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23 hours ago

This loop was absolutely beautiful. You are hiking around a mountain at red rock canyon. This trail is very long and took my family about 4 hours to complete this loop. The view was absolutely amazing, but if you want to try this hike I would recommend bringing an abundance of water.

23 hours ago

This trail-head used to be a railroad, so since train tracks need to be as flat as possible the trail isn't very hard. There is not many uphills or downhills. It was very cool however to see the tunnels that cut through the mountain. To be honest, It would have been a lot more fun on a bicycle.

This loop was very fun to hike and I loved the scenic route through the canyon. The trail was a little hard to follow since the trail was often forked (though every route lead back to the parking lot). The canyon trail was super fun with loads of rock-scrambling. The trail took my family (49, 38, 14, and 12 year old) about two and a half hours to complete (family very athletic). There was this one part where the trail dropped down about ten feet creating a slide like formation. This section was pretty hard to get down though our family did it without any scrapes or bruises. The trail is very fun and I will definitely head towards it next time we're in Vegas.

Yes, Yes, and more yes. I just love this trail. I can't say why this one is so great other than it just has great views, a slight challenge based on the incline (not hard just a steady incline). The switchbacks are cool with some having steps. The trail is well kept and offers fantastic views at the top as well as along the route. A dog-friendly trail for sure.
This trail can be one for most everyone, including kids. Be aware, it is uphill most of the way so you will want to be prepared for the little, little ones getting slowed down.
Once you are at the top you are going to love the views.
The terrain is generally easy with dirt and small rocks. There are a couple of parts where the trail thins and you traverse close to the edge of the hill. I say this for those with little ones. All in all, this is a great hike for a day hike. A couple of hours there and back. Bring plenty of water. You are still in a desert climate, please. I see too many people hiking around Vegas without water.

My wife, kids (12 and 14), and I loved this trail. It was hard to follow the trail at parts, but the visibility makes it is easy to navigate around the mountain to complete the loop. It is part hiking and part rock-scrambling. We started with the climb up through the saddle, then came down into the canyon. Both parts were equally beautiful, but the kids loved the rock-scrambling in the canyon. Good, challenging fun!

This is a fantastic hike but, I don't agree with it being one for dogs. There are too many spots where you need to climb over some decent sized rocks/boulders that I am not convinced most dogs can handle. Aside from that, and for people to hike, this one is great for a short day hike. It will take maybe 2.5 hours to complete, depending on how long you hang out at the end.
The trail, although not marked perfectly, is generally easy to find and walk. Heading back, I have seen lots of people go to the right and follow the riverbed. That is ok but be prepared to have to "climb" out of the ravine.
I have seen families hike this and think for most kids it is accessible. I would be prepared to do some carrying if you have little ones younger than 5.
As with all hikes in the desert, bring plenty of water, regardless of the time of year. While this does offer shade in parts, the air is always dry. I write this because of how many people I see hiking Red Rocks without water.

The views of the valley once you reach the top are spectacular. The early part of this hike is relatively flat. There are some great rock formations as you progress along, even right from the start. The sandy part of the trail is fun. You have to touch that sand it is so soft. As you progress further the trail gets to the rocks and you have a small amount of "climbing" over some rocks. I am a dog owner and love bringing my 2 dogs on hikes. This one, though, I don't think is as dog-friendly. Too many rocks to climb over and once you get to the top there are places too difficult (IMO) for dogs to go. As a hike for people, I give this five stars. Easy to do in a couple of hours and there is plenty of variety in terrain and scenery. It does get crowded after 10am on Saturday and Sunday. Go early to avoid crowds and parking issues.

I couldn’t do this hike unfortunately- upon arrival the cathedral rock picnic area is closed for the season & that’s where you’re supposed to start. Just a heads up!

1 day ago

The first 1.5 miles is open gravel trail that’s not too eventful until you enter the canyon and come upon some level 1 scrambling. Then the trail gets a little unclear once you reach the last half mile which is the majority of the elevation gain. Great views of the Strip along the way!

Very fun hike with rewarding scenery at the bottom. There are eight spots with ropes, that are required to get up and down the trial. Definitely not for beginners but very fun.

This trail is no joke. Brace yourself, this is a very strenuous hike. however well worth it because the end view is amazing.

One of my favorite trails. Beautiful sites to see and a wonderful summit.

1 day ago

Nice hike. however, you definitely want to pay attention as you may get lost because the trail is sometimes hard to identify.

Loved this hike! Starts off easy but definitely more challenging as it descends down through the rocks/boulders where the ropes provided are required. Good hiking shoes/boots would make a difference, we wore sneakers which did not have enough grip or protection. Rewarded at the bottom with a stunning vista of river and canyon with magical hot springs. Easier to hike out than going out n which was s welcome surprise!

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2 days ago

I've been driving this trail for years, it's a good short beginner trial with some fun more challenging offshoots. Right now in March 2018 it's got some lower areas that are pretty washed out, but as long you have a basic 4x4 you should be fine.

Great trail! There are 2 peaks, each with switchbacks near the top. Very steep grade with loose rocks....not a great trail for kids. I would say 2 hours up (then down and up again) with about 1 hour back is the fast pace.

3 days ago

This easy trail had some good views and tunnels, but it was very slow moving. It would be much better on bike.

3 days ago

Awesome and very easy.
Very tight at the top.
Sucks that people spray paint all over.
People leave trash and do a mini fire pit.

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Very good canyon hike, for the most part there isn't really a trail. Still a nice hike up a beautiful canyon none the less, well worth the effort. Saw a lot of horses as well.

Have not been yet but if you are going to give a rating take the time to leave a sentence or 2 than just giving it a 1-3 stars

Seven of us set out on our first hike of the season. We were a little concerned about a seven mile trek as our first outing, but the trail proved to be beautiful and not overly taxing. It was the type of trail that makes you want to come back for more.

The layered colors were amazing. So distinct. The landscape ranged from soft, rolling hills to jagged peaks, which were as sharp as lava rock. The winds were wicked, but interestingly always at our back.

Our group (age range 45 to 60) really loved this trail.

Amazing hike! Make sure to wear good shoes with traction and something that you wouldn’t care if it gets wet.

4 days ago

We walked the loop at this stop and enjoyed all of the amazing formations.

4 days ago

The loop is calculated at 6 miles by the Red Rock National Conservation Area people. I recommend parking at the White Rock Trail parking lot and hiking around the east side of the mountain. Then treating it like an out & back trail. This side of the trail has less people and is much more scenic. The north side of the mountain (the white rock) is beautiful.

Was a little crazy watch for falling ice pretty great day all round though

Incredible hike! This is definitely a challenge if you've never scrambled or used ropes before (like me). It helps if you go with a group so you can each other down and up. The hot springs are amazing and making it to the river is very rewarding.
March 19, 2018.

Really fun hike, some rock scrambling and great views at the end!


Cool trail down a wash. Didnt see a single sole, and while only a couple of miles from my car it felt so desolate. Really cool experience.

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