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15 hours ago

Wasn’t satisfied with the waterfall at the end.

The sounds of the streams for most of the way are so peaceful. The last bit of snow is off the trail and many small flowers have started to bloom. The Aspen trees are getting their leaves in the lower elevations, still too cold towards the tops of the mountains.

21 hours ago

Beautiful hike with changing landscape.We didn't want to cross through the creek at the beginning so we went to the left and found some steps to a log marked with "x"s that crossed the creek. Nice views and landscape the whole way. Would not recommend on a a hot day or go early in the morning since most of the trail is in the sun then changes to forest. Saw a snake and a momma duck and her ducklings. Not an easy hike, appropriately rated as moderate. Waterfall did not disappoint.

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3 days ago


3 days ago

First hiking experience in the Reno area and a great start to the many hikes to follow. The trail was clearly identified and easy to follow. Went earlier in the morning on 5/6 so there were fewer on the trail, but on the way back saw a much larger group of folks heading up the trail. Would recommend a morning start in the warmer months as the bulk of the trail is open without cover and you'll get some sun. On cooler or cloudy days a later start would be perfectly fine.

I think this trail is doable for all skill levels. I am from a much lower elevation and don't really hike, but did fine in the couple hours I was on the trail out and back. I will say if you have stability or balance issues you should opt for a walking stick as you do need to cross a couple streams and there are a couple sections where you aren't on a dirt path but climbing across some rocks. For your average person it shouldn't be a problem, but for older folks or those with limited mobility you'll need to slow down in these areas.

There is a path up and around the first creek in case you don't want to brave the rocks or the water is high (I crossed not knowing there was another path, got my hiking shoes wet but they dried quickly enough, on the way back, not as fun as the walk is short to the parking area). When you reach the log close to the falls if you aren't fond of heights (or your dog isn't), there is another path to the right that will require you cross the same stream but won't involve walking across a log over the stream.

The views were beautiful and the reward at the end was spectacular. The falls are truly a great place to stop and take in nature's beauty, and if you need to cool off, there's always that option too. There are some logs and rocks you can sit and have a drink or snack once you reach the falls. I would highly recommend this trail to anyone that wants to quickly get away from town and into nature. You'll see a decent number of people, but trade in buildings for mountains and the sound of the highway for the rushing stream below.

Hiked this today with my toddler in the carrier; it's a beautiful trail! Singletrack and rocky; definitely not stroller-friendly. A gradual incline on the way out with some ups and downs. Not shaded at all so sun protection is necessary. We saw lots of lizards running around and the Quaking Aspen along the creek were beautiful. Note there wasn't a porta-potty or restroom at the trailhead at Arrowcreek Park.

Stunning views, excellent workout, diverse landscape. This is one of my new favorite trails.

7 days ago

Just started hiking, and this was one of my 1st trails and I loved it!

fun hike.. 1st half overcast/dry.. way back light rain and cool temp. perfect day. sound of running water and birds all day and flowing falls at the top.. :-)

9 days ago

I’m new to Reno and also new to the AllTrails app; Hunter Creek Trail was my first hike since moving here with my dog and it was AWESOME. I’m an avid hiker and it checked all my hiking boxes for beauty and challenge and views and fun and variety of terrain. Basically, if you haven’t gotten to this one, DO IT TOMORROW.

10 days ago

That I would say was not a moderate hike. It had a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but to get there was very rough. If you are an avid hiker I imagine you may be fine but if you are a beginner or out of shape be prepared and bring lots of water. Took us about 3 and a half hours. We will plan to do it again though.

Gorgeous and peaceful.

This is one of my favorites in the area. Considering this is a loop, can definitely make it easier or harder on yourself.

Going directly from the trail head straight up to church's pond (clockwise on the loop) is the more difficult way to go. The switchbacks are a challenge and leave many people exhausted. However, then you're pretty much done with the up at that point and the rest is mostly downhill with a gradual descent. It is also much more popular just to go up to church's pond and back, so this side of the loop is always more crowded.

