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It was hard on the first 4 miles and then just flat and beautiful. I totally recommend it...

The trail was excellent this morning. A little smoky. The wildflowers are out in force in the top half of the hike. This is a consistently uphill hike the entire distance, but the views and ambiance from the top are outstanding. The pond itself is quite small, but the surroundings are gorgeous. I went with friends who continued on the bushwhacking scramble up to Mount Rose, but I stopped about half mile beyond the pond. The hike down is rewarding. On clear days, the views of surrounding valleys would sometimes be very good, but it was hazy.

not really a defined trail. had a few wild horses block part of the path and there were lots of birds around but overall wasn't what I expected from reviews here :/ meh

Love this trail ...

Hiked this trail on 5/9/17.... was clear and dry all the way over the top to Church’s Pond.... a little snow patches and mud on Pond side but still passable ... beautiful hike!! Other than the unleashed dog that nipped the back of leg on the way up, (thank God for thick wool socks , it didn’t break the skin), it was a great out and back hike!!

Hiked up to the snow line. Too icy. Turned around and came back down. Did about 6 Miles. Beautiful trail.

This trail surprised me. It's nice to have water back in the lakes. Seems that the wildlife appreciates it as well. I always get a kick out of seeing the wild mustangs and this time there was a fairly young foal that was playing with several of the older horses. Lots of birds to watch and a few other critters for the dog to get excited about.

Fantastic trail. However, it should probably be labeled Hard due to the 2-mile steep climb up Jones Creek. The trail becomes a little easier once you hit the switchbacks. The views are incredible. Will definitely hike this one again.

Super pretty. There is still snow from the Jones creek/Church's pond marker. as long as you are careful
( it is pretty slick) it is totally worth it to go all the way to the pond. ⛰

I hiked this trail up to Mt. Rose Meadows in October. Beautiful, looking at all the leaves changing colors in the fall and there’s a forest of aspen trees. It’s a peaceful hike make sure you bring a lunch and plenty of water.

This trail surprised me. Even though this time of year, all the fauna is brown. I had a really good time seeing all of the birds. a bunch of Wood ducks, a couple of Mallards, a Heron, a Red Tailed Hawk and a few Black Birds. There were prints from several Deer on the trail. I was thankful for the strong breeze that Washoe Valley is known for. Without it the bugs could have been bad even at this time of year.

Really fun trail! Doesn't take too long before the sounds of the freeway are drowned out by the wind through the pine needles, sounds of the creek and the birds singing. Yes, there is a pretty good grade to climb, but you are going from Washoe Valley into the mountains. I didn't make it all the way too the lake, the snow covering the trail was knee high in a few spots and I was uncertain on which way the path went. Had a great time!

My dog and I enjoyed the trail all to ourselves in the storm. Hiked to Churchs Pond and back.

This was my second attempt to get to Rock Lake, but after downloading GPS coordinates, it helped as trail is hard to find after the creek. Hike is very steep going in and we did this on a winter day that turned out to be warm. At almost two miles in, there is a creek crossing and then shortly after, a second one. You will come to a sign showing that Ophir Creek continues on. DO NOT take the trail that goes downhill (this leads into Little Valley and some private property). When you continue on to Ophir Creek trail, it appears the trail stops and you will have to hike up a creek bed. We did this going up. However, there is a trail to the right of the creek, but it is hard to find. Once you go up the creek bed, you will meander through some "bramble" and find the trail again. Eventually, you will come to a couple of signs (one leads you to Upper Price lake and the other to Rock Lake). The trail is downhill from here and there was quite a bit of snow on the trail going in. Once we got to the lake, it was frozen over and we had fun throwing rocks out there to see if it would break. The entire trip (including our 1/2 lunch break at Rock Lake) was about 5 hours.

