squam below. A phenomenal hike!

Somewhat challenging but lots of fun with the steep cliffs, ladders, and tight caves to climb through. Awesome views from top too, especially on Percival.

I loved the view of the lakes from the top, as well as the ladder going one way. I wish I knew about the loop and would have done that instead of backtracking. I'll be back when it's a little warmer to swim in the lake and possibly camp nearby!

This is by far my favorite hike!

A great trail, but be prepared for a challenge. Ascending either route up - via the Mt. Morgan Trail or Mt. Percival Trail - has challenging steeps near their respective summits. We chose to ascend Mt. Percival first, which ended up being the better route as the descent via Mt. Percival trail would’ve been much more difficult. “Caves” on Mt. Percival trail should be taken with care, and there are alternative routes up once you’re there but aren’t much easier.

Great payoff views and a nice challenging hike for intermediates, but not recommended for young kids or dogs.

Great trail. well marked great views.

For inexperienced hikers like me I’d recommend preparing a bit more before tackling this trail. We went up Morgan and down Percival, taking the ladders up, which was cool. I just don’t know if going down the caves was our best decision- it got a little dark and scary in those!


Awesome one of my favorites

Ladders, caves, and views! Took a little longer than expected.

Great morning hike. Met all kinds of folks headed up as I was going down. All smart and wearing micro spikes. Finally a beautiful windless day to hike.

7 months ago

A really nice hike through the woods, with some cool features along the way (a literal ladder drilled into rock, and some bounder caves to climb through!). There were some scrambles, and I would say it is deserving of the moderate rating. It took us about ~3 hours to do roundtrip. However, we did get lost for a bit, as some turns are not clearly marked off.

8 months ago

This hike can still be done easily without spikes. Almost no ice and got lucky: morning sun was warm and wonderful. A bit of crunchy snow on top. Roundtrip (up Morgan, down Percival) took us under 3 hours.

Great hike. Lots of variety including caves, ladders, some steep sections, scrambling, etc. perfect day with my son, cousins, uncle and nephews.

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