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this is a beautiful trail! friendly dogs and runners, great walk for our pups. we followed the trail to the campground and were given a wonderful lake and mountain view from the beach! would do again, maybe not in winter (we did this in January) as the windchill was incredible.

This was a great trail & lots of beautiful scenery.

Nice view from the top

First time on this trail today!! New favorite!!!

3 days ago

Did this on Jan 4, 2019. Portions of the trail are not super well marked and you need to do some rock scrambling before seeing the next portion of the trail, so having the downloaded offline trail map was extremely helpful. Overall very scenic and interesting rocks and rock scrambling passages were fun.

One of my absolute favorites.

This was a great trail! My boyfriend and I took our dog and she loved it! There was a lot of people around the entrance and everywhere in general but you still felt away from the busy city.

4 days ago

I went Jan 12 @ 11:30am. It was a bit cloudy, no rain though. I'm not an experienced hiker and went solo.

Plenty of parking when I went, but I can see it being packed pretty quickly. I don't know if I fell off the trail, but I was following it and eventually went up some boulders and got lost. I remember reading it's supposed to be 2-3 hours, took me 4 1/2 to get back to my car. I never found the waterfall, but got some great pictures. There were two people scaling the mountain which I thought was crazy, but you can see that they had the proper equipment and were experienced but really great to see. A bit of poop, nothing crazy though. Definitely has cactus everywhere. Not much wildlife, found a creek though. Ill try again to find this waterfall and maybe not get lost. It was very easy to navigate back to your car though because of the landscape.

4 days ago

My 4 & 6 year did this trail. This was our first time using the app. We had great fun.

I enjoyed this trail. It had a variety of terrains.

Fire wave was beautiful.

Seven wonders was difficult to stay in trail as following washes will tend to get you lost.

We ended up following a search and rescue party (they were there for someone else) on an adventure and eventually made our way out of the canyon.

Great view at the top. Sicking to the left during the climb and following the trail markers will make the climb easier.

We made the mistake of going to the right and ended up doing a difficult scramble to get the the saddle of the peak.

The registry at the top has some great comments. Definitely worth the effort.

Perfectly moderate difficulty trail. There are some side paths that can make it more difficult but the main path is very pleasant.

I did this hike when it was almost entirely fogged out. Made for a cool sleepy hollow effect. Missed out on the city views but still enjoyed the hike very much. Hardest part was definitely coming down (when hiking clockwise). Trail is not super visible up top and especially with the fog I made sure to check my trail GPS to make sure I didn’t hike right off the edge. Can’t wait to go back and do this hike in clearer weather to compare.

6 days ago

Had a quick visit to Reno, NV and visiting Lake Tahoe was a must. This hike was exactly what I was looking for; a view of the lake (an amazing one at that!) and a chance to be in the mountains. Went down to hidden beach on the way back too! Highly recommend this trail!

Some areas are challenging to navigate, tight passages that require minimal rock climbing. There are areas to get off the trail and climb some. Great hike.

My second time completing the hike. Beautiful views, it was a bit more sandy on the rocks this time than the last. Quiet when we went.

8 days ago

A walk in the park with ponds and shade trees in the picnic areas. Stroller friendly, too.

9 days ago

Went snowshoeing Sunday during the snow storm. It was beautiful and challenging. We were lucky there were some tracks from a previous person, otherwise we would not have been able to know where the trail went with all the snow.

10 days ago

Another hike that took place before this app?website was up and running. I loved this experience. it was great for higher elevation training since you stay well above 8 grand the entire time. I remember stunning views of Lake Tahoe, Washoe Valley and a glimmer of Reno. Well worth the effort!

A bit more than moderate.

Hard to get to but the view is incredibly rewarding.

Wasnt too bad.. the trail didn't have a name on the sign at the beginning, I did get lost a couple times because it forks and there's Rock Trails and dirt trails. But it was nice

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11 days ago

11 days ago

Steep hike, worth it 100%, the view is amazing. One of my favorites.

11 days ago

Just the 90 minute hike I wanted today! Headed the wrong way to cross the “bridge” to get across the creek before I headed back the right way. There was only one trail and it was mostly packed dirt with some loose rocks at a couple points. I loved hearing the rushing creek as I hiked and after 15 minutes it was all mountains! A good workout, I was even able to run a little on the way down. It was well populated so I felt safe as I single 54 year old woman. Can’t wait to make it to the falls when I have more time.

12 days ago

Beautiful hike above the basins. Arc Dome is high enough to attract lightning. Start early.

Amazing views! Uphill all the way there but downhill all the way back. There are historical signs to read and bench’s to rest on... even a picnic table.

12 days ago

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much since I generally prefer different scenery but this was better than most desert trails. The views were ok. You can see the strip, and on the backside Red Rock, but meh. What makes this trail is that it was a more exciting path. It’s kind of all over the place and there’s several options along the way. The ground was oddly soft. I’ll totally do it again.

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