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Great way to peak bag two four thousand footers. Hiking up Mt Pierce and over to Mount Jackson was steady uphill however as seasoned hikers we would rate it moderate. Coming down the Webster-Jackson trail was steep and rocky. May have seemed steeper because we were tired. It was a clear day so the views were spectacular!

Loved this hike! Incredible views. Nothing too steep. A bit buggy at the top - be careful of the bees. Great view of Mt. Washington - wish we had more time to hike on over.

Hike was nice enough today. Took about 5 hours. Beautiful summer day. Most of the hike was shaded which is nice. Views were minimal. The view from Tom are limited due to pine trees getting a bit bigger. You can squeeze through some narrow paths to find a few other views but better check for ticks because both sides touch you the whole way.
We went from Tom to Mt Fields. Relatively easy hike over 9/10th of a mile. No view from top but a nice overlook just a few steps down a path overlooking Mt. Washington and others and the Mt Washington Hotel.
Form here to Mt Avalon all downhill. Look for the spur up to Avalon. Tougher climb up to Avalon but only 100 yards or so. Worth it. Best views of the day. Views down Crawford Notch and of AMC Highland Center.
Enjoyable, moderate hike. You do check off 2 4K peaks but for a 0% rain day (like today) there are much better options with much better views.
4 or 5 water crossings. All easy today but after a rain I could see how they could be tricky.

Great trail! Views were worth the hike to get there, great views from Avalon and Field and minimal views from Tom. All in all it was a great trail to mark a couple 4000 footers off your list and to enjoy some nice views! Not too difficult at all, took a little under 5 hours to complete the loop.

Great trail & got to feed the Grey Jays!

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Birds eating out of your hand was cool

Awesome hike. Solid elevation gain upfront going up to A-Z and Willey trail junction, which is the hardest part of the trail. Smooth sailing up and down Tom and over to Field. Little tricky down to Willey and back, but the conditions on the trail were excellent. Beautiful lunch spot off the Willey peak cairn 20 yards down Ethan pond trail. Views from each summit aren't amazing, mostly forested, but a fantastic hike overall.

This was a fun hike. Started on the Avalon Trail and went straight to Avalon. Awesome views from the summit. Proceeded up to Field and walked the ridge line to both Willey and Tom. I didn’t find this to be a difficult hike at all. Trails were great. Views from the ledge at the summit of Willey were beautiful. Lots of Canada Jays (Gray Jay) there too. Awesome Day.

I would say this is by far my favorite hike so far! Fairly easy hike and visually stunning! highly recommend!

Did the 7.2 mile loop today in just over 4 hours. I went clockwise up Avalon and then to Field and Tom which all had great views. The river crossings were all very easy today and the bugs were minimal. It only took 1 hour to hit the summit of Mt. Avalon which was shorter than I expected. The hike from the summit of Mt. Field to Mt. Tom was extremely easy as there is very little elevation gain. Had an awesome day, and even saw some Canadian Gray Jays at the summit of Mt. Tom!

A great day hike with a variety of trails to keep things interesting. Moderate level, nothing too steep. Less than 7 hours total including numerous long breaks to enjoy the views (the views on Mount Avalon were incredible)!

This one is steep... but really people.. we are in the whites doing 4k's there are some tricky spots at the top so watch your footing! and as we all know its WINDY at the top. my sister and I got some silly pics at the top of messy hair and smiles. The view ? well lets just say it's why we all hike these big boys. I was captivated by the summit. Take your time and enjoy, the summit on even a some what cloudy day will take your breath away, in the best way ;)

Moderately difficult for two 4K peaks - trail starts directly behind the Crawford Notch train station. When hiking the Field / Tom combination highly recommend taking Avalon trail (stay left at junction of A-Z trail) to Mt Field (with quick stop to the smaller Mt Avalon peak about one mile prior to Field summit), then down the Willard Ridge trail to A-Z trail, taking Mt Tom spur to top of Mt Tom. If you are lucky, you will experience the amazing Grey Jay (usually found only in Canada...) near summit of Tom... hold out your hand with gorp and be prepared for a surprise. In order to see view on Tom, follow trail clockwise on summit until view of Mt Washington hotel appears. Descend A-Z back to Avalon trail to Crawford Notch. Distance tracked was 7.5 miles.

Did this loop today clockwise. Both stream crossings have been washed out, so bushwhacked up the left bank to where the Trail crosses again. In hindsight, may have been better to just get wet at the start. The left, trail less bank was very difficult with some serious posthole/snowbridge collapse hazard. After I rejoined the trail, the going was much easier. The monorail is still there, but beginning to melt. Spikes were fine all the way (though I could have used shoes on the bushwhack section) Avalon has some very nice views,while Field and Tom have heavily forested summits. Don't let that stop you from this hike, though. The summits themselves are great if you're doing the NH4000, but the best parts of this loop are on the trails. The Avalon follows the Brook all the way up to the second crossing, and there is much to see and appreciate.

Amazing trail loop, it had a very good mix of flats and hills and nothing that required hand over hand climbing. Me and my friend are pretty fast hikers and we ended up doing the whole loop in 6hr 30mins that includes the time we spent eating lunch.

Amazing hike. I can't recommend enough that this is ideal for a winter/early spring hike when a few feet of snow-pack will offer amazing views that you wouldn't get any other time of year. Also, great butt-sledding on the way down to and past Avalon.

