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It was hard on the first 4 miles and then just flat and beautiful. I totally recommend it...

Good trail but be careful! I’ve had two bear sightings in the last two weeks.

Beautiful views with lots of flowers.

Super tough hike. Exactly what I was looking for. Stay to the right on the way up.

The trail was excellent this morning. A little smoky. The wildflowers are out in force in the top half of the hike. This is a consistently uphill hike the entire distance, but the views and ambiance from the top are outstanding. The pond itself is quite small, but the surroundings are gorgeous. I went with friends who continued on the bushwhacking scramble up to Mount Rose, but I stopped about half mile beyond the pond. The hike down is rewarding. On clear days, the views of surrounding valleys would sometimes be very good, but it was hazy.

20 days ago

Loved it!!

Great views of Mt Rose and Slide Mountain

trail running
23 days ago

Great run. Shade about 90% of the way. Steady incline up to Dry Pond then a nice downhill. Definitely doing it several more times.

28 days ago

A really wonderful loop trail for a family with three young kids ( under 3 years of age)! Trail was dry, with all the meadows green and lush with flowing rivulets everywhere.

This is not a real trail and I would caution anyone attempting it to come prepared. The trail formally ends at the pond and then it looks like someone a very long time ago tried to carve out a trail to the peak of Mt. Rose along the ridge. You’re just YOLOing it essentially; there’s no path to follow. Probably fun for a serious adventurer but definitely not for entry level hikers. Lots of scree, tricky terrain, and obstacles that make this borderline impossible to do

Steep beautiful and rewarding

Beautiful views of Washoe Valley and a cool perspective on Reno. Some steep bike paths continue beyond the top of the trail if you're looking for some thrills, an extra challenge, and views of Mount Rose.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice trail, ran the flats and downhill. 1hr but showed on my GPS 4.56

We saw a baby bear.

Did this hike this morning. It was beautiful. I would recommend hiking early due to the open stretches in the sun. There is a sign on the loop that is marked incorrectly. The arrow points left, but you need to make a right to stay on the loop. It shows forest service straight ahead and Brown’s Creek to the left. If you look closely someone tried to scratch an arrow to the right. I only mention this because we went the wrong way and had to double back.

Love this trail ...

I short hike through the mountainside. There are a few boulders to see along the side of the trail. For the most part, the creek isn't really visible through the underbrush. Decent, but I am sure other hikes at Galena creek are better (and more strenuous).

1 month ago

very nice trail. good mix of shade and sun. early June the creek is still running strong. lots of wild flowers and lizards to see as well. very popular with mountain bikers.

on Jones Creek Loop

1 month ago

Only 4 stars because it wasn’t well marked. My 3.5 year old made it most of the way walking herself so if she can do it... :-)

Still snowy and slushy at points. Snow may be coming tonight. Probably not for everyone until later in the season.

beautiful hike. lots of wildflowers! steep in parts, just enough to feel like a great workout!

Hiked this trail on 5/9/17.... was clear and dry all the way over the top to Church’s Pond.... a little snow patches and mud on Pond side but still passable ... beautiful hike!! Other than the unleashed dog that nipped the back of leg on the way up, (thank God for thick wool socks , it didn’t break the skin), it was a great out and back hike!!

Great trail with a lot of up and down. The trail is pretty rocky and steep in places. The wildflowers are just starting to bloom!

Hiked up to the snow line. Too icy. Turned around and came back down. Did about 6 Miles. Beautiful trail.

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail. Strenuous for running given the topography and elevation, for this flat lander.

2 months ago

Hiked with kids and dog around 5pm on a Wednesday. Loop took one hour with my 5 year old and 10 year old. A couple of spots would have had us turned the wrong way if not for this wonderful app! Rocky and hilly but not too tough for kids. Perfect little hike to wear them out. Lots of shade, nice creek with a footbridge broke up the monotony, beautiful pine and aspens...good parking, picnic tables and clean potty at the trailhead.

Fantastic trail. However, it should probably be labeled Hard due to the 2-mile steep climb up Jones Creek. The trail becomes a little easier once you hit the switchbacks. The views are incredible. Will definitely hike this one again.

Super pretty. There is still snow from the Jones creek/Church's pond marker. as long as you are careful
( it is pretty slick) it is totally worth it to go all the way to the pond. ⛰

So far...favorite hike in the Tahoe-Reno network of trails.

Breathtaking views once you get past 7500 feet.

Would highly recommend.

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