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Beautiful hike and with the snow gives a Narnia vibe in the desert.

22 hours ago

Shapes of big rocks are very unique.

Hell of a workout.

Just a note on distance. You see a wide range of distances recorded for Gold Strike Canyon. Some over 10 miles and some at 8 miles or less. From near the new parking area, the total distance, round-trip is 5.2 miles, according to the Park Service. At a brisk walk, I can make it down to the river in about an hour. Even on a flat surface, I would not be able to do 4 or 5 miles in an hour. Why are the distance recordings so varied? If you look at them, the data points are bouncing all over the place. Even if a person moved only a short distance, the GPS data point might be 100 feet to the right of you one moment and then 30 feet to the left and 20 feet up the next. This makes it appear you are going a lot further than you actually are. I suspect this is because of the high canyon walls bouncing the GPS signal before it reaches your phone, giving your phone wrong information about where you actually are. Even though it is shorter than you might think, it is still incredibly beautiful and a great workout!

Really beautiful hike, highly recommend. Check out my full guide on Hikingguy com.

love the views throughout this trail!

beautiful hike! amazing views! the colours along this trail are beyond stunning!

we loved this trail, wasnt too long, has an amazing view of Fire Canyon at the end. we sat there and enjoyed the view uninterrupted for a while. so peaceful. still quite hot even in December

this is the easiest over 10,000 feet in the Tahoe areai have done 4 others that are harder

Nice simple trail. A lot of trail markers seem to be vandalized (missing) finally found the trail that led to the top without having to scale the steep path up the side of the bluff. We came down the steep trail. A good morning 4mi walk when we were finished. The are two other starting places with park that Alltrails does not show you.

3 days ago

This was a nice couple hour hike. I'm not sure I would agree this is an "Easy" trail. The trail around the bottom is "Easy", but the climb to the peak is pretty steep, more like "Moderate". I do a weekly 8 mi hike that climbs 3000 ft, so I'm in pretty good shape and I was puffing at the peak. Also the trail is poorly marked and lots of loose rock.

trail is picturesque in the snow. snow is hard packed on trail.

3 days ago

Don’t quit! Great views from the cabin.

3 days ago

Loved this trail. Great views. Kids loved it too...

on White Rock Loop

3 days ago

Great hike. If you park at the bottom of the hill, it’s a half mile climb to the trailhead; high clearance vehicles (and rental cars) can get up the hill to the small lot/turnaround.

I like to hike it in a clockwise fashion starting at the trailhead. The east side is a pleasant desert ramble with great views of White Rock mountain and the sandstone formations/boulders. The trail then crosses over to the Willow Springs picnic area which can be used as an alternate trailhead. Signs along the trail here point out interesting archeological sites, including petroglyphs. Look for big horn sheep high in the rocks. Around the west side it’s a steady climb through juniper, pines, and manzanita up to the saddle. Be sure to look back at the beautiful view of the valley landscape! Moving to the north side reveals a great illustration of the Keystone Thrust Fault; the limestone cliffs of the La Madre mountain and Turtlehead Peak thrust up on top of the sandstone of Red Rock canyon.

This trail keeps me coming back...

3 days ago

The elevation gain when you’re starting so high up unexpectedly kicked my butt, made the switchbacks a bit more uncomfortable since it added strain to monotony, but the end of the trail was quite worth it. I did this back in July, and despite the cooler weather up in Mt Charleston, laying on the rocks was amazing. The water was little but so ice cold, it was wonderful. Beautiful scenes

Back today for snowshoeing- this local trail is becoming one of my favorites! Went about 2.5 miles or so before the broken trail came to an end, so ended up with a total distance slightly over 5 miles. The views were gorgeous! The Carson Valley was hidden under a “lake” of fog, while Lake Tahoe sparkled in the sun.

This trail was fabulous for snowshoeing! I appreciated the plowed parking lot at the trailhead that did not require a Sno-Park permit. We headed out early, and only ended up seeing four other people on our way back. Doing the trail in winter, covered in pristine snow was magical - and so different than hiking it in summer. Shortly after the second vista point, we had to start breaking trail so at that point we decided to turn back. I was glad to have the map downloaded since many other snowshoers and cross country skiers have made their own trails and off shoots. All in all, it was a great way to enjoy the mountain snow without making extra pollution or noise.

Not legal for Mt. Bikes in Calico Basin.

5 days ago

5 days ago

Nice hike. Some climbing. Lots of hiking along leg draining sandy/gravel paths. From the trailhead, it starts out disappointing as you hike through a heavily littered area along the back of a new subdivision. Pretty soon, the hills hide any development and you are secluded. If you can, please grab a handful of trash on your way out.

Great hike,

Beautiful hike but more amazing in the snow. looks like a winter wonderland.

Wow! What a beautiful hike!
It’s pretty advanced and requires a decent level of fitness, as there a several areas with ropes where you have to use them to help yourself get up or down. After the ropes begin, you will soon discover the hot springs that will lead you down to Colorado River just south of Hoover Dam.
The entire hike took a little over 5 miles and about 5 hours for a group of 6 of us to complete - worth every minute and every scratch I got!

Great hike, but for me it was more strenuous than moderate. The last half mile is a steep climb. The pour-off had just a little water coming down it. Great photography spot! Highlight though was seeing a huge black bear going up and then again coming down.

Tougher than I expected for a short 4 mile hike. Kudos to Jenna being able to run it downhill, it was way too loose for my liking, I was sliding all over the place. Great view of the city once you get to the top.

Great hike, very scenic. Not too challenging. The falls at the top are beautiful.

8 days ago

Great! This is NOT for the faint hearted. While the elevation gain was not the highest, the loose rocks and the potential for afternoon thunderstorms are big concerns. Not to mention the heavy wind and full exposure on top. Better to go early and go in late summer.

on Calico Tanks Trail

8 days ago

This is a fine hike, nothing spectacular, except for the view near the end of the trail. OK for families with kids.

I don't know why this trail is knocked down. It is a challenging run; but ends with a gorgeous aspen Grove and other mountainous trees. And I never seen anyone. I have done it a couple of times.

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