Tip: open the map and scroll left to where North Moat Mountain is. That is where you’re going. Not sure who gets to decide which path is the “official” one for these trails, but if you stopped where the red line does you’d never get to any of the views. Actual hike as measured by my Fitbit was just under 10 miles. Not recommended for anyone with less-than-stellar knees. Shares a parking lot with Diana’s Baths so get there early if you want a space. Bring $5 in cash for the Day Use fee. After deviating from Diana’s Baths we didn’t see anybody for another 3 hours. Lots of exposed smooth rock, slippery when wet, which it was in spots. Wear boots and long pants, bring poles if you’ve got them, lots of water, and plenty of snacks. If you want to make the trip educational, bring a field guide on mushrooms. I’ve never seen so many, of so many different kinds, in one place. Incredibly beautiful environment, but definitely the high end of moderate, if not hard. Glad I did it, but my knees are telling me I won’t be doing it again.