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1 day ago

Did this trail for a bit more of a challenge and to migrate closer to the Mt. Rose wilderness area. Getting to the trail head was a good time as you do get to take some dirt roads. They are well maintained but could easily see issues for a 2WD vehicle after a heavy rain or snow. The unit management does a great job in both maintaining the road and the trail. Trail is very easy to follow and there are signs marking when trails cross as there are multiple paths to be taken.

I didn't see many people, maybe a dozen or so on my morning hike - and mainly on my return route. About as many mountain bikers as hikers, and all were courteous when crossing paths. There is a bit more variety to the typical 'out and back' trail as there are two different paths you can take in certain areas (one meant for horses and the other for hikers / bikes, but to me it offered a much appreciated slight variety in my surroundings). If you take both the horse path and the "people path" when they split, I recommend the horse going out and the people path on the way back. Its very refreshing to be so close to the stream when you're finishing up your hike.

There were no particularly difficult areas to cross or deal with. Pretty much you're on a well-defined dirt trail the entire hike. The challenge comes from the change in elevation, but the views are more than worth whatever slowing of pace you might have to take. Approximately 75% of the trail is covered by trees, and only when scaling the first side of the mountain are you exposed to the sun, but that comes with the bonus of the views.

It appears as though there was a fire at some point in time that burned a large number of the trees on the first portion of the mountain you hike. Beautiful in its own way. I found myself looking ahead towards the valleys and eventual view of what I'm guessing was Washoe Lake and the town adjacent as I scaled the front side of the mountain. I was so caught up in looking ahead that only by mistake did I turn around and catch what was truly a magnificent view of the snow-covered Mt. Rose and Church Peak. It was snowing at that elevation on the day I went, which made for some great pictures. I would encourage anyone who takes the trail to take some time to appreciate the views on this side of the mountain.

The back side of the mountain that heads down to the Upper Thomas Creek trail was similar to the wooded area that you traverse before heading up the front side of the mountain. You get a nice descent and I was personally fortunate to be greeted by some Steller's Jay Birds, which are quite beautiful.

I saw no snow or muddy areas during my hike on 5/13. Everything was dry and manageable. The trail was enjoyable to experience in both directions and I think beats taking the path which loops back around along Timberline Dr. Your experience may vary, but you definitely feel like you're out in the wilderness when sticking to the Dry Pond Trail, and that's what I'm aiming for.

First hiking experience in the Reno area and a great start to the many hikes to follow. The trail was clearly identified and easy to follow. Went earlier in the morning on 5/6 so there were fewer on the trail, but on the way back saw a much larger group of folks heading up the trail. Would recommend a morning start in the warmer months as the bulk of the trail is open without cover and you'll get some sun. On cooler or cloudy days a later start would be perfectly fine.

I think this trail is doable for all skill levels. I am from a much lower elevation and don't really hike, but did fine in the couple hours I was on the trail out and back. I will say if you have stability or balance issues you should opt for a walking stick as you do need to cross a couple streams and there are a couple sections where you aren't on a dirt path but climbing across some rocks. For your average person it shouldn't be a problem, but for older folks or those with limited mobility you'll need to slow down in these areas.

There is a path up and around the first creek in case you don't want to brave the rocks or the water is high (I crossed not knowing there was another path, got my hiking shoes wet but they dried quickly enough, on the way back, not as fun as the walk is short to the parking area). When you reach the log close to the falls if you aren't fond of heights (or your dog isn't), there is another path to the right that will require you cross the same stream but won't involve walking across a log over the stream.

The views were beautiful and the reward at the end was spectacular. The falls are truly a great place to stop and take in nature's beauty, and if you need to cool off, there's always that option too. There are some logs and rocks you can sit and have a drink or snack once you reach the falls. I would highly recommend this trail to anyone that wants to quickly get away from town and into nature. You'll see a decent number of people, but trade in buildings for mountains and the sound of the highway for the rushing stream below.

Stunning views, excellent workout, diverse landscape. This is one of my new favorite trails.

5 days ago

Just started hiking, and this was one of my 1st trails and I loved it!

6 days ago

Good trail.

fun hike.. 1st half overcast/dry.. way back light rain and cool temp. perfect day. sound of running water and birds all day and flowing falls at the top.. :-)

8 days ago

I’m new to Reno and also new to the AllTrails app; Hunter Creek Trail was my first hike since moving here with my dog and it was AWESOME. I’m an avid hiker and it checked all my hiking boxes for beauty and challenge and views and fun and variety of terrain. Basically, if you haven’t gotten to this one, DO IT TOMORROW.