Hiked on 4/13. It turned out to be a great day. We took the A-Z trail first, and quickly realized snowshoes may have been a better option. The warmer temps had loosened up the trails, and my micro spikes were balling up (guess I still have a few things to learn!). We made do though, and didn’t regret it. I had heard the views on this hike weren’t great, but i beg to differ. Sure, it’s not 360 degrees of above tree line, but when the fog cleared we got some great peeks at the Pemi wilderness, Crawford Notch, and the Presidentials. The Avalon loop was a steep descent in the loose snow, but we made it down quickly. Our total hike was about 7 hours, which included lots of gawking on the overlooks and playing with the jays.

Awesome winter hike. I saw a lot of people saying Tom and Field have really limited views, but several feet of snow means you can see over many trees that you wouldn't see over in the summer, and the views from both peaks were stunning with 180 degree views of the south Presis and into the Pemi from both peaks. Hike this but do it in the winter.

Fairly easy hike with some pretty cool views of Mt. Washington!

Took left at the fork and did Avalon and Fields first and then swung around and did Tom. The A-Z trail leading down from Tom is tricky in that the trail is covered by snow drift and it being next to a steep slope doesn't help - watch your footing. Else it's super fun and a easy 6 hour hike. No views worth talking about - it was snowing. Snowshoes only, microspikes kept ice balling up making them useless.

Also be ready to shed layers - I changed into just a base layer and a raincoat (snowing) because the trail is steep on the way up and you WILL sweat and get wet from the inside if you don't take care. Pit zips on jackets sure help.

Go up Avalon and Fields because these are more steep and then go down the A-Z trail (very small stretches of steep trails). For those inclined to get down on your butt and slide, this is going to be super fun since it presents plenty of opportunities to do so. Let the kid in you out and slide down - you won't regret it. :)

Planned to do this hike today--started at Crawford notch and sumitted Jackson first, the trail was fairly well packed and we didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Planned to go over to Pierce, however the trail wasn't broken yet and even with snowshoes on we were up to our waist--same with heading to Webster. It was a beautiful day however and the Gray Jays were out, Mt. Washington was clearly visible and decked out in snow. Tough climb straight up, but going down was fun--sliding on the snow on our butts makes for quick descent time! My pup came along too and she did great, the snow was soft and had no ice so her paws didn't crack at all and she was warm enough with just a wool sweater and waterproof top coat.

For winter snowshoe this is close to 5 star, depending on conditions.

The trail was packed down almost the entire way, and temps were cold (5F), with 15" base. That meant trail was broken, and microspikes held firm. If you're breaking trail with snowshoes, this would be a very, very challenging loop. If snow conditions were messy, and microspikes couldn't hold, it would be tough as well.

There are some truly steep ups and downs. I had to rotate snowshoes and micro spikes. Several of the steep downs are so steep that I had really no choice but to slide down sitting. I took off micro spikes so they didn't catch. 20 yards later I had to put them back on because uphill was so severe. For other parts of the terrain, primarily Avalon turn off until end of Field Mountain descent, snowshoes were the right equipment due to more variable conditions, and drifting snow.

Heat management is important for this loop. The Avalon access trail is very steep start to finish. So be ready to shed gear. And climbing continues all the way to top of Field. It would be easy to get hot, and then freeze in sweat on the way down. Start cold, with thin layers, and a shell. Given all the up, that will be fine. As usual, protect extremities in colder weather.

Lastly, I found navigation from top of Field down more difficult than expected. Snow had drifted, and I didn't see any blazes. I didn't get lost. But be handy with a map and compass, or have GPS with back-up if you are doing the first run after a major snowfall, where snow might cover blazes.

This is a challenging loop in winter that rewards good heat management, decent fitness, and a willingness to wait until a few strong trekkers have broken trail first.

beautiful day yesterday. trails have 2 or 3 inches of snow. definitely bring your microspikes. whole loop took us about 6.5 hours from start to finish. gray jays were out. Perfect winter hike.

This was such an epic, fun hike. My gps recorded 10.6 miles for the entire loop. The first 1.3 miles was very icey and slow going with streams to cross on icey logs and rocks, but conditions got better. Better views than I thought and even the snow covered evergreens were breathtaking. Highly recommend this loop, for advanced hikers. Back to the car in 7 hours. We stopped for lunch on Willey with a fantastic view, soaked in the view on Avalon and played on Field and Tom to feed the grey jays and enjoy the views

Went up the Avalon trail and down the A-Z trail. Avalon is very steep and rocky in a couple sections and since it was really wet it was dicey going up. A-Z is not as steep and was much drier so a better option coming down. No great views at the top but fed the grey jays at the top of Field. They land right into an outstretched hand! We just summited Willey and Field this trip as we had done Tom previously

Great overall day and hike. Stayed on Craford up to Pierce. Wind was howling and cloud cover but felt pretty awsome. Took a break at the Mizpah. Pretty cool trek between Pierce and Jackson. Finally saw some grayjays on Jackson! Great views there. Onto Webster and cliffs. Wow the cliffs were crazy. The wind was intense looking off the long drop down. Nice waterfall and look off thev"bluge". Just so much to love about this hike

Hiked up from the rail road station parking lot in Nov. 2016. Was a fun one, crossing the stream at the bottom then up to Avalon peak then back down. Would have tried the az trail but wasnt sure where it lead to at the time and had a late day start and came back to the car before it got real dark out. Had great time hanging out with the very friendly canadian jay birds at the summit and the panorama was great view of the snow capped presidentials to the northeast. Great breeze and sound was amazing, really was a perfect day of hiking.

Beautiful setting. Hiked up to Mount Field first. It was a pleasant hike with well constructed trails. Views were limited. We hike over to Mount Avalon where we had clear views of mount Washington, Monroe, Franklin and Eisenhower. It was steep and rocky coming off Avalon when we were tired. But all in all a great day in early fall in New England.

Hiked this today. was a nice hike. 7 hrs and 2 mins..left a part of myself on Mt Tom

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