I prefer to go the other direction (counter clockwise). The backside after you leave the whites creek area is so quiet and not hiked nearly as often. It is a gradual uphill until you reach the pond, and then a steep decline back to the trailhead which can be hard on the knees There is sometimes some snow left on the backside of the hills, so be careful where you step during the early spring months. Given it is lower in elevation than some of the other hikes in the area, it is more accessible in April and May.

You do have to cross the creek 3 times on the backside of the loop, none of which are particularly challenging unless you have a temperamental dog that tries to stick her legs between the logs instead of just wading across.

Extremely manicured and well trafficked hike. Walks along a neighborhood/golf course and ends at a highway. Much better hikes around.

Thought we were never going to make it to the top. Definitely should be rated Difficult, and only because you go up from 5000 elevation to 9000 at the top. Did not get to see the pond because of the snow blocking the path. Snow was also melting and made it a little treacherous in some areas. Definitely recommend this trail to people who are used to big inclines and high elevation, not meant for people that are beginning hikers.

Thought we were never going to make it to the top. Definitely should be rated Difficult, and only because you go up from 5000 elevation to 9000 at the top. Did not get to see the pond because of the snow blocking the path. Snow was also melting and made it a little treacherous in some areas. Definitely recommend this trail to people who are used to big inclines and high elevation, not meant for people that are beginning hikers

Lovely hike, lots of sun until 15 minutes from the top. It's a gradual climb all the way up. There is a way around the creek at the beginning of the trail if you don't want to get your shoes wet. A trail on the left climbs up and over and leads to a narrow bridge by a water tower. I laughed at the comment from Tony Pycko 2 spots down. My boyfriend and I were 2 of those "tourists with clean bright sneaks" hiking the trail on Sunday. We live in Reno :) Now I'm wondering how many people thought we were tourists! It's true that the trail is moderately trafficked when there's good weather, but not as bad as you might think. Still very worthwhile. Enjoy!

I really enjoy Galena Park. I enjoy the smell of the pine forest. There are small flowers blooming along the edge of the trail near the trailhead. Church's Pond is pretty with the mountains behind. I took the back way down and made the loop. Still a few spots with snow, but totally passable with anything more than sandals.

I'm sure that the aspens are gorgeous in the fall. Right now, their not much to look at. I did enjoy the flowers along the trail at this time of year.

Great trail with beautiful view of Reno and the waterfall. Trail is mostly in the sun until
you get close to the waterfall so definitely wear sunscreen and bring water.

Hiked this trail 5/5/18. Excellent climb. Trail is primarily loose gravel fire road. Just when the loose gravel starts to get annoying it breaks for a bit. I saw only 2 other hikers. A couple of jeeps, motorcycles and ATVs. Not enough to be annoying. The trail to the “lake” is partially covered in snow but still easy to follow. It is more of a marsh than a lake, but pretty nonetheless. The trail is nothing marvelous with little to look at. The tree variety is interesting and the views of the City in the beginning are spectacular. I wouldn’t do it again except for training.

15 days ago

First hike since moving to Reno. NICE. So close to Reno it's like no travel time. Lots of tourists with clean bright sneakers. But almost no litter.
Good training trail for the back country hiker.

Gorgeous throughout, with the sound of water following you the whole way. The trail was dry (first week of May).

18 days ago

Love this hike up 1,300ft to the lovely forest and waterfall. Wear good boots - it has some rocky places that can trip you up.

20 days ago

Great hike! My legs are feeling it! Can't wait to bring the family here.

Great hike with great falls at the end. There is a bridge you can cross if you immediately walk out of the parking lot onto the trail on the left hand side of the river, much easier if you don’t want to have to cross the creek right at the beginning.

21 days ago

Fun trail that is easy to notice the changes in the flora while changing elevation. The trail from the peak over to the lake is still covered with snow, so plan accordingly. Lots of different trails that are easy to navigate with the app.

Great hike, easy to follow trail. Hiked with my son in his carrier and I'm still feeling it. So great workout also

Truly beautiful and enjoyable! Do this hike at least once a week. My dog loves it

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