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1 day ago

September 23, 2018. 80F in Reno and 60F at the trailhead. 2:35, 10.1 miles, 2321 feet elevation gain. Lightly jogged most flat and downhill. Busy, but it was a clear blue sky Sunday. Three other folks who jogged it, another guy was hiking it with bare feet! So it’s moderate, but add in jogging or BARE FEET and it will be hard.

Great trail, beautiful views. Only downfall was about half the hikers were maling their own path and causing rocks to slide down from above.

Great hike. Took my 10 year old son up today.

5 days ago

Trail well maintained. First 2.5 miles including the falls iis a mild trail. Looking up to Mt. Rose in the distance was a bit daunting. The views just got better right to the summit. Definitely going back.

Nice hike and great views. My maps cut out and using the trail markers was a bit confusing at one point.

never knew Nevada could be so pretty

It was beautiful, plenty of parking and well taken care of trails! We had about a 5 min snow storm randomly! I couldn’t believe how green it was this late in the summer and there was a decent amount of water in the falls.

8 days ago

Great hike with unlimited types and shades of beautiful rock formations. Great little slot canyon along the path. There are many small arches along the entire trail. Every step well worth the minimal effort. Highly recommended

Great little hike. Great views!

Whoever said you can’t get lost, hasn’t met me yet. We got lost, ended up scrambling up a rocky hillside that was nearly vertical to get back to the trail. The views were incredible! The waterfall is small but beautiful. We went early and there were still a lot of people. All in all, a beautiful hike, definitely moderate trail. We will hike it again one day but stay on the trail the next time!!

I did this hike on Friday, Sep 7th. Great hike with views of several lakes including Lake Tahoe. You will get a great view of Lake Tahoe early along the hike. It was so much cooler at the top, bring layers. The waterfall was beautiful too and a great time to rest. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t have any issues with parking space. Hiking poles really helped. It took us about 6 hours roundtrip including a stop at the top for a snack and many breaks along the way.

I love this hike because it is mostly moderate if you pace yourself. It does have slot of switchbacks. I love the view from the falls. It’s s great place to rest before your descend.

We only go as far as the waterfall, so approximately halfway. It is a beautiful hike.

It’s a good trail. Switchback hell towards the end, but worth it.

Beautiful views from the falls.

12 days ago

Love this trail *****

15 days ago

The road to the trail is obscure, random unmarked turn off 89/Luther Pass that goes back about 5 miles and since its a bumpy road its about 20 or so minutes driving...stick to the left...eventually you end up at the bottom of the unmarked trailhead. The way up is steep from the beginning. The final climb to the top is steepest. Way back is hard on knees without poles. We did it up and back it in about 4 hours and my sister hadn't been accustomed to hiking, including our break for enjoying the stunning Carson Valley views and filling out the journal in the fun mailbox. Very sentimental for us. We got phone service on the mtn. top. If you have the forethought, bring chalk or something to make some markers starting from the turn off on Luther, so people aren't as clueless LOL

Great hike....

17 days ago

This was a good little hike for beginners. There a lot of younger hikers on the trail witch explains the amount of graffiti and garbage left up and down the pathes. Its best to stay on the trail to maintain the integrity of the adventure. Erosion it destroying the trail dew to off trail hiking. We still enjoyed the deer, chipmunks and occasional bird. I will do this again with our young kids.

17 days ago

This was a very last minute decision, after driving around... exploring outside of the glamorous Vegas area. So - we didn’t have anything packed. One water bottle each and my better half even climbed the trail in flip flops (not recommended) lol He’s still pretty upset about that but overall we’re both glad we did it! Beautiful views!!

We had a fabulous time. There was quite a few people on the trail or I would’ve given this a 5 star rating. We were taking a few days off in Vegas and heard about Mt. Charleston. We didn’t have any gear at all so I did this hike in flip flops! This is an intermediate/ beginner hike. I would suggest shoes. Stay on the trail otherwise it’s pretty dangerous. We really enjoyed the big pine trees and lovely scenery. The actual trail is beautiful. We did this hike in mid summer. It was 115 degrees downtown and 74 degrees and sprinkling in the hike so it was awesome to get out of the heat. The views and the trickling water fall was all worth it. There’s perm. outhouse bathrooms, which came in handy. The restaurant and picnic area were way too jam packed to find a parking spot and stay and check it out.

21 days ago

This hike was definitely a challenge. I was looking for a fun activity to do as a family and oh my did we have one. I was unaware this was a moderate level hike but nonetheless an adventure. some areas are very rocky but pretty self explanatory on how to make your way up. There's some resting spots with shade but you have to be careful with the slippery gravel. My only disappointment was that after we made it way to the top the waterfall was not what I expected but the sights to see made up for it. I will return to hike here again

Really enjoyable trail. At the top there is a little bit of a cave you can climb into as well

24 days ago

*had good water availability ( creeks in vicinity of Galena falls at half way points- 2.5 miles- 3 miles into hike) for a good portion of the distance.
*gorgeous views all the way.
*top of mt. Rose provided magnificent views.

There are magical places on Earth. This is one of them. Stunning views along the trail, big horn sheep, the Venus rebirthing cave/hot spring, hot pools of water pouring out from the rock face, cold pools of water, the beautiful, clear, and cold Colorado River, waterfalls, the 150 foot long "Sauna Cave," artifacts left over from the building of Hoover Dam, the "emerald cave" with an intricate and colorful, green and white stalactite ceiling, views of the Hoover Dam bridge.

It is said that the Venus cave has healing properties and was used by ancient native americans in a rebirthing ritual. I believe it! The water in the cave is at the same temperature as the human body -- the same temperature you'd feel if you were floating in your mother's womb. The trickling sounds of water in the cave sound like the gurgling sounds in the womb. To get the rebirthing experience, you swim nude a few feet underwater to get to the womb. Inside the cave you float on your back and empty your mind. Focus on your breathing, or the gurgling sounds, or the warmth your nude body is enveloped in as you did when you were in the womb. When you are ready, swim back out and you are reborn!

25 days ago

Very scenic hike. It took less than 4 hours round trip. the final mile was difficult at the switch backs, but became more challenging the last .25 mile with the gravel. I started at the trailhead at 230pm and made it back by 615. The views at the top are amazing.

This is my favorite trail in the La Vegas area, by far. Make sure to wear good, grippy shoes, and be prepared to use your upper body on the ropes! Don’t forget plenty of water!

Fun hike with a great spot to rest at the top!

1 month ago

Great hike. Wonderful views even though there was a lot of haze/smoke from the CA fires. Water fall was still flowing strong with lots of very green vegetation. Easy hike to the falls if you are looking for a quick trip. From There it gets progressively more difficult to the summit. Very doable for a beginner, just make sure you take water and snacks. As a not, looking at the map route for loop, the portion of loop to the right is for hikers only. No bikes or horses.

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