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While I was in the area, to drop off my daughter for college in Boston, I treated myself with a couple of hikes in New Hampshire. All I can say is, that 2 days of hike in the area it’s not enough, have to go back soon! Did the blue trail up, and the yellow down. Amazing view!

NIGHT HIKE - I had not hiked Mount Major since I was a child, so it was almost a brand new experience for me. The erosion on the Main Trail is CRAZY - like walking with tree roots at eye level in some places. I always like to include in my reviews that I still consider myself to be a pretty novice hiker, in moderate shape with some sports injuries (knee, ankles). Some guidebooks grade Major as EASY and that's not 100% the case. It's MOSTLY EASY, until you get to a handful of slabs at the end. Me and my pup (who is way more agile than me) had to navigate portions very slowly and carefully to make it to the top - and I had to resort to some rock climbing knowledge in order to do so.

All in all though - this was a BLAST to hike in the dark. I know that it's a popular spot, so it was super fun to have the summit all to ourselves. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed some hot chocolate at the top!

Amazing view at the top. Panoramic views of nearby mountains & lakes. Parking lot was overflowing but plenty of parking along main highway. Trails were very well marked. Took blue trail up, which became trickier about half way up, requiring hands in spots. Little kids & dogs may need boosts up some rocks/boulders. Took orange trail down which seemed to have less bouldering than blue trail. The rocks/boulders up top could definitely be slippery in rain which would totally change the experience. I went on a beautiful day and had a truly great hike! I

I’ve hiked mount major a thousand times but I’ve never hiked over to straightback mountain, I’m so glad I did, it has amazing views and such a nice summit to just sit and relax for a little while.

Nice hiking trail.

View at the top is gorgeous! Trail was a little rough, steep, rocky.

nice easy hike. great view. too bad some dipshit with a drone was there that day. kinda put a damper on the 'out with nature' vibe. lots of people. probably 2-3 hrs round trip at medium pace.

Beautiful view, as many blueberries as I could ever eat, and a good leg workout! The hike up is steep and rocky, but doable. Going down is harder. Against others’ advice, I would not see Mt Anna/West Quarry/etc. they are not real summits so to speak, more like posts in the ground surrounded by trees that obscure every angle. Almost no traffic

It really was not young family friendly. My family had hiked this before and the conditions over the past several years deteriorated remarkably. Actually could not even relax until we hit the summit due to the trail hazards. Mount Major Erosion!

only saw three people on the wat up. on a friday. you can skip leg day at the gym after rhe hike too

3 months ago

Great weather. Good company. Trails good. Up boulder trail. Down blue trail. Blue trail could be better marked.

Took the Main Trail up and the Brook
Trail down. Fabulous! Glad I had good hiking boots as the footing was tricky.

This is a great and challenging hike. Did the full 10 miles with my wife and dog yesterday. I'd recommend bringing a map with you because you'll be changing trails frequently, and some trails, especially the white trail, are not marked very well. ALSO: Check yourself and your pets VERY thoroughly for ticks, we've found almost 20 on the 3 of us since last night.

I came here with my older sister and my dog, expecting to hike the full 10 miles but we ended up taking the wrong trail down from the summit of Mount Major but it was definitely worth it. We took the boulder trail up to the summit and it had a breathtaking view of lake Winnepesaukee (probably not spelled right). Our 10 year old dog enjoyed the hike every step of the way and she was leading us the whole time. I would really recommend this hike to anyone because the view from Mount Major is well worth the hike to the top.

I messed up thinking I was crossing Quarry Trail. I was confused by dashed line not appearing under the second loop on all trails map, indicating a TRAIL, so I thought I was continuing on the orange section that was not the easiest and not travelled (not so much a trail) just prior to hitting Quarry Trail. I started at noon but if I started a little earlier, perhaps I wouldn’t have bailed on the extra 4mi and elevation gain. I was attempting both loops CCW not figure 8. Great weather. Nice time. I will return to get this right. Printed map, from website, showed Quarry Trail as dashed, not sure if it would read Quarry Trail if I had zoomed in further, red trail on map does not match dashed trails exactly. I had used iPhone to guide me thru the hike and when I reached junction of orange/Quarry, I zoomed in but no dash and no trail name on screen.
In addition to pink (Cucuit), no dash and no trail name on zoomed map on iPhone-I was recording the track and when I went 20-50ft “right” on the Quarry Trail and you can see my track (red) is perpendicular to the pink giving further indication that I was supposed to cross the Quarry Trail not take it. This was only the second hike I used All Trails and recorded the track. More prep time and planning might have eliminated any doubts at that intersection.

