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after the third attempt we made it. 4.5 hours in total with a few doggie water breaks. best if done in the early morning so there is shade before the sun comes up. take plenty of water for your 4 legged friends. the most certainly need it.

Fun hike for the whole family with a waterfall reward at the end! We will definitely be doing this one again. I agree with many of the comments posted, go during early morning or late evening, the sun is brutal throughout most of the trail.

In the top 2 hikes of any I've done. I'm from the Midwest so this was certainly a change. Great, moderately strenuous hike up. Then a nice rest at the cold waterfall and a fairly easy hike back down.

2 days ago

*lovely as it gets near reno.
*last mile into falls area is wonderfully shaded and beautiful.
* bring lots and lots of water for your four legged companions in the summer.
*loved following the creek all along the way.

6 days ago

Great trail. Spotted a bear, while hiking up.

lotsa water for the dogs.

It is worth your time. Good exercise . My friend and I spent almost 3 hours there. It will be smart if you bring your snacks and enough water with you. It doesn't hurt to bring your camera with you.

took my kids with me, & they loved it!! We went sunday morning at 9 & the people were scarce; on our way back is when the heavy foot traffic began. I recommend heading out early to beat the heat.

Awesome first time hikers trail!!!!!

trail running
13 days ago

Good times! Good trail all the way up. Nice cold mountain water at the falls! I’ll be doing this one again for sure.

Gorgeous hike. Less traffic on weekdays and colder days.

Love it

This is a very large section of the Tahoe Rim Trail. I started off early in the morning and was finished just as the heat of the day was full on. Christopher's Loop is marked as "Sand Harbor Overlook" by signs on the trail. This whole section is very well marked on the trail as to just where the TRT is, sometimes determining it looking at various online maps makes it somewhat questionable. They've done a great job with this section!

27 days ago

We were in town for business and this hike was 15 minutes from the hotel. A 1/2 mile in all man-made sounds end and all you hear are birds and the river. The last mile provides shade and temperature dropped 20 degrees. The waterfall at the end was a nice prize for making there.

This trail is garbage. Over crowded, 2/3 of it is just up hill desert then you can arrive to the basic bitch selfie waterfall where your sure to find some bro tanks and hydro flasks. Make sure you write the proper hash tags you cunts. #wonderlust #getoutdoors . Oh and fat people you won’t even make it to the tree line the herd of cattle really thins about 1/2 way up.

nice easy trail and beautiful view at the end.

It’s for the most part all up I have done this one several times always great but it feels like it never ends

Relatively easy walk, with a few rocky places. The waterfall is worth the trek.

Great trail; not for beginners. Shady towards the end. I clocked it at 8-mile in & out hike to the falls. The Falls were awesome and well worth the uphill climb!

1 month ago

Great hike in moderate weather. Not much shade until you get to the last mile. Advise you start early during the summer. Bring lots of water to keep hydrated!

The initial "uphill" portion of trail is a bit of a pain. There isn't really a single path, making the steep climb both annoying and slippery (lots of loose pebbles/gravel). What does help is to go around the initial incline to the west, following a narrow well-traveled path along the ditch, and then taking a very clear incline back to the posted track. (Note the attached Relive video).

The trail is clear, with plenty of room for bikes and people. I saw just two solo mountain bikers on the trail this afternoon. It is unfortunate that the pipe now exists in the hole. However, the owners of the property and canal (Steamboat Canal Company) did so to improve water flow while also prevent more damage that occurred during the recent heavy winter---along with blocking stupid people who often tried to go through the hole.

I decided to go the normal route back (on that steep portion). In hindsight, I should have went back down the initial route I took. This is a decent couple hour hike that's close to town with easy access.

This is a great trail my daughter's and I love going up here. Well worth the hike to see the waterfall. Beautiful area.

Closed. We tried to do it anyway since we drove all the way there, but it's not at all maintained and you can't go more than 1/4 mile in because of the erosion. (Can't say the sign didn't warn us) Hoping this gets fixed.

2 months ago

The "hike" is a 800 ft cliff followed by a 2.5 mile flat dirt road that follows the man made canal. There were a total of ten trees in the "national forest". The hole in the wall had a 5 ft wide pvc pipe stuck inside it. The path had a total of 4 signs. all of which said to keep the trail clean and no markings for directions. There were several other parking places that would have made more sense to be the trail head.

The single pro was that it was silent and peaceful with a view of the city.


I heard a rumor that there is a steel bridge a little bit further up from the first stream crossing. I never found it and I of course got wet. Bring dry socks, snacks and at least two bottles of water. There are three spots of cobbled hell, just take your time. on my way down, EMS crews were going up to tend someone who got injured. Try to get to the trailhead before ten unless you want to walk an extra half a mile to the trail head.

Not a very pretty hike

absolutely beautiful and worth the trek to the waterfall

2 months ago

This was one of the best trails I’ve been on! Our 1 1/2yr old Lab loved it!! Beautiful scenery, wildflowers....the sound of birds and the creek and of course the waterfall! There are a couple of shaded spots along the trail, but not many until you get to the tree line which means your getting close to the waterfall. It was windy yesterday and at some points of the trail the gusts were pretty strong blowing dry sand and gravel. Lots of people on the trail. It’s an easy hike as far as the terrain and elevation goes, but moderate for the length. Not a good trail for mountain biking, though...too many people, and it’s a single trail! People should keep their dogs leashed (even if they are friendly, because people don’t know that and some are afraid of dogs) AND please clean up after them!

2 months ago

I’ve done this trail a number of times and really enjoy it’s difficulty considering how close it is to Reno! If you follow the wider trail from the parking lot, you will probably have to wade through water to get to the other side, but in the left corner of the parking lot there is a much smaller trailhead that can lead you to a log over the creek. It is a bit past the little gully with a drain pipe, and has some wooden steps leading down. The log isn’t in the best shape, so I would recommend only going one at a time, but if you’re really intent on not getting your feet wet that’s the best route I know of! On the other side of the log, go up to meet back with the main trail.
This trail is not super easy, especially in the heat of the day, but it is absolutely doable even if you’re not in great shape! I think it’s a perfect intermediate hike if you are looking to build muscle and stamina and want something more challenging than some of the other hikes nearby. The last part of the trail is in some much-appreciated shade, and the waterfall at the end is wonderfully refreshing on a hot day :)

Beautiful scenery and the waterfall was amazing!

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