The reason for the 4 stars is that, when you park (across the street from trail) there is no info to direct you across the street. So my hubby and I saw a trail at the lot and started walking. We finished in 30 mins with no views and very unstable and rocky unmaintained trails. We tried again thinking we should have went to the right instead of the left. Well, that didn’t work either and we were misplaced for about 30 minutes!! We Finally found our way out of the dark wet woods. Got back to the lot and saw some people walking down the street with a dog, so we followed them!! Well Well, there’s the trail!! We had almost given up!! I’m glad we didn’t. The view at the top was Spectacular!!! The trail starts off beautiful, then gets very narrow but still easy, all in all, it was was a great hike and I would def recommend it!!!