8 days ago

That I would say was not a moderate hike. It had a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but to get there was very rough. If you are an avid hiker I imagine you may be fine but if you are a beginner or out of shape be prepared and bring lots of water. Took us about 3 and a half hours. We will plan to do it again though.

Lovely hike, lots of sun until 15 minutes from the top. It's a gradual climb all the way up. There is a way around the creek at the beginning of the trail if you don't want to get your shoes wet. A trail on the left climbs up and over and leads to a narrow bridge by a water tower. I laughed at the comment from Tony Pycko 2 spots down. My boyfriend and I were 2 of those "tourists with clean bright sneaks" hiking the trail on Sunday. We live in Reno :) Now I'm wondering how many people thought we were tourists! It's true that the trail is moderately trafficked when there's good weather, but not as bad as you might think. Still very worthwhile. Enjoy!

12 days ago

Challenging but worth the bragging rights. Steep in many places. It took me about 3.5 hours total.

Hiked 5/6/18. Love this trail. I extended past what is on All Trails to about 5.75 miles out (11 miles round trip) to just before the switchbacks. Someone earlier said the trail is overgrown and “disappears”. It actually doesn’t. You have to cross the bridge to get to the right side of the creek at about 1.50 miles. The trail continues from there between the road and the creek. The trail is well maintained and is a gradual climb. The creek is wonderful to listen to and the mini waterfalls ate gorgeous. The tree variation is nice, and there was snow on the north face of the mountains (not on the trail for as far as I went). Lots of people and dogs for the first couple of miles but many take the Dry Pond loop so they quickly disappear

Great trail with beautiful view of Reno and the waterfall. Trail is mostly in the sun until
you get close to the waterfall so definitely wear sunscreen and bring water.

Hiked this trail 5/5/18. Excellent climb. Trail is primarily loose gravel fire road. Just when the loose gravel starts to get annoying it breaks for a bit. I saw only 2 other hikers. A couple of jeeps, motorcycles and ATVs. Not enough to be annoying. The trail to the “lake” is partially covered in snow but still easy to follow. It is more of a marsh than a lake, but pretty nonetheless. The trail is nothing marvelous with little to look at. The tree variety is interesting and the views of the City in the beginning are spectacular. I wouldn’t do it again except for training.

14 days ago

First hike since moving to Reno. NICE. So close to Reno it's like no travel time. Lots of tourists with clean bright sneakers. But almost no litter.
Good training trail for the back country hiker.

Gorgeous throughout, with the sound of water following you the whole way. The trail was dry (first week of May).

17 days ago

Love this hike up 1,300ft to the lovely forest and waterfall. Wear good boots - it has some rocky places that can trip you up.

19 days ago

Great hike! My legs are feeling it! Can't wait to bring the family here.

Great hike with great falls at the end. There is a bridge you can cross if you immediately walk out of the parking lot onto the trail on the left hand side of the river, much easier if you don’t want to have to cross the creek right at the beginning.

20 days ago

Fun trail that is easy to notice the changes in the flora while changing elevation. The trail from the peak over to the lake is still covered with snow, so plan accordingly. Lots of different trails that are easy to navigate with the app.

Great hike, easy to follow trail. Hiked with my son in his carrier and I'm still feeling it. So great workout also

Have driven past this hill many times. Glad that I stopped and took the time to walk to the top. Not extremely difficult, but the grade gets steeper half way up!

20 days ago

Stay in the bottom of the canyon for the first couple of miles. It’s not labeled at all.

21 days ago

Headed back out this morning. This will be our 3rd trip out over the years. We love this hike. Can get challenging early in the spring, but we are ready. See y'all up there.

27 days ago

i slipped many times, so be care.

Good trail. met lots of people. if you don't like hiking UP, then Ddon't do this one. The waterfall was beautiful. parts of the trail you need to be very careful with foot placement.

Loved this trail! Went with four dogs, they loved it as well. We only saw one other group of people hiking the entire trail. The beginning was all up hill but totally worth it when you get to the top.

great city trail, steep, and quiet once you venture in and up. Not much shade.

Very good hike. I took my 2 and 4 year old and packed my 1 year old on my back and they had a blast.

1 month ago

A nice hike that is close to the city of Reno. Trail can get really muddy during wet seasons and crossing the river can be challenging when the river is high. Great views throughout and a satisfying waterfall at the end. I've done this trail in summer and winter and it was a good experience both times. A lot of other hikers and dogs.

trail running
1 month ago

Did an approx 7 mile run from white creek trail to dry pond and there was very little if any ice/mud on the way. The pond was full of loud frogs that made for an awesome halfway point to relax to listen to them.

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