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Great trail from someone from the Midwest. a lot of different options to choose from once you start. Moderate elevation changes which lead to a pretty nice view of downtown Reno. Very enjoyable.

lotsa water for the dogs.

The trail is close to Reno with easy access. However, there is highway noise for most of the hike. Also, once you get up to the flume level, it is largely a flat and boring hike.

27 days ago

This trail is 50 feet from our house and is a great paved asphalt trail. It has many sitting benches along the trail, most under trees for shade and it also goes along the backside of many nice homes and condos. Damonte Park is also right along the trail and the family and I love to ride our bikes around the trail, stopping off at the park.

It was fun kinda hard at first but going up but after it was awesome views. Be careful tho we found a rattle snake close to the houses by the little library!!!!!

Surprisingly nice little walk through the Damonte Ranch Wetlands. This easy 3 mile paved trail is a great spot for birding. Also, the best playground I've found in town would make it a great place to bring the kiddos.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful views filled with wildlife

Great for beginner bike riders like me

Easy trail through the canyons at the edge of town. Leads you to a small park and back. Overall, it’s was fine. Nothing special about the trail or the views but definitely a manageable way to get 6 miles under your belt.

This is a sunny exposed trail, the alternate half of the upper end. I preferred this trail because the topography is so unusual compared to what I'm used to seeing on the East coast. For me, the upper trail did not pack the same Wow effect as this trail did. Just like the Upper trail, this is a two hour hike. Lots of wildflowers, a fair amount of locals hiking and walking dogs. I felt totally safe at all times. PLEASE do yourself a favor, and park at the TH for the Upper Thomas Creek trail, and walk down-hill. I wasted half an hour trying to find the actual lower trail head with google maps, and ended up giving up. Plus, it takes you on extremely bumpy roads that aren't OK for a rental sedan! Once I finally found this trail (Timberline Drive) I loved every minute of the hike! You do cross the stream one time, but there is no direct view of it for most of the hike. You hear it, but don't see it.

1 month ago

Our group chose this trail with the intention to hike, but the trail was easy enough that we were able to walk leisurely in a short amount of time. We found benches placed strategically in different areas, perhaps as resting spots for older hikers and to enjoy the surrounding views. Light traffic, inner city trail. Short enough to squeeze in as a daily work out schedule after work hours especially, if you don't want to deal with rush hour traffic. There's also a small park at bottom of the trail with clean public restrooms. No trees for shade so summer walks, jogging and running can be very hot in summer time.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great beginner ride. Would be great for kiddos too.
Paved the entire 3.1m with only sparse defects from roots of larger trees. Very flat. Excellent wetland views intermixed with suburban development/homes.

Closed. We tried to do it anyway since we drove all the way there, but it's not at all maintained and you can't go more than 1/4 mile in because of the erosion. (Can't say the sign didn't warn us) Hoping this gets fixed.

Not a very pretty hike

2 months ago

Lovely scenery and paved trail. It's downhill out and uphill back, so be prepared for the elevation gain to be all on the back half. On our way back we ran into a bobcat on the middle of the trail, but they just moved along on their way, as did we.

The middle part of the trail kinda had the sulfurous smell of sewage, which wasn't great when you were breathing heavily uphill.

2 months ago

very easy and beautiful, saw a deer, and multiple wild flowers.

2 months ago

Nice trail, well maintained. Loved the stream, and yes, it is all downhill on the way in, and uphill on the way back. I am not in shape and I handled this just fine. I saw a deer on the mountain and heard coyotes in the rocky hills above about 2/3 the way in. Very cool.

Great trail. Very beautiful & scenic through most areas. Great for dogs as well.

2 months ago

nice paved path. All down hill until the end, and then be prepared for the climb back up! Did this with my one year old and he did great. Found a golf ball and he threw it to the bottom of the trail so there was motivation for him. Very nicely maintained. Lots of lizards on the rock wall. And we saw one snake slithering in there for a nap or a snack too.

Very nice hike. Took my one year old on this and he did amazing! almost made it to the N with him walking the whole way. Saw los of birds and lizards and a few snakes so be on the look out as always. Was a little disappointed in all the dog poop on the trails. But thats not the trails fault, just irresponsible owners.

A decent urban walk. It is very easy and can be done on either the sidewalks or on the sand/gravel train slightly closer to the lake. The lake is pretty and his home to many birds. I saw both baby ducks and geese.

me and my one year old son did this and he loved it! walked half, sat on the bridge and had a snack then walked back to the start. He did really well on the whole hike. Can hear the train pass which was fun for my son.

did this with my 1 year old walking by himself. We love the different scenery in the trail. Walk next to the river the first half and a stroll through the trees that the blue jays just love! Love all the birds. Close to the freeway, but can hardly hear it while on the trail.

very peaceful and Awesome place to hike! I love it

Closed due to erosion still

This was an easy trail. Enjoyed the ducks, turtles and all the birds. Any dogs we encountered, were on leashes.

off road driving
2 months ago

Fun little run to take on a nice day up to Virginia City, only one small sketchy area that has a big of a run off. Cool photos to take along the way. Any 4x4 shouldn’t have an issue

Beautiful with all the blooming wildflowers!

Hiked this today with my toddler in the carrier; it's a beautiful trail! Singletrack and rocky; definitely not stroller-friendly. A gradual incline on the way out with some ups and downs. Not shaded at all so sun protection is necessary. We saw lots of lizards running around and the Quaking Aspen along the creek were beautiful. Note there wasn't a porta-potty or restroom at the trailhead at Arrowcreek Park.

3 months ago

Good trail.

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