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This is more advice than a review. Some video clips from my hike are linked here https://youtu.be/7kwPMPY_dXc

The access road was closed and there was a no parking sign at the gate. Parking on route 3 is probably your best bet although they didn't ticket or tow me for parking to the left of the gate.

The trail starts 1.6 miles from the gate ... some kids I ran into swore it they added some distance to the road on the way back :)

The trail isn't all that well marked, or the blazes may have been covered in snow I'm not entirely sure which. I ended up following bad advice and crossed the river at about 1.5 miles in from the trailhead (you can see this on the gpx recording I uploaded) ..this was unnecessary and a bit of a challenge due to the snow and unstable ice) It also caused me so take "the old trail" which was somewhat of a bushwhack for about 1 mile. Then another river crossing to reconnect to the trail.

There is a blue blaze that you have to make a right turn at to stay on "the new trail" ... this was impossible to know given the conditions. I recommend checking your location on a GPS at this point if you have one. DON'T cross the river.

From here the hike is a gradual ascent. Even in heavy snow it wasn't too challenging until about 1 mile from the hut. In the deep deep snow it became a real challenge even in snow shoes. From the hut you have about half a mile to the summit. The snow was so deep it basically was just a wall to the summit. Dig the tip of the snowshoe into the snow, hope it would grab, step up, repeat. it was a long half a mile. In summer conditions it would be a breeze.

Overall the hike is easy (most of the year) the best view is at the hut and overlook just before the summit. The summit is marked by a cairn in the trees.