18 days ago

We hiked this trail from where the Sawyer River Trail meets it and crosses over the river on the bridge to go up to the pond.

The hike is pretty easy. Not too steep, almost entirely in the shade. However, the trail suffers from large amounts of runoff. In some areas the trail is a creek with water running right down it. Be prepared for mud! And bugs!

The pond is gorgeous and inviting for fishing and a swim. We didn’t have much luck with fish in the pond or creeks and river, though.

The camping platforms are in good condition and each has a fire pit. The shelter is also in good condition with a great view of the lake. We waited out an afternoon thunderstorm in it and the roof does it’s job! We stayed warm and dry. There is also an outhouse near the shelter, uphill. It is in relatively good condition...but watch out for spiders under the toilet lid!!!!