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Fun outing with my preteen! Hike is fun, gets steep at some points as mountains do, but great easy hike with mild intensity. We wore sneakers and brought plenty of water. The view is nice, worth the 2 miles.

A great trail with the wondrous 140 foot fall being the greatest reward of all. We spent over an hour at the falls picnicking and wading and taking a dip under the fall. It was truly memorable. The trail to the fall is not terribly exciting but not monotonous.

Bring a towel and prepare to get wet. The shower under the cool refreshing falls is truly unforgettable.

Great trail, the waterfall is beautiful. Please note that coming down off frakenstein cliff is difficult and dangerous since its so steep. Watch your footing and hold onto trees when you can.

Hiked up on July 12 - I am not in great cardiac shape and have some height issues - loved loved this trail. It is all up - but doable if taken slowly. One dog threw up on the middle of the trail- so if you take dogs, please figure that out. Poles helped and there are steep sections. Bugs more towards the trail head, but present. Take water.

Nice quick hike. Busy. Some trail work on bridges - there is a make-shift bridge right past the one that is being reset. Lot of people out there without water - which amazes me because it is still a hike and mainly uphill on the way to the falls. The falls are a great surprise at the end.

Great hike to beautiful falls! Trails are pretty rocky but clearly marked. Very crowded on a Saturday. Bemis trail has a very steep section, but multiple very nice falls to stop and swim or picnic. Overall beautiful hike! Took about 2 hours in and out with pretty active group taking breaks / crowded trail.

Tough, rocky, fairly well maintained.
Not too buggy, mostly shady.
Worth the walk for the falls.
Crowded on weekends with good weather.
Water is quite cold!
Bring a towel and a lunch!

Love this hike! Recommend taking the bemis brook trail which offers awesome swimming opportunities and great views.

11 days ago

My wife and I (both 68 y/o) went up Frankenstein Cliff trail, took the .5 mile spur to Falcon Cliff (just OK), over to Arethusa Falls (very worth seeing) and took the Bemis side trail down to two more beautiful smaller falls. Took us 6 hours as we don't move as fast as we use too. A good, not too long and not too strenuous hike.

Solid trail. Not difficult and makes for a nice day. If you’ve done other trails in the Whites, this could be a bit underwhelming, but it’s fun nonetheless.

A pleasant forest hike to a stunning waterfall. We did the Arethusa Falls trail out and went along the Bemis Brook trail on the way back. The Bemis Brook Trail offers opportunities to put your feet in the stream-- it was ice cold even on the day we went, which had temperatures in the 90s. The last section that connects the Bemis Brook Trail back to the Arethusa Falls Trail isn't hard to climb, but is a bit steep.

We went up the cliffs way. One confusing part of the trail was early at the railroad tracks. You have to follow along the tracks till you get to the railroad bridge. Before the bridge you pick the trail back up. Nice trail otherwise.

15 days ago

It was very hot and humid today but we made it in 4 hours and we stopped to take pictures and had lunch at the top. On the way down we took a small path to the Creek and dipped in the water to cool off. love this hike!

Pretty difficult for a beginner, but the view is worth it, just have to go a slow and steady pace :)

My GPS stopped working so, to get there from Crawford’s Notch area (Conway Scenic Railroad, etc), continue on 302 passes the Dry River Campground and about 1/3 mike down on the right, you’ll see the sign.

Completed the Arethusa Falls section on the trail (1.5 miles) with my 9 and 6 year old today and it was awesome! It took us about 90 minutes to go up because of multiple snack and water breaks, but only about 40 minutes to come down. The incline tapers off a little bit about halfway up and there are lots of boulders and fallen logs for jumping on. The falls are beautiful, and not very crowded. Def recommend for families, especially if you’re able/willing to take your time heading up.

22 days ago

This is a great hike with pano views well worth the effort. Hiking poles are a huge help, although they don't do too much for you on the rock face section. Once you get to the first peek of the awesome view (steep rock area) you are a little more than 1/2 way there. I did come home with several black fly bites on my face, but still a great day. Took us about 2 hrs each way.

worth the climb, beautiful summit

Very nice hike for my 8 year old and my Mastiff. Lots of kids and dogs on the trail. We took Bemis trail and enjoyed the smaller waterfalls. The connection aka scramble to get back to Arethusa was pretty steep. Fair warning. Many people on the trail, lots of dogs too. It seems that people didn't realize how long the hike really is, we saw many parents with kids and only 1 water bottle between them. Please prepare before going out there, especially if you have children.

1 month ago

Took us 7 hours to hike this up and back i would say this is Alittle bit more experienced trail than just moderate ... this was the first mountain we have ever climbed and it was exhausting haha we didnt know what we were getting into we only brought 6 waters and some gram crackers ... ya didnt work out so well lol! The view was AMAZING ... very rocky very very steep! Very rooty but worth it !

1 month ago

Absolutely breathtaking views at the fire tower. The other reviews are right, it's incredibly steep for most of the way up. If you aren't used to the rigorousness I wouldn't recommend this at first.

Bring water for pets, maybe some food depending on how long it takes you. Our hike legitimately took close to 8 hours but we underestimated how steep it really is.

Would do again though

This is one of my favorite short hikes in the Whites. Every time my friends and I go up to the Whites, we always stop at Arethusa Falls. The hike is very moderate and isn’t tough on joints and knees. The waterfall is beautiful and when it’s not too busy, it’s the nicest spot to take a cold dip on a hot summers day! This is a great hike for children!

We went up the Bemis and down the Arethusa Trail which was perfect for myself and my two teens. Beautiful waterfalls ending with the magnificent Arethusa Falls. A perfect day;)

3 beautiful waterfalls. Each have their own perfect aspect. Some steep parts through Bemis falls part but overall a wonderful hike.

Amazing hike, did this with boyfriend and our dog. Took Arethusa falls trail up and Frankenstein cliff trail down. Some parts of Arethusa were a bit muddy, and quite a bit of loose leaf litter/gravel on the way down. Other than that a perfect hike and well worth the views!!

Sunday 6/3/18 was the perfect day for a hike- it was sunny, 70° and pretty quiet on the trail. Most of the trail to Arethusa falls was dry and easy to traverse. The water was low enough to go down to the river bed safely and put our feet in some cold pools of water. Trail to the cliff from Arethusa falls was clear and easy to traverse although the soil is loose in many places which was the only thing that made it tough to navigate, especially going down hill. Whole loop took us about 4-5 hours with lots of stops for pictures and snacks. very quiet, only saw about a dozen other hikers all day. Would 100% recommend, it was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday!

1 month ago

Steep, well marked trail, varying surfaces with a few technical sections. Beautiful view from the top, well worth the visit!

1 month ago

This is a great hike! I am relatively new to hiking in ME/NH, but this is the best so far. It starts off well giving you time to warm up before sending you over rock faces and some steep sections that’ll get your heart going. The views at the summit are 360 degrees and amazing. Will be back for sure.

Awesome view at the top and fairly short hike all together. Bug spray is a must.

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