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360 views can't be beat

Tough in the winter but still a great hike! We left the lower parking lot (sawyer river rd is un-plowed) at 9am and got up to the trail head at 10:15am. Made it up to the switchbacks right before the ridge around 2:30pm and decided to turn back. Got back down to the parking lot at 6pm. The snow made it very strenuous and we definitely made the right choice to turn back. We will definitely be back in the spring to get to the summit!

Great hike. Perfect weather. Trail in wonderful condition. Creek Crossing a little deep. I dropped a white snowshoe halfway down. If anyone finds it please hike it down and hang it or lean it on the sandwich mountain trail sign at the entrance to the parking lot. Thanks

Got my snowshoe back!!!!!! Thank you trail magic!!!

In the winter Sawyer River Road is generally closed, adding 2 miles each way to the hike. Pretty challenging ascent in snowshoes, will definitely be feeling it tomorrow.

At this time of the year (late Nov/early Dec) the top 1/3 of the trail is snow and ice covered. The middle 1/3 was frozen ground and ice patches and the first 1/3 frozen ground. Foot traction was a definite benefit on the middle and top of the trail. There were some tall steps and small scrambles involved. The ridge line was fantastic with glimpses of view between the leafless trees. Clouds were rolling in and we could see Mt Washington above the cloud layer, then the higher clouds rolled in but Mt W. continued to shine through them and slowly got covered by them. It was incredible to see that mountain shining through all those clouds. The blazes are old an could be easy to lose the trail. In the snowy sections it had already been broken. But isn't that part of the fun of hiking, needing to figure out the way sometimes? Hiking is not just another walk in the woods. Paying attention and continuing to look should keep you on the trail. Tricky part is when the trail turns left at the top of the stream. Great hike and would do it again.

Just wasn’t for me. Most of the trail is not steep or rigorous at all. There are several brooks to cross and after rain you HAVE to cross right through the water. The trail to the north is tougher than the south. The last half mile to the summit of both you’re scrambling up rocks. Requires some legit rock climbing, particularly up the north. The views on the way up are nice (no views at the summits) but really only offer views to the west and south.

We went throughout the notch to the Desolation Trail and Ascended the back side, then down the Signal Ridge Trail for 13.4 miles. There was quite a bit of mellow hiking, but you pay for it on the way up the back side!

I did the east pond loop trail.
5 mile round trip.
very dense woods in most places, very rocky and you cross several creeks and muddy areas. good shoes recommended.
not a lot to see until you get to ponds. little east pond doesn't give you a great view. it's kind of marshy, not much of a pond. east pond however has a gorgeous view.
overall good workout/good hike

Signal ridge trail is great; beautiful scenery and clearly visible. The desolation trail is cool because it’s technical toward the top, but once you leave the alpine zone there are trees down, no blazes, and lots of spur trails leading nowhere, so pay close attention if you make a loop of this. Very cool trail, though. 360 panos from top make it worth the push!

if you like climbing rock face this is for you. avoid the north slide after the rain. granite gets slick. no views except on the way up or down

very primitive trail markings and no views. next time would do south side. lots of moss on rocks so don't bother in wet or fall/winter conditions.

Hike up was pretty tiring for me. I was quite sore by the end of the day. But not so much that I couldn't move my arms and legs the next day. Not to many insects trying to eat you thankfully. However I did go fully covered head to toe with insect repellent on me. It wasn't busy at all. For 85% of the hike up my husband and I were the only people hiking. We met a few people on the way (about 10 total up and down). There is a watch tower like construction built all the way to the top where you can see EVERYTHING ! It's so so so quiet. Couldn't even hear birds or insects singing. Weather was amazing so we spent about 20mins soaking up the sun and silence. I expected the view to be better though. Wasn't disappointed but not as amazed as I wanted to be.

One of the best in the whites!

one of the best in the whites!

Short but sweet. Hiking along stream for maybe 1/4-1/3 of trail. Beautiful view at summit. Best part? Ran into only one other person - no Chocorua traffic jams here :-)

If you enjoy scrambling, this is the best mountain for it. The walk to the base is lengthy and the peaks aren't beautiful, but the whole climb up is just absolutely wondrous.

Great Hike super challenging. Small viewing points at top. Enjoyed a little river swim at end. Def a knee breaker.

