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Great hike and beautiful weather. Enjoyed the scenery.

5 days ago

Views, river and high desert sunshine.
This trail is a picturesque trail, with a good running terrain in the west-Reno foothills of the Sierras.
Park at Mayberry park or near the Patagonia warehouse. Follow west along the river to the crossing bridge.
It took us about 1 hour and 10 minutes., there is one steep spot that lasts for about 10 minutes of walking, then a gradual descent all the way back.
It is an ideal trail to take during late spring or fall.
We hiked this trail on a Saturday morning, looking at the fall colors along the Truckee River.
After you cross the bridge, follow the sign and narrow trail as it goes up a steep grassy ravine. When we topped off, you'll be able to enjoy sweeping views of the city of Reno, and western valleys of the Truckee Meadows, all from atop a grassy plateau.
The trail connects with many other BLM trails you can explore. We took the straightest distance to form a loop. Just stick to the main trail headed northwest towards the river. If some of the other trails confuse you, simply use this AllTrails app to see the main route, or better yet, explore a new area of the plateau. Eventually, the trail comes back down and follows behind a neighborhood. We followed this back to the trail merge at the bridge again.
The West Plateau loop is good trail for early morning or late afternoons, as mid-day, there is too much sun.
Also, there is one creek to cross that only has makeshift boards, but it made the walk interesting.
We will be coming back to watch a sunset over the valley.
- Mike and Angel

This was amazing! I highly recommend. I live out of state and was visiting. The beautiful waterfall and up in the pines was great! Lots of rocks but not difficult. Brought a 4lb dog with us and we did fine. Some narrow spots but once you get up there it widens out in parts. Worth the trip to the waterfall and crossing the log. It does get colder as you move up but we had a nice wind on the way back down.

Easy walk. Great views from the high point. Took 2 dogs, was great for them. People, please heed the signs and clean up after your dogs and put them on a leash!

Nice trail but has no signs when to tell you what leads to where when it branches off, in the midpoint I took off a wrong branch that got me to a dead end then I turned back. Mind horse manure by the way at some parts since it serves as a equestrian trail as well!

Great suburban walking/bike trail. Pretty fall colors.

This trail is a great beginner's trail, seeing as though the elevation is a few hundred feet and the path is relatively worn. The sites aren't that great but the partial city view isn't half bad. Great trail for dogs, or atleast my Beagle loved it.

Hard to beat for a close to home hike. Great views and follows the creek to a nice waterfall.
Can be busy on weekends.

beautiful hike

16 days ago

LOVED this hike!

My kiddos (6 and 9) did it like champs! We will definitely do it again. It may be too hard for younger kiddos and the trail drops off pretty steep on the side so attention is key.

We clocked it at over 6 miles.

Pup friendly and truly stunning.

Such a gem in our own backyards.

Very steep incline for the first half of the loop but overall a good short hike. Great view over Reno.

19 days ago

Great hike. Now let's start off by letting everyone know that I have two bad knees and on this hike a bad ankle, and made the hike. It starts off with the typical Nevada scenery (with past fires depleting most of the greenery) but you get up the canyon and trees and scenery gets much better.

Again with bad knees it still was not a bad hike, a couple climbs and rocks but nice hike.

Get out and enjoy this trail as the waterfall at the end is worth this hike.

19 days ago

Loved it

Great views and scenery. Steep at points but well worth the effort.

off road driving
21 days ago

Easy drive to the top, all stock Jeep had no problems.

Took some side trials but be careful. Don’t wander to far into the mountain with a stock setup, there are some pretty steep stuff that we almost got stuck in.

off road driving
22 days ago

Was up there today good trail for beginners great views Of Reno Rocky in some spots when not too badd

Beautiful Trail...

First part of the trail next to the creek is special. The second half is steeper and more exposed, but still fun.

25 days ago

Great hiking trail, especially for dogs. Most of the trail is shaded and there’s an abundance of flowing water for dogs to drink from and splash around in. The scenery is pretty; trees, streams, and a view of a cool rock cliff (I don’t know what to call it) at one point on the trail. I didn’t find any parts of the hike to be very challenging so if you want a good workout just increase your pace:p

Beautiful views

I did the Upper Thomas - Dry Pond - White’s Creek loop on a Monday morning. Beautiful. Mostly in shade, except for the downhill side of Dry Pond. Not too crowded, lots of friendly dogs being walked and a few courteous mountain bikers.

a great quick Work out

30 days ago

Be even better if owners would keep their dogs on leash. Lots of open space to do the run wild & free thing. Trails arent the place.

Perfect sunset hike! We brought our kids and it was just a little rough at the very end! But well worth it. We brought our flashlights as we knew we wanted to watch the sunset and then hike down after it got a little bit dark. Beautiful view of Downtown Reno from the top!

1 month ago

Nice little easy trail. I was able to hike it before work which is cool. But, there are so many other great hike in the area that are much better

Trails aren’t incredibly clear, but the good news is they are all relatively short so even if you got turned around it is almost impossible to not be able to find your way back to the parking lot. Views of Reno are incredible, go on a clear day and you’ll be able to watch a beautiful sunset from the top. There’s even a bench to sit and watch. Also, the view of the reservoir is pretty neat.

1 month ago

Hiking this trail was a great workout for me and my friends who are all physically active and in great shape. It took us a little over 5 hours to complete the hike (water breaks and a lunch break included). I really like how the location is less than a 10 minute drive from downtown. My only complaint is the scenery; for more than half of the hike you’re looking at dried out yellow foliage. From a beauty standpoint the waterfall at the top is this trail’s one saving grace.

Love this trail I live close so it’s great

1 month ago

Moderately strenuous in sections but well worth it. High desert for the first 2/3-3/4 but once in the wooded section becomes more enjoyable and the falls at the end are the highlight. If don’t go all the way to the falls then would not recommend as strongly.

We absolutely loved this hike! Gorgeous views! We took our 4 year old and our 1 year old in the carrier. Some parts are definitely difficult for kids, but doable. It was a little longer than expected (we recorded it at over 3 miles in) but so worth it! Will definitely be going again! Be sure to wear sunscreen and go early in the day, as most of the trail is not shaded.

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