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2 days ago

Awesome and very easy.
Very tight at the top.
Sucks that people spray paint all over.
People leave trash and do a mini fire pit.

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Was a little crazy watch for falling ice pretty great day all round though


Took the family on this little hike...did about 2 miles...lots to see and explore, saw a small trickling waterfall. The petroglyphs were a hit with the wife! My daughters did great and loved climbing some of the boulders in the wash.

We really enjoyed this challenging hike today. We turned around about 3/4 of the way to the waterfall at the end due to the increased difficulty of the bouldering. We had seen so much beauty already that we were full and didn’t need to press on. The little pools of water and stream along with endless beautiful rocks of all colors and patterns and the diversity of the plant life made this hike one of our favorites so far.
When you are on the trail, you will come to a big rock triangle in the dirt and there are three ways to go. This is where we went left to the riverbed and then took a right at the riverbed and followed it out and back for the reminder of the hike. This will take you to the pools of water. Be careful coming back. We almost missed the left out of the riverbed to get back onto the main trail.

Great hike with some cool caves

The mountains besides the trail are so beautiful. I am sorry I didn't hike the whole trail.

9 days ago

More of a Nice easy walk more than a hike. I am new to hiking and this was effortless for me. Great way to enjoy nature without needing to put in a lot of physical strength.

Fun hike that's close to town. Lots of people out on a warm Sunday afternoon. Trail was pretty soupy in 5-6 spots from the rain and snow melt. Lots of footprints churning up the mud. Once in the tree line trail was very slick on the inclines. Waterfall was very pretty, as was the rest of the hike. Trail head is far enough from major roads that there was no sounds of town, only rushing water from the creek the whole way. Interesting to see where one of the recent fires affected and stopped.

It’s definitely not 5 miles. To the end of the trail was maybe a mile and a half out if that. The sign even says 2.4 round trip. It’s pretty but March 10th we saw a trickle and a small pond.

17 days ago

I took Option 2, the 200. The climb was pretty easy and the view was fantastic. Got a bit confused on the way back. There was a side route without any markings, but looked very used. I thought the petroglyphs were down that way. After a while I gave up and headed back down the 100. That’s when I found them! They are neat. Climbing down the waterfall is a bit tricky. I don’t suggest taking children or dogs. Biking is a definite no-go.
Really fantastic, except for the bit of confusion and the climb down the waterfall.

Great option to get away from the normal Las Vegas crowds

fantastic trail for anyone in Reno. I love the sound of the creek as you hike.

Easiest little trail! Amazing with snow!

20 days ago

Always a lovely trail, easy to follow and straight-forward. It's still cold enough to freeze the falls, so it was a spectacular column of ice.

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23 days ago

Couple inches of snow once you get in the trees but mostly dirt and mud on the way up. The trail can be easily followed and navigated. Recommend good traction on your shoes since the mud and snow can get a little slick on the steeper slopes. Great run! Especially coming back down! Enjoy!

25 days ago

nice trail to hike with the family. there are many routes that will eventually get you to the same place! my 4 yr old and dog both enjoyed themselves!

Southern Cali girl here. I recently got back into hiking and have tried to look for a nearby trail anywhere I go. My boyfriend has family in the Vegas area so I was excited to learn of the many wonders surrounding us here. This is one of many trails in the park. It was fun to get lost in the canyon, climb rocks and play with snow. I'm glad we started early because it wasn't crowded and we got to appreciate the creek and ponds practically to ourselves. will return!

Great scenic trail... The youngest in the group was our 5 year old daughter and she loved it.

Love the scenery. Only problem I had with the trail was there were so many forks and it was hard to make out where the trail actually went and ended. Lots of dead ends. Ended up traveling back and going to two different creek split-offs. Also the map on this app is much longer than what is traveled upon by walked trails. Pick your own adventure, I guess!

28 days ago

Went up snowing. Totally stunning experience. Snow made the trail very slippery at times, and was difficult to follow on the way down with the trail totally covered in slow. Not a long hike, but almost all uphill.

The falls were almost completely frozen, which made for a truly surreal experience.

I looking at the water fall

29 days ago

Great hike thru the beginning of the canyon!

fairly easy trail with a lot of great views of waterfalls and wild life.

Such a nice trail! Very easy and very flat with the smallest amount of climbing at the end. The pond was cool to see, too.

great easy hike, we took the kids so we didn't go too deep into the canyon itself but we did take multiple side trails out of the wash and into the boulders and hills. Great time exploring!

on First Creek Trail

1 month ago

Great hike! Even a water hole for the dog.

We had a great experience today, our 8 year old crushed the trail! Not an issue following trial, fairly easy finding markers and staying on course! Great hike! Petroglyphs were exciting to see!

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