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1 day ago

This .6 mile hike into Ripley’s Fall is so worth the journey. There are a lot of rocks and roots to traverse. The path is narrow in places and it was a little wet in places (we went in Sept, probably is very wet in Spring). The granite face of the falls is amazing, creating more of a water slide then falls. The slab is wide so I would imagine in the Spring it’s even more grand.

Very Enjoyable hike up via Bemis Brook Trail and down Arethusa Falls Trail. Truly an awesome piece of nature. Make sure to stop along the many pools and falls along the Bemis Brook Trail.

Loved this hike. perfect shorter hike on a beautiful late summer day. 80, low humidity. Up Arethusa trail. (1hour including walk from lower lot on the road). Some nice climbs with differing terrain. There are a few high steps. Falls are gorgeous and definitely offered a reward for the trip.
Came back via Bemis Brook trail. The "trail" that connects the two was interesting. Very steep and mostly comprised of tree roots and pine needles. A little hairy of a descent. I was grateful for my trekking poles.
It might feel safer to climb rather than descend. Fortunately, conditions were dry so the footng was firm.
The lower falls were definitely worth seeing.
Excellent day in the woods. I would hike these trails again.

5 days ago

It took about 2.25 hrs up with a few short water breaks and stops to admire the river views...around 1.5 hrs down. I'll echo previous posts about the steep switchbacks after you cross the river. This is a narrow trail and trekking poles help a ton. We were the only ones on the mountain! Spectacular views and a decent workout....hard to beat that!

This trail was very steep! And very difficult! Slippery on the way down! The view at the top was amazing but this is not for beginners!

5 days ago

Trail was super easy to navigate and it didn’t take long at all to reach the base of the falls. A little more climbing brings you to the top where I was able to sit with my dog and enjoy the views and the sound of the rushing water. Would totally recommend for any skill level!

This trail was so much fun for our family to hike! The perfect amount of a challenge for our 5 and 7 year olds, and the waterfall is beautiful! The kids had a ball walking and splashing in the water.

I went up the cliff path first so I wouldn’t have to on the way down... those first couple miles were tough! But it was really refreshing getting to the waterfall right near the end. The rest was a breeze after that!

A great hike with a beautiful payoff at the top!

Just a nice walk in the woods. My dog enjoyed the easy walk.

on Cathedral Ledge Trail

7 days ago

amazing veiw. we went there 2 x in the week . we love it. it good for any age

This trail has a variety of scenery and is not heavily traveled. We hopped onto this after taking the Bemis Brook and Arthusa Falls trails. The climbs are decent, if you are a newer hiker just take your time and it will be fine. The ridge top has a nice view. Be careful on the climb down (or the climb up if starting on the trail head.) This had a lot of small gravel and was a bit slick even in dry weather and with hiking boots. Would not recommend wearing sneakers on this trail if you can avoid it.

Surprisingly challenging for a short hike. Loved that you can splash around in the assorted falls along the trail.

9 days ago

We really enjoyed this hike! Bring your bug spray! There was a passing rain shower on our way down so some spots got slick. But the trail is very well maintained. The grade of this hike is steep at times, but the view was worth it! We only hike a few times a year and completed this in 3.5 hours.

We took the Bemis Brook Trail to the Arethusa Falls. This trail had great views, a good mix of climb and flat areas. The climb connecting the Bemis trail back to the main Arethusa is challenging so for those who are not experienced hikers could have a harder time. If you have any kind of hiking poles I would recommend taking them. The Arethusa Falls are amazing and in my opinion on the level of some I've seen in Hawaii. Bring a lunch or a snack and enjoy a moment at the falls.

Very great trail for a leisurely hike or connecting to more serious ones.

Randomly did this the other day. Great climb and beautiful views at the top.

on Mount Crawford Trail

19 days ago

This is a great trail for people who hike frequently!My boyfriend and I haven’t hiked in a long time so we struggled. The majority of the trail was a steep incline but the view at the top was worth it! It took us about 2.5 hours to get up to the top and a little over an hour to get down.

It's hard. A lot of climbing up rocks. Worth it!

29 days ago

Well maintained path, definitely worth the hike with a amazing view

Completed this as a traverse to include Mt Resolution, Mt Stairs and Mt Crawford. What a great day... 4 52vw peaks with non stop views

Beautiful scenery, great mix of inclines flat trails and plenty of other hikers along the trail to say hi to or show a quick smile. Took my two teenagers with me, and even after a few huffs and puffs, they were eager to keep going and very proud to get to the top.
Even though they said they wouldn’t do it again(big surprise), I will gladly do this again and be as happy doing it like the first time.
Definitely worth the trip and exercise!

Did this as an impromptu hike while checking out Echo Lake. Some parts are steep but the rocks were t as slippery as I thought since it rained that morning. It was very heavily trafficked and it didn’t take that long to get to the top, and of course the views of Cathedral Ledge was the icing on top. Loved the natural stairs and the old abandoned car on Bryce’s Path was so cool to look at. Trail markers were very clear and easy to follow. Would love to attempt this hike in the winter!

Great little walk .. thankful for the map on the app because path isn’t marked.

Absolutely awesome trail! We took Bemis Trail and rejoined the Arethusa Falls trail, but came back down Arethusa and I highly recommend this route. After seeing the two smaller waterfalls on Bemis and heading up, it is a very steep climb, but we successfully completed it with a 4, 8, and 9 year old. It was challenging for someone a tad out of shape, but well worth it. As others have stated, I think coming down Bemis would need to be slow going.

We started the trail via Frankenstein Cliffs which was a pretty steep incline but happy we got the hardest part over with in the beginning of the trail. There were very few people on the Cliff trail but once we got closer to the falls, there were many more- a little too busy to my taste. But all in all, a very beautiful 5 mike hike from start to finish and a great workout. It took us 4 hours but we stopped and picnicked by the smaller falls.

Nice, quick hike with tons of roots and mud along the way. The waterfall was beautiful! This trail is between easy/moderate, mostly for the quick elevation gain and small parts with climbing. Not bad, but watch your kids on the narrow parts.

Great 3 hour hike. Recommend heading towards Frankenstein cliffs first. Steep climb through shaded area that pops you out onto gorgeous outlooks. It had just rained a day prior to this climb so Arethusa falls was going strong. There are a lot of side paths to other falls and small pools, so if you have time to explore, you could easily make this into a full half day hike.

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