I came across this trail/path on google maps.I decided to check it out on foot. I walked from the Harrah's Hotel to the first beach which was Neveda Beach. It's a very beautiful area to be in. I didn't see much wildlife, but only a few chipmunks. Getting to the beach area walking took a good over a little 1 hour walk to/from hotel. Later on I walked to the parking lot from Kahle Dr and ran from that point all the way to highway 50. You can go past the Nevada Beach and cross the street. Then eventually the trail path ends at highway 50. Round trip is 4 miles. So 2 miles there and 2 miles back. It was hot as it was still the summer time. The first 2 miles was in the sun and middle getting to turn back was all in the shade. If you want to beat the heat, go walking/running mid morning or early morning. This path was also great because there were no crazy motor scooters on path. No cars really around you in the area. There were people on bikes,but I just stayed to the far side to let anyone pass.The bikers go slow when passing. The path is 100% paved and clear path. No tree stumps popping up on trail so you don't fall as some trails can be uneven. I highly recommend using this path either for walking, running or biking. Yes it's super dog friendly. I saw people walking their dogs off leash and on leash as well.