Quiet trail with a beautiful view at the pond. Your voice echoes on the mountains, highly recommend.

trail running
9 months ago

Decent hike. First two miles are flat and easy and the remaining three miles, while a fair grade, were along a narrow and rocky trail, which was difficult to navigate at times.

We did this hike as the exact loop indicated in the map. Going up the north face and down the south slide. No Scaur ridge trial. Howwwwwwever I would never take the north face again. It was not raining per-say but it was foggy with damp air. We have never had a slip issue in our hiking shoes till this hike. The north face was incredibly hard and the only way up was to use pine shrubs along the slippery granite to stay on it. It was miserable I can say. (Two weekends ago we hiked the entire presidential traverse and went even further onto Mt Jackson and Mt Webster and both agreed the entire 11 peaks we did before weren't even anything as hard as this north face. ) In addition I would NEVER bring my (hunting) dogs up this trail. Ever. I guess if you took the Scaur ridge around but then again we never saw that trail so I couldn't tell you. Even going down the south slide loose terrain I'd hate to knock the boulders free towards my pets. Many times boulders free fell 50/60 feet larger than softballs. One hiker taking one to the ankle. The loose rock and sand just crumbles out from under you. We didn't get a view from any peaks because of the fog - but that could happen anywhere. And wouldn't do it again to try and see anything. I'm for certain it's probably an amazing view don't get me wrong. And we love hiking do it all the time and are wellll into our 48 4K forgets. Not that it's all complaints but I would have labeled this hike as extremely difficult. And 2 stars because although I felt kinda accomplished and just happy to check it off and get away from it... we will never do it again just to see the top.

we just went up Smarts Brook trail about a little over a mile with our dog. it was beautiful and quiet and the river was awesome. We picked out at least 3 picnic/swimming areas where we can come back with our 9 year old. Jogged back, great trail for trail running.

Definitely a long hike/bike. My son and I actually biked in the 1st 2.6 miles to the tripyramid loop junction. I recommend this. We went up the north slide which was steeper than I remember. You have to to use hand holds and on all fours at times.

I had to lift up our black lab a few times and he was tired after the full trip. Really nice views and amazing to look down at how steep it was.

The ridge at the top was enjoyable and a more lush mossy and fern covered change from the slide area. South slide down more loose rock. But definitely the right direction to go. Good sense of accomplishment for all once back at the car at Livermore road.

I'll start off by saying the sights at the top make everything worth it. Absolutely breathtaking-- 360 degrees of beautiful views of mountains while you gaze on top of a fire watch tower. 5/5 experience once you reach that ridge and up to the summit. However, the path there is a SLOG. The first mile is a stroll through the forest with beautiful views of creeks and waterfalls (we even dipped in at the end of the hike). The next three miles are a long, steep journey mostly on broken rocks with very little to no views because of the thickness of the surrounding forest-- this really detracted from our experience. Despite this, though, we could hardly be angry with how gorgeous the view at the top is.
We also brought a medium sized dog who handled the trail very well.

The trail started out very flat and then got really steep. The lack of trail markers made it difficult at certain areas. The trail itself was okay, but the lack of views made it rather unsatisfying.

Flats are great, ascents are steep. Nice hike to hit a few 4k footers, very pleasant in parts and strenuous in others. Can also turn this into a semi-loop by going down the Sabbaday Brook Trail and walking for a bit along the Kancamagus.

10 months ago

Great trail.

This is a great walk/hike into Waterville accessing the 4,000 footers from the Kancamagus.. Using the trail on weekdays makes for an awesome and quiet outing. The review states that dogs must be leashed however this information is incorrect. Dogs are welcome in most areas of the WMNF and must be under control but certainly not leashed. The town of Waterville Valley does not mandate dogs be on leash either. My concern with erroneous reporting is that hikers will have an expectation and become contentious with folks perceived as non-compliant. Please take the time to modify the information.

We took Sabbaday trail because of the dead moose on the North Slide. Poor thing was stinking up the place. It was a long and easy 4.9 mile hike that required a few brook passings-5 if I remember correctly. Rock slides are rock slides, but following Sabbaday you only have one stretch of slides. If you are going in the next few weeks, do not forget your bug spray!!!!

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