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Low 30s, I thought it was perfect weather for hiking. Got warmed up once we got moving and don’t stay too long in one place because you will get cold! Gloves/mittens were a must. Hiked in this order: Avalon, Field, willey, then Tom. Went the wrong way passing willey adding an extra mile but we did the whole thing including breaks in about 8 hours. Got to feed a bird at the top of mount field! Bring bird seed! The three 4000 footers did not have good views but Avalon was very pretty. Personally wouldn’t hike it again but glad to get 3 4000 footers out of the way.

Great loop trail! We followed the advice given in the comments to do the loop clockwise (Avalon, Field, Tom). Beautiful hike with plenty of stream crossings and little waterfalls! Up to Avalon was very steep, but nothing compared to South Twin. The view was very rewarding, Crawford Notch is gorgeously decorated with an array of fall colors this time of year. Mt. Field had another great view as well as some very friendly Canada Grey Jays! Mt. Tom is quite wooded at the top but there is still a view if you travel on the trail to the edge of the mountain and stand on some rocks. It took us 4.5 hours with breaks and our total mile count was 7.2.

A great all around hike with different terrain throughout. Some narrow spots, lots of mud but a good day hike. A few river crossings too for a pup to cool off in.

For those wanting a view — not many look out points but the one at Mount Willey is stunning especially in the fall.

Overall nice hike. Was my first hike since having surgery and being out of hiking for a few months so we decided to only do Avalon and field since I was too tired to do Tom. A little tiring in parts but I was able to do the two mountains despite being a little out of shape. Avalon has some great views. Field does as well but there is only one spot and it is slightly blocked off by trees. Would say this is fairly dog friendly. Took my 50 pound hound mix and he did fine. There were a couple parts that were a little steep but he made it without my help. There were a few other dogs on the trail as well. Definitely do Avalon first as it is steeper going up like people said. The hike up was very pretty, lots of little water falls and spots where you have to cross water (plenty of places to step without your feet getting soaked). If you can do both 4ks it’s a great way to check two off your list!

This was a long hike for me but was great. My total distance was 12.7 miles and my total time was 08:46 with 01:20 time stopped. I did this hike counterclockwise due to some hard climbs between Jackson and Pierce. I ate lunch at the hut which was nice, you can buy food and items here for cash. I did this when everything was wet and windy. I had to do some minor scrambling going up to Webster and between Jackson and Pierce but nothing too difficult. The trail going from Webster to Eisenhower was awesome and wish I hike that trail all day.
Just a heads up, parking fee is $5 per day.

My favorite 4000ft so far. Dog friendly too

a moderate hike. steady incline with roots and rocks. nothing technical or tricky. one small rock traverse on the Edmunds side after the warning sign.

I really enjoyed this. To get views so quickly on Avalon was a nice reward went Avalon, Field, Tom. The forest in between all was beautiful. even got to see some Grey Jay's on top of Tom on a bluebird day! excited to do this loop in the winter! also - fantastic job by the people maintaining the trails!

Not worth the hard rating moderate would be more appropriate. I would definitely go counter clockwise ascend Avalon first then to field Willy and Tom. A strenuous hike for sure total of 10.77 miles over 9 hours. We had a snack at all 4 peaks not stopping the clock for breaks. Did this with just my pup and the day few by!

This loop feels more like work than adventure. With limited summit view rewards and a sketchy steep section of Avalon, I’d only do this hike again if I were old and senile and forgot to check it off my list.

clocked in at 12.8 miles parking at the train depot.

Down Avalon was dangerously wet and slippery and miserable.

The views from Avalon were good, and from Tom and Field, subpar. We did this route clockwise - Avalon, Field, then Tom - and I think it was probably the most joint-forgiving route. Actual mileage, as others point out, is 7, not 6.2. While the views are disappointing (and I think perhaps they'd be better in winter with a few feet of snow to boost you up for a better vantage point), the trails themselves were very enjoyable, with lots to admire in the forest. There were several shallow water crossings - my pup enjoyed the brook! It took us 4.5 hours with breaks.

I followed advice here and went clockwise. Avalon first, then Field, then Tom. Glad I did, there was a very steep bit on the way to Avalon that I wouldn't have wanted for my descent at the end of the day. Field and Tom were numbers 5 and 6 of my 4000-footers, so I'm not a total newbie hiker, but I am slow and this loop took me 8 hours including plenty of breaks and lunch. Best views of the day were on Avalon. Field had a nice little peekaboo view of the Mt. Washington resort. Tom had really no view at all and a slightly confusing summit. Brook crossings along the way were lovely. TONS of mushrooms everywhere.

