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Reno, Nevada Map
off road driving
1 day ago

I've been driving this trail for years, it's a good short beginner trial with some fun more challenging offshoots. Right now in March 2018 it's got some lower areas that are pretty washed out, but as long you have a basic 4x4 you should be fine.


Really fun trail! Was a soupy mess with the snow melting, but still had a blast. Trail was a bit difficult to find in the higher elevation of Peavine due to deep snow, but was able to follow along with the app. The only point that you could hear traffic, was along the southern part that ran parallel with McCarran. Good views of the Reno skyline. Nature trail part was interesting as well. Only passed a couple other hikers; lots of footprints suggest that the peak time is before 5 pm. Parking is difficult for the trail head. I ended up parking in the apartment complex lot. Was happy to see the car there when I returned!

Running short on time, but wasn't ready to head off to work. This trail is great that it's so easy to access, not a whole lot of people, good distance from housing and has a good incline that you can get into. Nice view from the top.

Short in town trail. Paved and kind of random. Runs between houses and a marsh. Lots of song birds this morning and only a couple of dog walkers. Trail ends on one side at a shopping mall and the other at a school.

Really nice walking trails, conveniently located. Beautiful view at the top of the lookout and loved the smell of horses throughout. Not a hike!

Great walk with amazing views. I wouldn’t call it a hike. It’s a circular gravel path. My dog loved it. Only gave it 4 stars because you can’t really escape the street noise and a lot of the views are industrial.

Fun hike that's close to town. Lots of people out on a warm Sunday afternoon. Trail was pretty soupy in 5-6 spots from the rain and snow melt. Lots of footprints churning up the mud. Once in the tree line trail was very slick on the inclines. Waterfall was very pretty, as was the rest of the hike. Trail head is far enough from major roads that there was no sounds of town, only rushing water from the creek the whole way. Interesting to see where one of the recent fires affected and stopped.

Nice trail but difficult to maintain. Several trails branch, sending you in the wrong direction

fantastic trail for anyone in Reno. I love the sound of the creek as you hike.

18 days ago

I prefer the Hole in the Wall trail to this one. The difference of making a loop out of the trail doesn't add much scenery. It does add walking past fenced backyards and barking dogs. Trail was a mix of mud and snow after the last few days of snowfall. I would expect it to dry out quickly.

I've been wanting to check this trail out for quite some time. I hiked it after several nights of snow, with melting during the day. Looked like all of the tracks from the 4X4's were headed down hill, the mud was quite slippery. They must have done some work to the road as there were no large rocks, no deep ruts. Very pretty area, minimal sounds from the highway. Hoped to see some mustangs, only saw tracks. Glad that I hiked it, I've been up rougher roads in rental cars!

I chose this trail for my Sunday Morning walk due to the recent snow. Didn't want to chance the mud before going to work. The trail had ice in some of the shaded portions, but with all of the footsteps it was never too slippery. Only a few others out this morning, so it was fairly pleasant.

Good ride, the whole park is fun and easily navigated. This is a great lap trail for after work with semi fast areas and moderate climbs.

trail running
23 days ago

Couple inches of snow once you get in the trees but mostly dirt and mud on the way up. The trail can be easily followed and navigated. Recommend good traction on your shoes since the mud and snow can get a little slick on the steeper slopes. Great run! Especially coming back down! Enjoy!

Great ride, fun and a few surprises. Beautiful views as you climb.

Paved trail around the Damonte Ranch Wetlands. Saw Ducks, seagulls, a Heron and listened to a flock of Black Birds. No wild Mustangs at this time but looks like they were here recently.

off road driving
1 month ago

Good trail to hit when heading from Reno to Virgina city. a lot of loose good size rocks. 4x4 with good clearance or skid plates recommended. took about 30 minutes or so. close to 4 miles .

Love the sound of the creek. After this last snowfall; there is about 2" at the bottom and 4" at the top. The creek running over the road with no bridge is fairly wide and didn't want to take the chance of wet paws.

Great trail!

Such a great trail that when I had extra time on a Sunday morning, I couldn't help but wanting to go over it again. Lots to look at while following the path!

Great easy spot to go walking with young kids, brand new viewing area that has been installed since the flooding, has some great song birds. Train is nearby, if you’re looking to totally ditch the city noises that will be the main thing that interrupts, but for my kids that was just icing on the cake at the end of our walk. We’ll definitely do again.

Nice uphill right off the start.
Nice views.

1 month ago

Hiked this on Saturday, 2/10, it was muddy and icy in several areas. Did not hike down the back side as many said it was very icy. Great hike, beautiful scenery. Lots of dogs and bikers too!

Lots of views interrupted by houses. This trail is interesting in that it starts out right next to Thomas Creek, wanders away from the creek and out into the sage brush fields, back to the creek and then changes to the lower part of the forest. Aspen trees follow the creek the majority of the way. Trail has some fairly large rock as it's Nevada, but there were a couple of trail runners making their way along just fine.

2/10/18 - I hiked Galena Creek to Church’s Pond (and back) last weekend and it was sunny/no snow so I decided to do the full loop this weekend. NOT a good idea. After getting to the crest and beginning the loop descend on the back side, there is quite a bit of snow. I kept going assuming it would be short lived since I was dropping in altitude but not the case. There is limited sun on the back Jones/Whites Creek loop side so it was horribly ICY and dangerous, especially with a drastic drop off on one side of the trail the majority of the way down.
I would love to do this hike again after it warms up more and melts the ice & snow off but even with the warm weather we have been having, I do not recommend the full loop right now. Stick with the Church’s Pond out/back.

1 month ago

Great scenic diversity, a little crowded but challenging and SO worth it.

One of my favorite local trails. Challenging diverse terrain with amazing views and great places to stop relax by the creeks or overlooking the valleys. You can also easily do a partial in and out too if you just have an hour or two, but I recommend counter clockwise unless you want to get a workout climbing. It is also easy to take a wrong turn onto connecting trails on the loop though so bring the app map if it’s your first time out ;)

Such a beautiful place for hiking

Interesting trail. All of the elevation gain is in the first bit, the majority of the way is very level. The "Hole In the Wall" was much bigger than I expected. Nice hike this winter as I had the daughter and grand daughter along, so didn't need to worry about cold feet in snow. Didn't have any issues finding the trail, just used the map in the app and zoomed in to distinguish the route.

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