Great physical climb in the forest and perfect for a quick tough workout getaway and peaceful rest at the top. It took about 4.5 hours pushing through without breaking all the way up, which was tough, and relaxing an hour at the lake. It’s just hard to stack up with Galena, Rose, and the TRT so close by. Limited scenic views and a small lake, although they were nice. There was still snow on the trail and the lake was frozen when I went in early February so I’ll have to do it again in summer to see if it would be better. Be prepared to walk through 20 yards of calf deep creek water or thick brush right before the lake; at least this time of year. All in all it was a really nice hike and good alternative day hike to mix things up if you are a regular local day hiker.

2/3/18 - This was a great hike. All uphill to Church’s Pond, and for the most part pretty dry, but it did get muddy/icy at the crest en route to the pond, which is frozen over. Downhill the whole way back. Beautiful views. Highly recommended and I will be doing it again soon as long as it continues to stay warm/dry.

Not much snow on the trail until you get to the crest. From there to the pond there's a good bit of snow. The trail is pretty crusted, so no need for snow shoes.

Great trail with a lovely pond at the top.

Great hike. Start to finish was 3 hours. The pond has water and snow on the bank. Fall colors are just starting. Enjoyed the mountain with a lot of
Other hikers.

Perfect time of the year hike! Pleasant temperature, a few people, and the beginning of fall colors. The trail was a little bit steeper than I expected. My Fitbit said about 10 miles round trip, it took us roughly 4.5 hours.

Hiked to Upper Price Lake.
i was planning to camp there but wasnt able to make it before nightfall and had to stop and make camp less than a mile away in a clearing.

The lake was pretty, the camp site is kinda small but could probably fit 6 - 8 tents and the water is colder then a witch's titty. That's however cold you think it is, minus a few degrees.

If you're going to do this hike, i recommend camping overnight, the site was beautiful and isolated, perfect for hanging out with friends and loved ones.

But if youre only going to hike it, there are plenty of pretty views but not enough for the difficulty, you'll probably be underwhelmed.

Going there took me about 4 hours with a heavy pack. Getting down was a lot easier and only took me about 2 hours. Im probably an average or below average hiker.

Yall should also know, THE FIRST MILE is a B#*^H and probably the most difficult. After that there are short but difficult parts in the middle and end but nothing major, so dont get discouraged by that.

And right before you get to the lake youll need to go through a river that is about a foot and a half deep (at the deepest) to 3 inches (in the more shallow areas). For this i had to take off my shoes and cross barefoot.

Good luck yall!

Over the last few months, I've done this hike probably about 10 times. It is one of my go-to hikes when I want something quick that still has a bit of challenge. The way up is pretty steep, but is doable with the switchbacks. Excellent views from the top. The pond is always nice, but limited shade. The trail can be quite crowded on the weekends, so plan accordingly.

Great Hike! Mostly up all the way but what great scenery along the way. I thought the hike well worth the burn.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Had an unsupervised night so the Mrs and I decided to shake out our packs before our TRT trip next week. We have started this trail at Davis creek many times, but never gone more than a mile or so. We were expecting more people on a friday night, but were pretty much alone the whole time. Two creek crossings a mile and a half in were fun, but around mile 3 there is a rock chute uphill that was quite the chess game wearing a 40# pack. Just past the intersection for Tahoe meadows we continued forward to a creek crossing which was longer and colder than expected, probably 30yds or so. The payoff was worth it, a nice little lake to ourself. Just off trail before the lake was a perfect campsite. cooked dinner near the firepit. Fishing was crap, but probably because I forgot bait! Lots of birds, one 3 point buck and a bullfrog were highlights.3:36 up, 2:30 down. Recommend flip flops and trekking poles for rocks and creeks

Monday, July 31, 2017

Easy hike although there is no shade and it was blazing hot today! I recommend doing this less than 2 mile walk on a cooler day.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

We only made it partway up. The trail degrades into a washout for some time after the creek crossings. While some of the washout travel was dry, other times there is a small but slippery stream running down it. All in all it wasn't the greatest trail I've been on.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

We camped at Washoe Lake in August 2016 to view the Perseid Meteor shower. Got an early start one morning with one of the doggos & enjoyed this jaunt.

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