This is a beautiful trail with some great variety in both terrain and sites. Avalon had great views. Tom and Field weren't as open on top, but there were still some nice views through the trees. In addition to the peaks, this trail offers a few easy water crossings, some rock scrambles, and several different forest environments. For me, the highlight was the wetter sections of forest, where there was a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, significant undergrowth, and a thick carpet of mosses, it was reminiscent of a temperate rain forest.

Started at 11:30 with dog, finished a little before 5 with only a few short breaks. It was rainy at the top so no real views today unfortunately. The "hard" rating was appropriate though, especially with water on all of the big rocks in the trail coming down after Avalon things got very slippery.

Hit Pierce on the way to Eisenhower. Trail is well maintained and a steady incline. Incredible views once you get to the alpine zone. think the mileage is off, we recorded around 10 miles round trip back to and from the Mt. Clinton parking lot.

It is a long Trek for sure. Views are very limited and trails are very rocky. I don't recommend bringing your 4 legged companion. The only real view is on Avalon and descending via the Avalon trail will make your knees and soul a little sad. If you are looking for something nearby that is much less aggressive with a kickass view, go to Mount Willard!

It’s a 9.8 mile hike! I’m a new hiker in my 60s took me 9 hrs but I did it!

Great hike. Definitely a lot to fit into a day but worth it. Get an early start. Beautiful views!

Great loop! Easy way to get 3 4000 footers, and Mount Avalon has a great view as well.

A great hike with great views from all sides and locations on the range. Not that difficult except the rocky footing and slippage/trippage. Jumped in one of the 10ft deep cascades, it was beautiful and freezing. Started my hike kind of late in the day around 11:30am and ended a little after 9:30pm (so I hiked the last hour in the dark (from the interesection for Mt. Tom and the AZ trail back down to the bottom) I ran out of water hiking towards Mt. Willey after hiking up from Mt. Avalon earlier in the day and bummed some water off friendly hikers until I was able to fill up at the river on my descent. In total it was a 10 MILE TRIP NOT 8.6 MILES!! So take that into account before you decide to start later than 10am :) Good Luck!

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Great hike VIA Edmonds path.

Went up using the Webster-Cliffs trail to Webster-Jackson, then down the Crawford path when descending Mt. Pierce. We did it backwards from what many people were doing, and the more gradual descent on Crawford really helped save our knees.

Overall, gorgeous views on all three summits! Pierce in particular had a stunning overlook of Mt. Washington and the presidential range.

Great series of trails that are well-maintained and a fun variety of terrain. Took us a total of about eight hours (with a 45 minute lunch on Pierce and a stop at the Mizpah hut) so ensure you have a full day to commit to the trek. Also, the going was sketchy up some rocky scrambles, so if it's raining or wet it might be wise to pick another trail.

Great way to peak bag two four thousand footers. Hiking up Mt Pierce and over to Mount Jackson was steady uphill however as seasoned hikers we would rate it moderate. Coming down the Webster-Jackson trail was steep and rocky. May have seemed steeper because we were tired. It was a clear day so the views were spectacular!

Loved this hike! Incredible views. Nothing too steep. A bit buggy at the top - be careful of the bees. Great view of Mt. Washington - wish we had more time to hike on over.

Hike was nice enough today. Took about 5 hours. Beautiful summer day. Most of the hike was shaded which is nice. Views were minimal. The view from Tom are limited due to pine trees getting a bit bigger. You can squeeze through some narrow paths to find a few other views but better check for ticks because both sides touch you the whole way.
We went from Tom to Mt Fields. Relatively easy hike over 9/10th of a mile. No view from top but a nice overlook just a few steps down a path overlooking Mt. Washington and others and the Mt Washington Hotel.
Form here to Mt Avalon all downhill. Look for the spur up to Avalon. Tougher climb up to Avalon but only 100 yards or so. Worth it. Best views of the day. Views down Crawford Notch and of AMC Highland Center.
Enjoyable, moderate hike. You do check off 2 4K peaks but for a 0% rain day (like today) there are much better options with much better views.
4 or 5 water crossings. All easy today but after a rain I could see how they could be tricky.

Great trail! Views were worth the hike to get there, great views from Avalon and Field and minimal views from Tom. All in all it was a great trail to mark a couple 4000 footers off your list and to enjoy some nice views! Not too difficult at all, took a little under 5 hours to complete the loop.

Great trail & got to feed the Grey Jays!

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