Quick little hike with a great view of Alton Bay and Winny. Hiked with my dog and we moved pretty quickly - about 45min to the top.

Nice way to get to Major and avoid the crowds. Saw no one until I was nearing the summit, and the trail itself is wide and well-marked.

I've hiked Mt Major 10 times now. Going early week nights are the best to avoid the Disney land line of people. last night 4/23/18 was my first time getting lost in the woods in the dark. To the point we considered calling for help. We lost the yellow trail coming down in the dark. Our hike started before sunset, we finally made it back to the parking lot at 1am. It was a great adventure

Lots of graffiti, rude tourists and trash everywhere. Nice view of the lake but there are lots of other places nearby without the crowds, noise and trash.

Starts off easy, gets progressively steeper until there is some rock scrambling near the end, but nothing too difficult. You start getting views about 1.2 miles up, and the panorama at the summit is incredible. I would recommend a different trail for the descent, such as the Brook Trail.

A great winter hike we did the main trail (blue) and the orange trail, took about 2 hours with snow, microspikes needed in some areas. Yaktracks weren't enough on the sheer ice.

What a great and fun loop. Parking at the trailhead is alongside the road which is a bit tight. The trail going up to Straightback Mountain was not very well blazed (at least in the snow). Had there not been tracks ahead of us we would have had trouble finding our way. The connection from the summit of straightback to major (blue blazed Belknap range trail) was well blazed again. We hiked clockwise which was a great idea as to descend the shorter and moderately steep and very well blazed red trail. We had to break the trail through the snow on the way down to complete the loop and not go back the way we came. There was one brook crossing which was maybe a bit tricky but we found a way across without getting wet. Took us a bit under 4 hours in the snow.

Not sure what happened to the gps but the mileage is wrong.

Hiked with my 5 and 9 year old. The parking lot is almost always full spring through early fall which is why we went up at the end of November. The trail was still busy. We saw people ending their hike as we started up around 10 am. We saw people through out the trail and summit and we saw people starting their trek as we were leaving at 2pm. Now imagine that when its not in the lower 30's with heavy wind.

For as often as this trail gets used I was surprised at its difficulty level. This trail really is moderate. It is by no means easy. Completely do-able but not a simple walk in the forest. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger then 5 or 6, or for anyone really out of shape.

The first .5 miles are a steady incline with a brief flat section then back to incline for another .5 miles and finally a full scramble for the last .25 miles.

We had ice on all the flat rock faces and the scramble portions. There were sections where we had to go "off trail" and walk in parallel with the blazed section to avoid ice. My 9 year old who never needs help needed assistance in some sections. I'm sure this wouldnt matter in a warmer month.

Over all its a great half day hike with a pretty good pay off at the peak. I would choose the trails in the Ossipee range (Mt. Roberts, Bald Knob, etc...) across the lake if you're looking for better views of the lake. You'll also encounter far less people.

Beautiful fall hike! Very scenic on October 21, 2017!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nice views at the top of Mt. Major after a nice relaxing hike :) We chose the gentle route up, and coming down the steeper side wasn’t bad at all.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2nd time. Beautiful panoramic summit!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beautiful views, especially in the fall!! Trail is a bit crowded with other hikers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This is and all day hike, food & extra water. Parts are very quite except around Mt. Major. Once past this area you won't see more than 2 0r 3 other hikers. Some areas are steep and rocky others are gentle in a forest setting. This is part of the Belknap Redlining Patch Program. 66 MILES AND 15 PEEKS, IT WAS A great TIME ....

Monday, October 16, 2017

Amazing views

Monday, October 16, 2017

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