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I had fun! Went up Main Trail (Blue) and down Brook Trail (Yellow). The final ascent on Blue is steep, exposed rock face. I had my sticky trail running shoes, so that made the climb easier. The Yellow is easier on the knees coming down, but definitely longer. Went the morning before thunderstorms were scheduled to roll in, so trails were not heavily trafficked. In wet weather, the Yellow trail down was a better choice - rocks get slippery when wet! I'm an average dayhiker and pushed my ascent pace to beat the weather; took me about 1 h 45 min for the whole loop including a five minute break at the top. Folks who don't hike a lot or who are hiking with little ones will probably need to budget more time.

Awesome rocks. Wide trail. Went to the summit with my dog. He had a blast. It gets steep toward the top and it rained a bit during my hike. Rocks got slick. Great views. I took the blue trail.

6 days ago

Attempted this trail the other day with my friend and were very disappointed. About 0.5 mi into the hike, after the clearing, the trail becomes extremely overgrown and unmaintained. Wouldn't even consider it a trail rather than a very old-bumpy service road for the quarry. We were planning on taking the left side of the loop up to then take the main blue trail over to Mt. Major, didn't end up going as planned. Don't waste your time on this unless you like overgrown hikes.

Nice short hike
Awesome views from top

Blue dash trail is steeper and more challenging with smooth rock faces

I would not rate this easy in any way. Lots of boulders to climb over. Trail is very well marked. This one was too hard for me. Really beautiful views at the top.

14 days ago

Went up the yellow and down the blue. Glad I went up yellow. Hard for me since I am out of shape but it was doable. Coming down the blue trail was very steep and made me glad I went the longer but less steep route. Beautiful view at the top.

Took the yellow trail up and orange (boulder) trail back down. Even with added distance, it was still less than 2.5 hours with a short break at the summit. Great views as expected, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Not too many views or cool rock formations aside from the summit zone though. Steady climb past the first mile, but thoroughly in the middle of "moderate" range. Limit time on the blue trail to avoid the crowds.

We did this hike a few weeks ago and it was great, not too hard for someone like me with a desk job. ;) Saw lots of kids and dogs do this trail no problem as well. The views from the top were awesome! Everyone like a good view of the water, right? Definitely will be coming back to do this one in the fall for the leave change!

This trail was beautiful, and consistently challenging. It was a reminder to me that All Trail’s scale for easy / moderate / hard is inconsistent. I’ve taken ‘hard’ ones I found easier than this. That being said, loved every minute of it.

Moderate and rewarding hike. Gets a little steep on the rocks near the top, but the view is well worth it!

Great hike a few hours from Boston. On the easy side of moderate. I’m not I’m great shape, I think if you’re a seasoned hiker this would be cinch with a spectacular payoff.

Steep hike but fun beautiful views.

This was a great hike! We went with a group about a month ago, so did couple stops on the way up but it was worth it for the view from the top! Definitely Recommend. We went up the Blue Trail which was harder than we expected and then we came down the Yellow Trail. I would recommend doing yellow trail both up and down but sometimes it is hard to see trail markers(hopefully they update that soon). Make sure you force yourself to get to top because it's beautiful. Couple people in our group almost gave up and they were glad they didn't.

1 month ago

This is a great hike! Our four year old climbed the entire trail, up and down, all by himself, with some snack/lunch breaks of course. We hike frequently but this was his first mountain! He loved the steep sections at the top. Harder for my husband to carry our 2.5 year old down the Brook Trail - and definitely glad we did not choose to go up that longer way. I was about 15 weeks pregnant when we hiked this and given our pace with the kids, I only felt out of breath a handle of times. It’s not easy but it’s manageable if you slow down. The loop took us a little over 5 hours including time spent at the top. If we did it again, we’d go straight up and down, although the Brook section was much more quiet. My biggest complaint is just how crowded it was, Memorial Day weekend, but that’s to be expected on this level of a hike I think. We found tons of salamanders and enjoyed an amazing view, even on a more cloudy day! We’ll definitely be back.

was a good hike.

Great view as always; warning of cayotes.. We actually heard a bear roar and run in the woods... We were very quiet coming down on Sunday.

Fun family friendly hike with great views.

Great hike with awesome lake views. Took our 6 month old cattle dog and he did great with all the rocky areas! Definitely recommend.

Solid hike with some great views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Heavily trafficked trail so you'll have plenty of company on nice days. Overall, not a very difficult hike, although there are a couple short, technical spots on the ascent

Great Day with some great views. A few steeper sections, but no falls today. Pretty quiet for a weekday morning, only one school group and they were leaving the summit as we arrived. When we got down from the mountain around 12:30/1:00, the parking lot was really filling up.

This was a lovely hike,especially for the first of the season. We hiked on 5/27/18 which was the start of a holiday weekend and it was extremely busy. There were no parts of the trail we were alone. It was quite easy to hike with only a couple of rocky scrambles on the way up and one or two steep spots coming down right after the peak. Nice views of the forest and bay from the top. Great hike for kids, even young ones, and dogs. Was too easy for my skill level but a nice fast run that allowed us time to see a few sights around the lake towns after. Parking lot and street were full but we got a lucky spot from some early birds leaving. This would be a great first mountain hike for anyone just getting started with hiking.

great hike we took our three kids age 8 10 12 to the summit today for there first ever hike they loved it and had no problems with the steep spots

Enjoyable trail. Ascended via Mt. Major Trail.
There's a small flat spot with a nice view just below the summit. Since there were 225 teenagers on a field trip at the top, we paused at this scenic view for a bit before completing the ascent. Quite windy at the top. Descended via Brook Trail which hooks up to Mt. Major at the .7 mile mark. Brook is an easier and quieter descent as there are some steep sections of Mt. Major.

Loved this trail! Was looking for a diverse experience and this hike had it all from different species of animals to rocks, dirt and mud, to a MAGNIFICENT view at the top. Great “dust-offer” for the first hike of the season. The only part that scared me was a rattlesnake that surprised is on the way down just a feet or two from us. Other than that hesitation, we Will do again!

1 month ago

This was a bit confusing. It was a bit hard to find the trail head on multiple occasions. The trail was super easy though (once i figured it out), and the view at the top was lovely. It was kind of crowded even for a week day. Super super easy hike, would definitely recommend for beginners and children. Nothing super exciting for avid hikers though.

This is a pretty quick hike with an excellent payoff with views of the bay. I convinced my buddy Derrick to hike this during a full moon. We made it to the top barely using headlamps and set up a couple hammocks. The highlight was watching the sunrise above the lake.

I agree that the views are amazing! You can see the water and forest below almost 360degrees around you because the summit is clear of heavy forest and is mainly smooth rock. I found the toughest part was the trail marked with orange blazes I took on the descent. Although the stone felt rough and I was able to get a good grip, I found it more difficult than expected. Wear strong hiking boots. Bring layers. The top was windy and chilly.

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