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The initial "uphill" portion of trail is a bit of a pain. There isn't really a single path, making the steep climb both annoying and slippery (lots of loose pebbles/gravel). What does help is to go around the initial incline to the west, following a narrow well-traveled path along the ditch, and then taking a very clear incline back to the posted track. (Note the attached Relive video).

The trail is clear, with plenty of room for bikes and people. I saw just two solo mountain bikers on the trail this afternoon. It is unfortunate that the pipe now exists in the hole. However, the owners of the property and canal (Steamboat Canal Company) did so to improve water flow while also prevent more damage that occurred during the recent heavy winter---along with blocking stupid people who often tried to go through the hole.

I decided to go the normal route back (on that steep portion). In hindsight, I should have went back down the initial route I took. This is a decent couple hour hike that's close to town with easy access.

1 month ago

The "hike" is a 800 ft cliff followed by a 2.5 mile flat dirt road that follows the man made canal. There were a total of ten trees in the "national forest". The hole in the wall had a 5 ft wide pvc pipe stuck inside it. The path had a total of 4 signs. all of which said to keep the trail clean and no markings for directions. There were several other parking places that would have made more sense to be the trail head.

The single pro was that it was silent and peaceful with a view of the city.


Lovely scenery and paved trail. It's downhill out and uphill back, so be prepared for the elevation gain to be all on the back half. On our way back we ran into a bobcat on the middle of the trail, but they just moved along on their way, as did we.

The middle part of the trail kinda had the sulfurous smell of sewage, which wasn't great when you were breathing heavily uphill.

1 month ago

very easy and beautiful, saw a deer, and multiple wild flowers.

1 month ago

Nice trail, well maintained. Loved the stream, and yes, it is all downhill on the way in, and uphill on the way back. I am not in shape and I handled this just fine. I saw a deer on the mountain and heard coyotes in the rocky hills above about 2/3 the way in. Very cool.

Great trail. Very beautiful & scenic through most areas. Great for dogs as well.

1 month ago

nice paved path. All down hill until the end, and then be prepared for the climb back up! Did this with my one year old and he did great. Found a golf ball and he threw it to the bottom of the trail so there was motivation for him. Very nicely maintained. Lots of lizards on the rock wall. And we saw one snake slithering in there for a nap or a snack too.

A decent urban walk. It is very easy and can be done on either the sidewalks or on the sand/gravel train slightly closer to the lake. The lake is pretty and his home to many birds. I saw both baby ducks and geese.

me and my one year old son did this and he loved it! walked half, sat on the bridge and had a snack then walked back to the start. He did really well on the whole hike. Can hear the train pass which was fun for my son.

did this with my 1 year old walking by himself. We love the different scenery in the trail. Walk next to the river the first half and a stroll through the trees that the blue jays just love! Love all the birds. Close to the freeway, but can hardly hear it while on the trail.

very peaceful and Awesome place to hike! I love it

This was an easy trail. Enjoyed the ducks, turtles and all the birds. Any dogs we encountered, were on leashes.

We had a lovely day walking this trail. Didn't come back on same trail though. We followed different trail that comes back outside of housing development. I want to go back up there and take a tube and tube back down the water!! My hubby says no.

road biking
2 months ago

Thought this would be good for my son and I to ride bikes on. Sucks it’s all downhill then you gotta pedal all the way up. Beautiful views all along the trail though can’t complain about that.

Extremely manicured and well trafficked hike. Walks along a neighborhood/golf course and ends at a highway. Much better hikes around.

I'm sure that the aspens are gorgeous in the fall. Right now, their not much to look at. I did enjoy the flowers along the trail at this time of year.

Truly beautiful and enjoyable! Do this hike at least once a week. My dog loves it

It’s absolutely beautiful here right now. The ducks are nesting, the plants are coming back to life, the river is flowing, and the trails are dry. Super easy little nature walk, nice way to catch some fresh air on your lunch break!

Nice hike on a Spring morning. Disappointed at the end. Excavation at the hole with a big pipe sticking out of it. Haven't been able to find out what it was for. Anyone else have any answers?

Slightly muddy. At the hole there is a significant amount of water so no going in. Three boys 7, 8, and 9, had no issues. Took alternate trails back. Phone worked the whole way so I knew we were ok, but honestly youre never out of sight of civilization.

This is a nice hike along a pretty river. The river is very full this time of year, but not over it's banks. Walking the river on this side of the highway does indeed make you appreciate the lack of houses on the other side. There are Aspen's growing along the river for most of the trails length. I'm sure it's very pretty in the fall. Interesting fallen log bridge at the end of the trail. Not much past that, but fun to climb the natural bridge.

Nice area to explore in town. With the river so close, it drowns out most of the city sounds. Lots of wildlife with different birds and animal tracks. Will probably be prettier in late spring and summer months when everything is green. Lots of signs saying no dogs.

3 months ago

Being my first “trail” in Nevada perhaps I’m a bit biased...I thought it was beautiful and I very much enjoyed it. It was an easy walk for me and the perfect challenge for my one and three year olds.

Is this a hike? No. Is it a beautiful walking trail through the backyards of Alpine mansions with an awesome view of the mountains? Yes. Good for dogs, not too much snow considering the trails at higher elevations are covered right now. Really beautiful suburban walk.

I chose this trail for my Sunday Morning walk due to the recent snow. Didn't want to chance the mud before going to work. The trail had ice in some of the shaded portions, but with all of the footsteps it was never too slippery. Only a few others out this morning, so it was fairly pleasant.

Great easy spot to go walking with young kids, brand new viewing area that has been installed since the flooding, has some great song birds. Train is nearby, if you’re looking to totally ditch the city noises that will be the main thing that interrupts, but for my kids that was just icing on the cake at the end of our walk. We’ll definitely do again.

Interesting trail. All of the elevation gain is in the first bit, the majority of the way is very level. The "Hole In the Wall" was much bigger than I expected. Nice hike this winter as I had the daughter and grand daughter along, so didn't need to worry about cold feet in snow. Didn't have any issues finding the trail, just used the map in the app and zoomed in to distinguish the route.

5 months ago

Great trail but very frustrating that so many dogs were off the leash! If your dog is nice that's great but you don't know how dogs will interact. It caused my hike to have moments of stress that I would rather not have to anticipate. The hike was beautiful, I would do it again without my dog.

As it’s been noted, the trail head is hard to find. Just find parking near the river and take a right towards the bridge to find the trailhead.

5 months ago

Neat, close to town paved trail. Different starting out going down hill. The canyon is fairly narrow, so it doesn't get any sun early in the morning. Small stream next to the trail for the second 2/3rds for a pleasant sound. Neat retaining walls along the past that must have cost a fortune!

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