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22 days ago

Beware that this hike can be awful in the spring season, when snow and ice are still on the ground. Sketchy river crossings and icy/slippery cliff sections made for a difficult hike. Trail was mashed potatoes in some sections. Some decent views along the trail, but I would suggest that less advanced hikers hike this trail in summer.

*The gate was closed, so we had to hike 5 extra miles (ie 9.6 miles roundtrip).

I didn’t really care for this hike but it might be because of the trail conditions yesterday. I thought it would be a quick and easy hike but the snow made it difficult in some parts. I used microspikes the entire time but snow shoes would have helped in spots. I am one of those people who kept post holing

Its an ok hike, nothing to amazing and not a great view at the summit, but overall not to bad!

There’re are few views to beat the one from the summit.

If you like rivers this is a nice trail.

Cool trail with some great views. Many opportunities to hit the streams if your day is warm enough. Trails is well maintained . Not a lot of folks on the trail for a dry weekend.

Good rainy day hike. Not the most exciting 4k but a 4k nonetheless. Id save this one for a cloudy or rainy day hike or maybe your 1st 4k.

Great cold hike, definitely not as cold as it could have been but there were some extraordinarily windy spots. The trail was VERY Wet and saturated with water throughout the entire hike. There were a few rainy days beforehand that probably didn't make it better.

One thing I noticed no one really mentions is how many bridges there are, I counted over 90 from the beginning of the trail to the summit of Zealand. Most are after the hut. Nothing wrong with the amount of bridges but based on the other peaks I have hiked it was the most I had ever seen. The bridges around the Zeacliff outlook are loose and SINK when you step on them. There are parts of mud that are pretty much unavoidable, jumping with a heavy pack is pretty exhausting lol.

We actually started before sunrise so we had to use our headlamps for the first 40 minutes or so which was pretty cool. The bridges around the pond area were a bit icy but nothing crazy. We did experience a moose on the trail, luckily it looked like we spooked him more than he did us and we saw him run off into the marshy area.

The trail was a bit busy especially on our way back. Overall a fun hike, obviously with how wet the trail is it is very slippery especially the logs. No bug issues thanks to the temperature, I would imagine it would be pretty miserable during summer with how much water is around. Beautiful trail, definitely would fall hike this again maybe even early spring when the snow has begun to melt.

side note we did get chased down the mountain for a little bit by a bird, definitely a 1st and hopefully the last

Difficult to find, nothing much to speak of for hiking. There's a snowmobile trail that's a little nicer, but I wouldn't waste time on this.

great hike. easy steady climb with no real steep sections until a short burst at the very end. was windy and foggy at top on the day i went but worth the climb.

Fairly easy hike, but made for a long day. Took about six hours of out and back. Great 360 degree views.

7 months ago

Beautiful trail, well marked, and what awesome views from the peak. It is a must to hit north sugarloaf while here, as the views are very well matched and an amazing benefit to the hike. The river at the beginning is very nice also, just don't drop your phone in it! (oops)

Great hiking with a fabulous fall foliage bonus! No view from the peak but the views on the hike in made up for it. The hut is so cool! Great croo with answers to all your questions.

it was a good hike .it was beautiful hike

Well maintained and relatively easy 4000 footer, not much for views but lovely Christmas tree forest up top. Balsam scented trails always nice.

Tougher hike than 'Easy'. The hike is awesome though and the hut is a cool stopping point. Views were cool at the top too

nice easy hike. very peaceful and not crowded due to lack of views. would recommend if u only have 3-4 hrs and want to do a 4k.

7 months ago

Nice hike for children

Nice trail. Passes by beaver ponds. Half way, there is a hut. They sell food, like soup, cake, tea. Z-cliff view is very beautiful.

Outstanding trail albeit be careful with footing

Solid trail blazing made for a relatively easy hike. No views except for a slight view through some trees about a quarter mile from the summit clearing. Switchbacks during the middle of the ascent were nice places for a breather. If possible, try to hike past Mt. Hale to Mt. Zealand to make your trip to the White Mountains a little more worth while. 4.4 miles for a hike without a view is not exactly something to write home about.

great hike, no real view on top but very pretty on the way up. very slippery on the way down.

9 months ago

No views whatsoever on the way up but damn is it nice up top!

No view at the summmit very pissed off . But the view at the cliff is amazing so if you see the sign that says view just go there

It was a great hike with some scenic outlooks but with so many beautiful hikes in NH not sure I would do it again.

No view from top. Warning you now. Trail pretty moderate though.

Crossed another 48 off the list. I knew this was a wooded summit ahead of time so I was prepared for "disappointment". I will say I underestimated this trail when I saw how short it was. It begins the steady incline pretty quickly and while it is gradual it doesn't let up too much. I will say despite not having a great view at the top the trail itself is beautiful and feels very much like a rainforest and you can almost hear the brook throughout the entire hike. It is a very wet trail and footing can be questionable as a lot of the rocks are rather smooth and the tree roots aren't any better. The way up was easy the way down required extra caution because of the slippery areas. You know you are close to the summit when the trail narrows significantly and it almost feels like you are bushwacking. Around these narrow spots if you look to your left or slightly behind you can see some mountains through the trees. The summit has a very large clearing with a massive rock cairn which is impressive and made up for the lack of an outlook. It was very warm when we hiked this and no breeze so we snapped our picture and started to head back. Bug Spray, don't forget it or this will definitely be a horrible experience.

We started at 6am on 7.16.17 we got to the summit at 7:49am (White Mountain Guide book states 2 hrs 15min) we were back to our car at just before 10am. We had a decent pace and still stopped to take pictures and video

We did come across frogs and a lot of slugs which are typically a bright orange and easily avoidable so be sure to watch your step to not kill any of these ☺

Side note, I bring small trash bags with me to pack my trash out and along the way I pick up trash I see. While you don't have to it is a nice thing to do to keep these trails clean and beautiful.

11 months ago


Great hike. Not strenuous but has some minor stream crossings and rocky path requiring sure-footedness. Go to the hut for a nice view.

Did this one last September as a solo day-hike. One of my favorites of the 4000'ers. Not a difficult hike but it is long. The first couple miles are very easy and wind through various types of terrain. There's also a brief but steep portion maybe 3/4's up. No views from the top but the cliff view is one of the best I've seen. I spent a good bit of time there. Stopped in at Zealand Falls hut to rest and use the restroom on the way up and back.

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