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beautiful hike. lots of wildflowers! steep in parts, just enough to feel like a great workout!

Hiked this trail on 5/9/17.... was clear and dry all the way over the top to Church’s Pond.... a little snow patches and mud on Pond side but still passable ... beautiful hike!! Other than the unleashed dog that nipped the back of leg on the way up, (thank God for thick wool socks , it didn’t break the skin), it was a great out and back hike!!

Great trail with a lot of up and down. The trail is pretty rocky and steep in places. The wildflowers are just starting to bloom!

18 days ago

Realy good trail did most of the trail without looking at the map. Both of our dogs handled the trail easily

trail running
22 days ago

Great trail. Strenuous for running given the topography and elevation, for this flat lander.

22 days ago

Hiked with kids and dog around 5pm on a Wednesday. Loop took one hour with my 5 year old and 10 year old. A couple of spots would have had us turned the wrong way if not for this wonderful app! Rocky and hilly but not too tough for kids. Perfect little hike to wear them out. Lots of shade, nice creek with a footbridge broke up the monotony, beautiful pine and aspens...good parking, picnic tables and clean potty at the trailhead.

This trail surprised me. It's nice to have water back in the lakes. Seems that the wildlife appreciates it as well. I always get a kick out of seeing the wild mustangs and this time there was a fairly young foal that was playing with several of the older horses. Lots of birds to watch and a few other critters for the dog to get excited about.

I wasn't real excited going around the back side of the hill to discover that there was not a path where the app said there was. Considering the sign at the beginning of the trail talking about Rattlers, I did not want to chance things with my dog and head off through the sagebrush. We ended up walking down the road until it met back up and the bottom. The trail going back was very flat and in my opinion the best part of the trail. From this part you can see the view of Washoe Lake and the mountains. The heard of deer was there for me as well and the flowers are starting to bloom, which was very nice.

I enjoyed the gazebo and view from the top.

27 days ago

We were pleasantly surprised with this hike. We hiked it the end of April, which was perfect. It’s high desert, so it could get pretty hot in the warmer months of summer. Very little shade or water. Spring is definitely the time to go on this hike. We took the trail up to the gazebo, which had a lovely little stream, beautiful desert peach blooming, other wild flowers and great markers identifying the different plants along the trail. At the top where the gazebo is, is a spectacular view of Washoe Valley, Washoe Lake, Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain. Then we hiked over to Deadman’s Loop which has no trees. no shade whatsoever. We came across beautiful wild flowers tucked alongside the sagebrush, more desert peach blooming and a large herd of deer. This hike is worth doing. As others have stated, it’s a great first hike after the winter months. We feel like we found a gem with this one.

Fantastic trail. However, it should probably be labeled Hard due to the 2-mile steep climb up Jones Creek. The trail becomes a little easier once you hit the switchbacks. The views are incredible. Will definitely hike this one again.

1 month ago

I have so much fun on this trail! There are other versions of this same trail, but I'm more than happy to do it several times. The incline is quiet steep but the views are totally worth it.

Super pretty. There is still snow from the Jones creek/Church's pond marker. as long as you are careful
( it is pretty slick) it is totally worth it to go all the way to the pond. ⛰

Nice little hike! Enjoyed the little creek and gazebo on the way. Beautiful view of washoe lake! Kid friendly

So far...favorite hike in the Tahoe-Reno network of trails.

Breathtaking views once you get past 7500 feet.

Would highly recommend.

I hiked this trail up to Mt. Rose Meadows in October. Beautiful, looking at all the leaves changing colors in the fall and there’s a forest of aspen trees. It’s a peaceful hike make sure you bring a lunch and plenty of water.

Was glad that I added this into my morning. Love the creek sounds. Not too long so it's easy to squeeze in.

1 month ago

All of the trails in Galena are great! The easy access from Reno and the instant mountain terrain. This is a nice trail. Perfect for when you're looking for something quick.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, with great views. The trail was a pretty snowy/muddy at parts, but still hikeable. I was recommended this hike by a volunteer at Galena visitors center and it did not disappoint.

What a fun trail! It was nice to be in the trees again after waiting for the snow to melt, and this was a great first trail of the season. Lots of water in the creek at this time of year, but still very passable.

Nice hike beautiful views

1 month ago

Easy fun hike. Stopped along the way to enjoy the sounds

This trail surprised me. Even though this time of year, all the fauna is brown. I had a really good time seeing all of the birds. a bunch of Wood ducks, a couple of Mallards, a Heron, a Red Tailed Hawk and a few Black Birds. There were prints from several Deer on the trail. I was thankful for the strong breeze that Washoe Valley is known for. Without it the bugs could have been bad even at this time of year.

Really fun trail! Doesn't take too long before the sounds of the freeway are drowned out by the wind through the pine needles, sounds of the creek and the birds singing. Yes, there is a pretty good grade to climb, but you are going from Washoe Valley into the mountains. I didn't make it all the way too the lake, the snow covering the trail was knee high in a few spots and I was uncertain on which way the path went. Had a great time!

My dog and I enjoyed the trail all to ourselves in the storm. Hiked to Churchs Pond and back.

2 months ago

Nice hike!
Few runners and bikes but not overly packed with people.
Some snow and mud. Shoe chains helped in the few inches of snow on the ground.

This is a nice hike. We had a few inches of snow on the ground and icy areas you should be careful with.
The Dry Pond is pretty dry. It's more of a puddle with the potential of holding some water.

Easy little hike you need a nature dose after work. Access from town is very convenient and the creek is nice in the spring.

This was my second attempt to get to Rock Lake, but after downloading GPS coordinates, it helped as trail is hard to find after the creek. Hike is very steep going in and we did this on a winter day that turned out to be warm. At almost two miles in, there is a creek crossing and then shortly after, a second one. You will come to a sign showing that Ophir Creek continues on. DO NOT take the trail that goes downhill (this leads into Little Valley and some private property). When you continue on to Ophir Creek trail, it appears the trail stops and you will have to hike up a creek bed. We did this going up. However, there is a trail to the right of the creek, but it is hard to find. Once you go up the creek bed, you will meander through some "bramble" and find the trail again. Eventually, you will come to a couple of signs (one leads you to Upper Price lake and the other to Rock Lake). The trail is downhill from here and there was quite a bit of snow on the trail going in. Once we got to the lake, it was frozen over and we had fun throwing rocks out there to see if it would break. The entire trip (including our 1/2 lunch break at Rock Lake) was about 5 hours.

Beautiful close to town trail. Due to the length and elevation gain, I would put it in the easy category. Neat sounds from the wind through the pine needles and the leg that follows the stream. This will become a regular of mine for Sunday morning.

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